Article Title: How Agera Energy Cares About Their Customers

In 2018 has been an important year for the brand new energy company Agera Energy. After years working on their mission, has appeared a potential Chief Executive Officer determined to lead its team and become the leader of their industry. His name is Geoffrey Duda.

Geoffrey Duda is a highly experienced leader who recently worked on Mass Markets, Commercial & Industrial since 2017. As a manager of Direct Energy Home, Duda has been prepared to manage Agera Energy by offering superior energy solutions.

Today, Agera Energy has served more than 1.8 Million customers around the United States. In fact, one of the details their clients specially admire is the transparency Agera Energy team works with. They are able to present them the most effective, cheapest and customized services even if they may not benefit them as a company in the short term.

However, when companies like Agera focus on attainable long term goals, odds are they will dominate the industry. And customers will be more than happy with it.

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