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Corporate Resolutions: Conducting Extensive Executive Background Checks

In this date and time in the corporate world, small and big companies absolutely cannot afford to make wrong hires. A subordinate employee can attract losses of millions of dollars in civil lawsuits or even destroy an employer’s reputation overnight. Legal lawsuits against companies became more common among the folks all across the federal jurisdiction with the growth of internet access. Human resource managers have their means and ways of vetting the talents that they bring to their teams. However, with aggressive locals and foreigners taking ambition to greedy levels, talent managers face high odds of getting duped and misinformed. The struggle is real, and the employers who take advantage of efficient and effective background screening services suffer the least.

In as much as human resource managers fear the damage that low and medium level employees can cause to their employing companies, it is the top level employees who can do the worst damage. Company executives, investment partners, directors and c-suite executives determine just how successful a company gets. They run the business at positions of high-level access to information and command to executive decision making. Furthermore, they do not just represent their own opinions and interests. Such high-level company executives carry the image of the company and scandalous behavior could ruin a company’s well-cultivated reputation. In fact, they always have the clearance and prerogative to communicate company agenda and its interests to mass media outlets.

It goes without saying; the most dangerous hires are c-suite executives. However, an excellent choice could mean the difference between a flourishing and a sinking ship. Tense, isn’t it? Unfortunately, before a company can hire a passionate, competent, adequately networked, objective and genius chief executive officer like Tim Cook to drive it to the trillion-dollar mark of profitability, it must conduct some high-level due diligence. This is because you must get such excellence in employees from earlier on in their careers. What is certain, at this point, is that companies should not hire high-level employees or embrace high-stakes investors without conducting thorough background checks. It only makes sense to conduct the vetting process privately and extensively.

The due diligence should provide crucial information and identify all the potential misinformation that high-level corporate players make to secure their position. The devious misrepresentations could include faking academic qualifications, falsifying employment records and experience, and making up references. In fact, the odds are that if you do not get Corporate Resolutions to help you out, you might never find out about the numerous red flags that its private investigators and data analysts can. The company hires high-profile experts who can determine a c-suite executive’s:

  • Character.
  • Temperament.
  • Academic qualifications.
  • Past jobs and career performance.
  • Employment history.
  • Investments.
  • Potential conflicts of interest.
  • History with criminal and civil law courts.
  • Tax and social ethics compliance.

The Powers of High-Level Corporate Employees

The powers of high-level managers, directors, executives and executive investors are robust. Striking partnerships is even more crucial and sensitive because they come with high levels of investment and liability. Before you allow unknown strangers access to sensitive employee details, payroll accounting, trade data, financial records and future company expansion plans, make sure that you know them well from a point of intelligence.

If you allow Corporate Resolutions to be your business intelligence agency, you can be sure that the service company will get you all the juicy details via ethically compliant investigations and robustly exhaustive social media analysis and scrutiny of various databases. Those guys at Corporate Resolutions do not compromise with the quality of feedback they offer when their clients need background checks on the people with whom they would like to do business.

People change the fortunes of their employers. They have the power to make or break not just companies but entire industries. That is why companies must risk by hiring senior personnel to bring particular changes or to hold on to certain status quo. The risk does not have to be blind though. Allow Corporate Resolutions to dig deep and find out if you are about to shoot your own foot with a potential hire. Enjoy the confidence that comes with making risk-averse hires.