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Andy Wirth Reveals Plans To Build Massive Gondola Project Connect Squaw Valley And Alpine Meadows Resorts

Dreams of skiers to connect the two iconic resorts on Lake Tahoe, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, are about to become true. For visitors, who have regularly visited the area, these resorts offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy both resorts in one day. Standing at the base of one resort offers a glimpse of the snowy peaks on the other resort – a temptation that is often difficult to ignore.

However, it was impossible for most skiers to enjoy both destinations in a short time because they had to deal with congested traffic. Sometimes, it took hours before visitors could traverse the mountain passes diving the two resorts.

Even if traffic patterns were conducive to quick commute, the business culture and heritage of the two resorts was different. As a result, visitors were reluctant to try both resorts as they had to buy season pass and other offers, separately. In fact, businesses on either side of the lake Tahoe mountain competed with each other for economic resources.

Luckily, in 2011, Squaw Valley owners, purchased Alpine Meadows uniting the two resort areas into one combined resort. In North America, there is only one such example when the popular Whistler and Blackcomb ski resorts were united. The unification of the resort means that skiers are able to enjoy facilities of both resorts at once.

Still, the biggest news is the introduction of a massive Gondola ride that will connect the two resorts, base to base. For skiers, it means that they can go from one resort to another resort without dealing with clogged traffic. In fact, they can just park their vehicles at one resort and enjoy the rides on the other side.

Considering that a whopping 25 percent of visitors take advantage of the facilities at both resort in a single day, the Gondola will offer a huge relief to such visitors. For others, the instant access to nearly 6000 acres of slopes is a major boost.

According to the CEO of Squaw Valley Holding LLC, Andy Wirth, the Gondola ride will be a dream come true. In a recent media interview, he claimed that he is aware of the topography and environmental concerns of the area since he was a young Park Ranger, in the area.

Actually, his grandfather was instrumental in creating Wilderness Act of 1963. Andy Wirth also acknowledged that the Gondola ride was not possible without the permission of his friend Troy Caldwell, who owns the 460 acres stretch including the top of the mountain, which is also home to Squaw Valley iconic KT-22 chairlift.

According to WSJ, Besides, Andy Wirth is also positive that he will get the permission to use U.S. Forest Service land, which helps complete the Gondola path from the base of Squaw Valley to Alpine Meadows.

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