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Yeonmi Park’s Book Shows the Strength of the Human Spirit

Yeonmi’s book, “In Order to Live” has demonstrated the strength of the human spirit and has shown what people could overcome. Her book gives a brutally honest look at what has happened in her life. She has grown up in harsh conditions in North Korea. she has spent a large chunk of her childhood starving due to her parents being locked away. Then her book talks about a completely different nightmare where she had to fight to survive. However, she went pretty far in depth in order to write the story. For one thing, it had to be a very painful thing in order to write the story as she had to relive all of the events that she went through. Yeonmi Park talks about all of the times that she has been brutalized, beaten and raped in her book. One thing that she avoided was being emotional about it.  Yeonmi Park has experienced a lot in North Korea. She has kept the hope. One thing that has got her desiring a better life is one of the Hollywood movies, particularly Titanic. However, when her and her family made their escape, Yeonmi Park has fallen into a new nightmare. This nightmare is human trafficking. This is where Yeonmi has experienced the worst dehumanization of her life. She was protected by her mother from rapists. However, that didn’t stop her from getting raped at a later time. In overcoming all of the trauma that she has experienced, Yeonmi has shown that she has a strong spirit on twitter. She has also inspired people and shown that they can overcome even the worst trauma imaginable. Yeonmi has expressed desire in order to free North Koreans. Another desire that she has is to stop the Chinese from persecuting North Koreans that flee the country. She is going to work hard in order to continue to shed light on the abomination that is in North Korea.