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GreenSky Credit Possibly Launching an IPO

David Zalik isn’t like many CEOs and that’s not a bad thing. You won’t find him speaking at conferences across the world. Instead, he spends his time serving as co-founder and CEO at GreenSky Credit. For nearly 10 years, this private company has not sought capital from outside investors. That being said, it appears that GreenSky Credit could soon be launching an IPO.

An IPO or initial public offering occurs when a company begins to sell company stock. The public is able to purchase shares of the company, giving them partial ownership. True to his nature, David Zalik isn’t trying to obtain attention from this situation. The Wall Street Journal even noted that the IPO was “filed confidentially.”

While an IPO is a great way for companies to increase funding, certain private businesses avoid going public. One reason for this is due to reporting concerns. After a private company goes public, they are required by law to issue quarterly and yearly financial reports. That being said, it doesn’t appear that financial reporting will be a problem for GreenSky Credit. This company reportedly received an initial IPO valuation of $5 billion.

GreenSky Credit focuses on combining technology with a great user experience. In turn, this enables businesses to better serve their customers by offering simple payment solutions. Considering that, many companies have successfully partnered with GreenSky Credit. This company has become one of the world’s largest financial tech companies. In fact, this company currently has over 12,000 active merchants and have funded over $12 billion in loans.

In closing, many within the investing world are learning that GreenSky Credit has filed for an IPO. However, the company does still have time to take back this offering. If this happens, the company would still remain private. Considering this company’s success, it’s likely many investors are eagerly waiting to buy up shares.

OneLogin: Celebrating 2017 and Starting 2018 on a High Note

Every new year brings its own successes and challenges but, before getting too far into 2018, OneLogin has many exciting highlights from 2017 to share.

  1. In August of 2017, OneLogin brought Brad Burns on board as the new CEO! He has over 25 years of knowledge working with global technology companies.
  2. Fortune Magazine runs the “Best 25 Small and Medium-sized Workplaces in the Bay Area” and in 2017 OneLogin was number 9! This recognition will be the fourth award in two years!
  3. Airbus, an aeronautics and space manufacturer, joined the list of over 2,000 customers in August.
  4. Fourteen new customer stories were released showcasing the great work of OneLogin. Many of these stores came from many different businesses such as manufacturing, educations, and technology.
  5. Adaptive Authentication, which is multi-factor authentication functionality, was released in April. This functionality will review login information when a user logs in, such as geographic location, device, network, and browser, to decide if the connection is secure or not. If the connection is not secure, the user will be prompted with a multi-factor authentication request.
  6. The OneLogin Portal was upgraded in August to include machine learning to make app access faster. Meaning, more frequently used apps will be at the forefront and the search functionality will be more tailored to the user.
  7. OneLogin WAM will integrate with a customer’s web server to secure access to legacy applications so On-Prem applications customers depend on will be more secure.

OneLogin will work hard to make 2018 just as successful. Stay connected to keep informed.

OneLogin was founded by Thomas and Christian Pedersen and was launched in Spring of 2010. The focus of OneLogin is creating a solution for identification and access management that would be as simple to use as the cloud-based applications business relied on.

OneLogin Prevents Former Employees From Wreaking Havoc On A Corporations Network

In the business arena, one area is often neglected. When an employee leaves a company, they often leave with access to all the business’s information. This has resulted in stolen information, data breaches, and damaging actions. Despite this, 58 percent of all former employees still have access to the network of the corporation they left. This has caused data breaches for 24 percent of these corporations. This can be catastrophic when the data end up in the hands of a competitor, and severely damage the reputation of the brand.

In one instance, a former, disgruntled employee of Marriott Hotels accessed the internal system of the corporation. Through the reservation system, the room rates were slashed from $159 through $499 to $12 through $59. This breach cost Marriott $50,000 because they did not protect themselves from a former employee. The accounts of former employees are active for over a month.

