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How do professional NBA bettors consistently win?

Sports betting is one of the few ways in the casino that a player can actually gain a substantial long term edge over the house. Most gamblers will ultimately lose over the long term. They view betting as a way to have fun. Some losing players even perceive themselves as being able to win over the long term. But these players almost always suffer from some form of fallacy. The way in which they analyze the game is not rigorous or logical.

By contrast professional gamblers always approach the games they play from a purely mathematical standpoint. Professional gamblers are much like investors. They’ll only play in games where they think they will have a long term positive return. They never make a play because their gut tells them to. Instead, they always look at the underlying odds and then decide if the bet has a positive mathematical expectation, that is, if it will generate positive returns. Professional gamblers never consciously make bets that will lose over the long run.

Professional sports bettors are a kind of professional gambler. Sports bettors make their money by finding odds that are incorrect then placing favorable bets at those incorrect odds. For example if the spread on team A is +4 points but the sports bettor knows they’re actually a 10 point favorite, he can bet on team A and expect to win considerably more often than he loses. This is because team A will win by at least four points more often than half the time. To see all the latest point spreads, go to

Sports books attempt to set all their lines correctly. But sometimes there are enough irrational fans placing money on the wrong outcomes that the sports books will have to move the lines or face the prospect of a massive loss. This is the essence of how professional sports bettors make money – finding bets where too much dumb money has moved the line far from the correct odds.

Betting on NBA odds is ideal for sports bettors because there a so many games and such rabid fans that incorrect lines can be found almost every day of the season. has up to date point spreads for every NBA team. Founded in 1995, is the brainchild of sports betting legend Teddy Covers. Its journalists and analysts are among the most respected in the industry. is a one stop source for everything sports. Check it out at

University of South Florida Basketball Starting Season Above .500

The University of South Florida’s Basketball team is above .500 as they opened their season against Florida A&M. South Florida previously lost its first four games last season and now has a winning record for the first time since December 18, 2014. University of South Florida Bulls outplayed Florida A&M Rattlers but were plagued by fouls. South Florida Bulls dominated Texas A&M 84-73. Bulls played before a Sun Dome crowd of 3,106.


South Florida was forced to play without their star point guard Jahmal McMurray, who was suspended only three weeks ago. University of South Florida was strong in the first half but nearly buckled under pressure in the second half and ended up with 16 turnovers. USF’s new player Tulio Da Silva, who scored nine points, was fouled out as the two teams collected 23 fouls. South Florida also lost their veteran forward Bo Zeigler in the second half as he fouled out.


Bulls trailed 11-10 during the first five minutes of game time but bounced back with a 23-7 run that lasted for seven minutes. During the second half, Florida A&M were trying to scrape and get back into the game, which almost worked as they pulled within five midway in the second half. USF got lazy in the second half but managed to have a 47-32 rebounding advantage. The Bulls struggled to shoot from the field, only making 53 percent of their shots.


South Florida’s 84 points was the most points in a season opener since November 2002. The Bulls made 70 percent of their free throws. South Florida’s Bo Zeigler delivered a strong performance with 15 points, four rebounds, four assists, two steals and one block in 30 minutes of game time. South Florida’s Ruben Guerrero scored 13 points and delivered USF a double double. USF will now face Elon next Thursday, with the hopes of improving defensively and offensively as they seek to add onto their wins.