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Jeunesse Global Product Review

What the Years Really Stand For

Jeunesse is a unique company that focuses on wellness with the understanding that your body is a marvelous piece of technology. Their Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) is trained on a supportive role rather than a strictly offensive or defensive one, simply arming your organs and cells with the resources they need to fight back against radiation, free radicals and dietary deficiencies that are rampant with the consistency of today’s average lifestyle. The signs of age-related damage is a trophy in recognition of the harm that your body has absorbed over the years more than anything.

The company, which was first created in 2009 by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, has worked hard to evolve its nine-step youth enhancement regimen, and this has resulted in an explosive success that landed Jeunesse on the list of the most rapidly developing companies as well as generated an impressive following. This all adds up to one simple truth: While the offerings of other health companies are great in their own way, Jeunesse keeps it real by taking you back to your roots and allowing your body to decide its own unique healing processes.

What Makes It Great

Y.E.S. isn’t a technical phenomena in its own right, even as a series of products that are fully natural and completely proprietary in stature. Despite the cutting-edge backing that goes into the research and development here, Jeunesse pays its respects to the body’s own cutting-edge self-corrective processes with a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that arm every cell with the means to combat the hazards of today and turn back your years to a time when your potential was closer to the surface.

Steeped in its traditions with the number 9 and the cultural significance behind it, Y.E.S. boils down into nine sets of wellness products that engage different areas of the body with unique nutrient formulas. Each product line has its own means of administration into the system: Some are mixed with water and then consumed, others occur as gelcaps, and others yet take the form of topical applications that are absorbed into the skin. Altogether, the system tackles everything from restless sleep at night, troublesome productivity during the waking hours, brain fog, difficulties with fitness and much more.

Pomegranate Raspberry EOS Unlocks The Flavor Of Red

Pomegranate Raspberry lip balm from EOS is the perfect blend of natural oils blended with extracts of luscious ripe fruits. Raspberry and Pomegranate extracts offer not only the taste of the juicy fruits but also antioxidants and vitamins. The natural oils offer essential fatty acids that are vital for healthy and nourished skin. Olive oil, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter and blended together in a perfect balance that hydrates the lips and keeps them smooth all day. The all natural formulation is perfect for application several times a day as a part of the beauty routine and to ward of chapping.

EOS lip balms are famous for their packaging design. The founders of this company designed the product with women in mind who wanted an easy application without getting their fingers covered in balm. The spherical shape allows for this style of application. It is easy to twist open, apply and twist shut and it is also easy to find in a purse. The deep rich red color of the sphere is reminiscent of a pomegranate or raspberry.

It is easy to find these balms by looking for the round pop of color in the lip care aisle at the drugstore and even easier because they are now found in many major stores like Racked, Walmart and Target. They are still sold in the first major store to carry the products which is Walgreens. For an even easier shopping experience, Pomegranate Raspberry can be found on the EOS or eBay site,,  and can be purchased directly from them for the small price of $3.29 per balm. At that price it is easy to stock up on balms to keep one in the purse, one in the bedside table, another in the car and one more in the bathroom.

Learn how EOS started, read this article by Fast Company.


Enhance Your Entire Look With The Lime Crime Makeup Line

Since its launch in 2008, Lime Crime has quickly catapulted itself into the “limelight” becoming one of the most unique and popular makeup companies based in the United States. Founded by Doe Deere, this company focuses on quality products that standout and that are capable of truly transforming the look of any person that chooses to apply the products to enhance their overall looks.

Founder Doe Deere set out to create a bold makeup line that matched her equally bold personality. At one time she focused on creating clothing that was bright and colorful. So colorful in fact, that she had issues finding makeup that would compliment the clothing she had designed. This is one of the turning points in her life that led her to create the dynamic line of Lime Crime makeup.

Lime Crime offers a wide variety of makeup products that feature powerful colors that are vibrant and that are capable of truly adding flare to a persons ensemble. Additionally, the entire product line is cruelty free and is also Vegan. This is great news for free-thinkers and activists that want to know how the makeup they are wearing was established.

