Troy McQuagge Honored and Awarded for His Accomplishments in USHEALTH Group

After completing his bachelor’s degree at the University of Central Florida in 1983, Troy McQuagge decided to venture into insurance and find his niche. Thirty years later, McQuagge is still in the health coverage industry, and he is now considered to be one of the core veterans. In fact, several platforms have acknowledged him because of his accomplishments.

McQuagge started his career by working at Allstate Insurance. The company gave him the early experience he needed to build a successful career. In 1997, he was appointed president of UGA, a national insurance agency owned by United Insurance Companies, Inc. While holding this position, McQuagge set the record by increasing both sales and profits throughout the organization. The insurance holding company was acquired by wealthy private equity investors in 2006.

Following a brief retirement, McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group (USHG), an insurance holding company based in Fort Worth, Texas. Under his leadership, USHG has earned more than $1 billion in sales.

At first, McQuagge worked for the company’s sales subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors, where he transformed the company into an industry leader for product innovation and sales performance. In 2014, the company promoted him to president and CEO. Affordability and accessibility are key components to USHEALTH Group’s success, as all of their products are designed to bring the best value, all at an affordable cost.

Last year, McQuagge was announced as a Gold Winner in the CEO World Awards in the CEO of the Year category. This title is extremely competitive and only given to individuals who demonstrate high levels of excellence in their companies. Earning this coveted title has never been easy for the nominees, but for McQuagge, his long track record of success made him a clear winner.

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