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Understanding How to Bet on MLB Baseball

Betting on Major League Baseball often is considered more of a challenge compared to other major North American sports.

A bettor isn’t only focusing on which two teams are matching up, but are also interested in the projected starting pitchers. As a result, MLB odds have a bit more information to decipher because both teams’ starting pitcher will also be listed. Even if a team is weak, if the squad has its top pitcher going and the other team does not, then the betting may still favor the first team.

That is only the start of a complicated betting line when it comes to baseball odds. However, Major League Baseball offers a variety of ways to bet on a league contest. A person can bet on which wins straight up or they can bet on the run differential. Alternatively, a bettor can bet on the total number of runs scored. However, a bettor can also include the pitchers in the bet just in case the projecting pitching match-up doesn’t materialize.

It can be more challenging for casual bettors because the pitching match-up is actually more important than the actual team match-up itself. However, smarter bettors understand this and keep an eye on this.

After the team names and the projected starters come several numbers. Across the visiting team and visiting pitcher line, the actual betting number comes across such as +120 or -130. If there is a plus sign before the numbers, then that team and pitcher are the betting underdogs. A +120 means a return of $120 on a $100 bet. A -130 would mean that a bettor would need to bet $130 in order to win another $100.

There will be other parts of a line on baseball odds such as 7 over -120 and 7 under +110. The seven is projected total run projection set by the line. If the game finishes with seven total runs, then all bets involving total runs scored gets refunded. If more than seven runs are scored at a -120, then a bettor must bet $120 in order to win $100. The total payout would be $220, but the first $120 is actually the original bet. The winning margin is the $100.

A good source to bet on MLB games and find baseball odds would be They generally list all MLB games and are up to date with their pitcher projections. This makes them consistent and reliable and all you have to worry about is understand how the baseball betting lines work and go from there.