Rocketship Education is Bridging the Gap Between Quality Education and Income

First launched in a church in San Jose, California, Rocketship Education now has over 13 charter school locations in the United States. Its goal is to offer a high quality education to low-income communities. The educational structure that R has constructed involves creating educational content designed to conform to each student’s individual needs, encouraging teachers to continue to develop their skills and stimulate parental involvement in their children’s education.

Preston Smith, Mateo Sheedy and John Danner founded Rocketship Education in 2006. The goal of this partnership was to solve the problems that cause poor academic performance in low-income communities. Their first institution was called Mateo Sheedy Elementary School. By 2013, in San Jose alone, 8 additional schools were built.

By operating as a charter school, Rocketship Education does not have to use the same curriculum or educational structure as the public school system. Despite receiving some federal funding charter schools are able to operate more independently than public schools, but are expected to up hold the standards it has set for itself.

Rocketship Education provides educational techniques that are designed to accommodate the individual students learning style. A student that has difficulties in a subject can be given extra help in that area. Students that quickly achieve their educational materials can move forward to more challenging task. Independent learning, small group tutoring and online learning programs are available to help R students achieve their academic goals. R incorporates four learning blocks in each students day, those are Humanities, STEM, Learning Lab and Enrichment.

R teachers are required to continue to develop their skills. Rocketship Education charter schools equip teachers with the technology and other tools they need to achieve their goals. Teachers are encouraged to engage with parents to help close the gap between school and home.

Rocketship Education charter schools encourage parents to participate in their children’s education and in the charter school itself. Parents help to name the school opened in their area and help develop enrichment opportunities that will best benefit their community. R parents, also, choose one core value that Rocketship has to establish.

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