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In the competitive Chinese internet world, it has proved a daunting task for people that launch businesses that operate online. A vast number of individuals trying it their luck in the industry have failed, and only a few make it. Among the trailblazers in the booming sector is Richard, a chief executive officer of a famous online retail shop, JD.COM. Through his company, he has brought significant changes and developments in the face of the Chinese market. His firm has risen so fast to achieve a great title. Its many customers have always expressed their satisfaction with all the services and products they purchase from the venture.

JD.COM has always focused towards doing its business online and in an interview that the chief executive of the venture had in a famous show, he said that he does not have any plans for venturing into a business that is not online based. He believes that online retail business is a lucrative one as long as one conducts it in an ethical way putting up with customer values and showing respect to every customer that he serves.

JD.COM has always tried hard to meet the exceptional demands of its clients. The employees of the company have also worked hard to overcome the severe issues associated with online based businesses like delays and delivery of the wrong items. As a result, they always focus on the specific specs of the products ordered by their clients and choose the exact product to be delivered to respective individuals.

Besides, the firm also seeks to bring clients and employees together to enable them to understand each other and the boundaries they should set and observe while carrying it their activities. The firm continues to be a leader in the online retail business and the attitude of the entire team has highly influenced its successes. The executives of the firm have also striven to sign deals with other well known online based companies with a target of increasing their customer stake and values. The partnerships have seen an increased sale in the firm. It has also enabled the firm’s team to develop problem-solving skills.

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