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In Arizona, Jason Hope’s Optimism Helps Lead by Example

Arizona entrepreneur and futurist Jason Hope absolutely lives up to his name, as he brings an optimistic outlook to nearly everything that he does. Being focused as he is on tech and medical advancements for the future, he’s always looking for ways to make things better, for ways to improve humanity. It’s a big-picture goal, and it really helps him lead by example, showing others how a positive outlook can go so far.


Just take a look at his Twitter account, for example. One of the most recent articles he linked to was one about stem cell research. There have been some hurdles to get over, as undifferentiated stem cells have shown a tendency to create tumors after being given to patients as a treatment, a serious setback for those thinking stem cells could become some sort of miracle cure.

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The article he posted, though, isn’t just lamenting this issue or talking about the limitations of stem cells. It’s actually about how researchers have found a way to dye the cells and then use light to kill the undifferentiated ones, eliminating the problem without harming the healthy stem cells.

That really sums up the way that Hope looks at the world. When he sees a problem, the first thing he does is to look for a way to fix it. He’s most interested in overcoming obstacles and moving forward.

Another great example is his blog posts on anti-aging. When asked about it, he noted that he wasn’t interested in minor techniques to reverse the small signs of aging or even things that are just meant to treat diseases that cause people to age more quickly. What he was interested in was the biggest question of all: How can those aging factors be eliminated from the beginning? He focuses on prevention.

For instance, many people ask what can be done to cure cancer, and Jason Hope has given over half a million dollars to these efforts. As helpful as this is, Hope goes further by asking how preventative measures can be used to keep people from ever getting cancer. If he can find those big answers, the treatments will not be needed anyway.

Jason Hope clearly has his eyes set on some lofty technology goals, and it’s inspiring to see. Other futurists and entrepreneurs in Arizona — and all around the world — can learn from his example. If more people start thinking like him, the sky is the limit for mankind.

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