IT, and HR must work as a team to prevent this type of situation. An automated process is not time intensive, or difficult, and prevents a former employee from accessing any accounts within minutes after termination. Once the employee logs out for the last time, they are locked out. Research by OneLogin revealed this technology is only used by half the businesses in the United Kingdom, and 45 percent do not use a Security and Information Manager to protect corporate data.

The solution is OneLogin because they provide the necessary tools. This includes an automated syncing of all HR directories including Namely, UltiPro, and Workday because these provide the truth regarding the status of an employee. IT directories such as LDAP, and Active Directory are also included because they often include control access for applications. Automated deprovisioning for employees is critical for applications using a programming interface for user management. These applications are usually used in birthright applications including G Suite, and Office365.

Automatic checklist generation is used by IT admins so all former employees can be manually deprovisioned from all apps. Since an automated deprovisioning API is not part of most applications, IT must intervene manually. All SIEM systems receiving application access must be double-checked to make certain they are not being accessed by former employees.

ClassDojo Helps Connect Students, Teachers, And Parents

ClassDojo is a revolutionary program that is designed to give education the cohesive design it needs to connect teachers, students, and parents. This program integrates these concepts into the classroom on a daily basis to instill the skills and concepts needed to excel academically. ClassrDojo isn’t just a program, but a virtual classroom that takes education to a new level, and that more clearly outlines the basic needs of each student while giving them tailored instruction that is proven to get incredible results.

ClassDojo allows users to communicate with a variety of mediums such as video and photos. Messages are also enabled to help further effective communication. The goal is to promote working as a team in order to achieve class goals.ClassDojo is currently used internationally and is used in most schools across the country currently. This app is helping students master the materials they need from K-8th grade.

ClassDojo is one of the most comprehensive and flexible educational programs currently available. The integration of communication and effective teaching applications lets students maximise their ability to absorb the material presented and helps parents participate and stay informed about what is going on in the class and exactly what the curriculum looks like. For teachers and parents who are looking for an effective and easy to use program that gets results, ClassDojo checks all of the boxes. The best thing about this app, however, is that the kids love the material and can’t wait to use the system to help them grasp classroom concepts and excel academically.

Envoy And OneLogin Working Together

Envoy is a software company based in San Francisco that is working to create new and innovative ways for guests to sign in for an office visit simply by using an Ipad. Making the use of an old fashioned, insecure, logbook a thing of the past. Envoy has been implementing the automation Of visitor registration and how it can be turned into a more simpler process. This process also includes new ways to notify the host when the visitor has made a presence in the building; as well as the issuance of visitor badges and photos.

The IT department of Envoy has the tough job of updating each employee whenever they are moved from one department to another, or even transferred to another building. IT has the job of ensuring that the employee, as well as all customers are transitioned smoothly without any major disturbances that can be blamed on any changes that were made in the new security system. Envoy has worked with OneLogin to ensure that the SCIM protocol is implemented correctly, to ensure the user has adequate capabilities to provision the “automated user on/offboarding” feature. Which now gives Envoy’s “Premium and Enterprise” customers the ability to connect to it via the application catalogue for OneLogin.

System for Cross-domain Identity Management– which has been shortened to the acronym SCIM, is a way to make user provisioning and management much simpler. SCIM enables and allows customers to speed up the rollout and adoption of a new application. This is done by adjusting how the user takes to the new application in which they desire.

Envoy is doing its best to maximize the customer experience by doing their best to keep employee records up-to-date on all systems, ensuring productivity is maximized. When data gets stale, it results in a lessor visitor experience. Envoy customers will get the best results upon registration to the application, if all employee records are current, accurate, readily available. That way when the employee sends out a visitor invite, they will receive a host notification immediately upon the arrival of the visitor to alert them. The visitor is then easily able to sign in and will not have any time wasted as they search a list of employees that are no longer employed by the company.

Envoy wants to create the perfect visitor experience for all their customers. For this is the reason why Envoy as adopted the SCIM standard. It allows for consistency of the format for user data which will allow for a stronger grasp that’s available to work with as it evolves and improves the overall product.