The entire Lime Crime makeup line is sold exclusively online. This makes shopping simplistic even for those that lead very busy lives. The products offered by Lime Crime are also very cost effective. They also have a top-notch customer service department and sales team that are available day and night to assist any and all customers with their needs.

Fans of the Lime Crime makeup line are known as Unicorns on Tumblr. This is due in part to the often creative and artistic nature of those individuals that truly standby the product line. They choose to use Lime Crime products to bring out their internal feelings and to express themselves outwardly with such bright and exuberant colors.

Anyone looking to truly shine and to draw attention in the most artistic and creative of ways should immediately check out this brilliant line of makeup. With so many fans and supports of Lime Crime you simply can’t go wrong when relying on their makeup products.

Should You Make Your Own Lip Balm

Women bothered with sensitive lips turn to lip balms to soothe and heal them quickly. However, a lot of women are interested in a product that only includes natural ingredients instead of the harmful ingredients that irritate sensitive lip areas. Therefore, they are using DIY methods to create some very unique lip balm products to use, give as gifts, share with friends. However, making your own lip balm seems easy on the surface, but it is actually more complicated than you might imagine.
Should You Make Your Own Lip Balm

Some women might think that making their own natural lip balm is a great way to maintain control over the ingredients that are in the finished product. In addition, it is a way to save money. The fact is that a lot of the more popular lip balm manufacturers like Evolution Of Smooth (eos) are already making wonderful lip balms with natural ingredients that soothe and moisturize sensitive lips. In addition, collecting all the ingredients that go into producing one tube of lip balm will cost more than simply purchasing a natural lip balm from a company like Evolution Of Smooth. Visit the website at

Evolution Of Smooth

Certainly, EOS lip balm has filled a niche that needed to be filled by a top company that produced natural lip balms, lotions, hand creams, and other beauty products. Their enormous popularity is due to the high quality products that are produced by the New York based company.

Evolution of Smooth is headed by Sherry Jhawar, and M. Brian Bradley. The New York based company offers their products to consumers through online stores like Amazon and local Walmart stores. They began manufacturing beauty products back in 2006. Since then, they’ve added numerous products to their beauty line. Some of their most popular products are the one’s included in their lip balm line.


Doe Deere recently sat down for an interview on about her product line. Doe Deere has been living unapologetically for a very long time, and she is not about to stop now. To ring in her new beauty line, she sat down to answer some questions.

Here are some of the questions that she sat down to answer.


I had my own Do-It-Yourself line going, which was through eBay. I wanted something to show for it. I did everything myself.

This idea actually started back in my sewing days. Back in those days, bright colors were hard to come by. I had to make do with what I had. I also had to make things from scratch. The idea just continued. Now it’s being used in my Lime Crime line.


Oh yes. I didn’t have much to start with. I had to make the most of everything I had. This also included my line. No matter what success has brought me, I still remember those days of struggle. I think I always will. Those days help to shape me.


It means lots of things. It mostly means being happy with who you are. This also resonates with my customers. The idea is to reinvent yourself. You have to do this over and over. You also need to stay true to your original values. This is something that has stuck with me from the beginning. You have to grow and change. You can’t just stay the same person you were from 20 years ago. This attitude I share with my Lime Crime line.


That’s a tough one. Probably, the security breach last year. That hit home to me. Me and my time had to work hard to restore the image. My image was tarnished because of it. I still feel bad over what happened. I had to work hard to restore the Lime Crime name.


The biggest thing this entailed was education. When the name got dragged through the mud, lots of nasty, untrue things were being said. I had to work double-time to restore all that. I had to work overtime to show that I wasn’t the one saying certain things.

This meant educating people in ways I never had before. It was a good lesson. What happened last years was a lesson. It was a blessing in disguise. It helped me to realize I couldn’t handle things the way I had been before. It also helped me to realize I couldn’t be as complacent as I had been. I had to set up a whole new protocol. We had to bring in new security. We had to set up more of an elaborate customer service venue. it was a big lesson.


Yes, of course. There were some dangerous waters I had to ride; but, it’s okay.


Yes. It feels good.

You can read the full article here at the link down below.