Article Title: How Technology And Philanthropic Activities Have Helped Eric Lefkofsky Establish His Businesses

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Eric Lefkofsky has established himself as a prominent business expert not only in Chicago but also in other parts of the country. His business startups have been gaining positive reviews and are performing excellently in the money market. However, there is one important aspect that has made Eric’s businesses to be successful in an era where a considerable number of organizations around the world have been failing.

One of the most important aspects that top young entrepreneurs can learn is that most of the businesses that Eric Lofkofsky has started are based on technology. The world is currently relying on technology to achieve various goals and objectives. It is important to highlight that the world is operating in an era of technological innovations and only the businesses that are using technology are becoming successful.

Eric Lefkofsky is a great advocate of technological incorporation in any business. He notes that the competitive ability of the business is tied in its ability to recognize and incorporate technological aspects that other businesses in the same sector have not adopted. This explains why he came up with the idea of accelerated disruption, which is a concept that involves evaluating competitive opportunities in the industry that can help a company perform better than its competitors.

Therefore, other entrepreneurs should base their investments in technology, if they are interested in immediate success. Organizations that use technology are able to offer quality services to their customers at low costs, which give them a competitive edge over other organizations in the same sector. Efficiency and effectiveness are key aspects in the success of any business and they cannot be realized without the necessary technology. Eric Lefkofsky recommends that investors should incorporate technology if they want to serve their customers within a short period.

Finally, potential investors need to know the role of helping the community has a significant impact in their businesses. Eric Lefkofsky is well known in Chicago for his philanthropic activities. He has played a vital role in helping the community fight cancer. His contributions towards cancer research are well-known and document across the state and the country at large.

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