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Richard Liu Qiangdong and and 7Fresh

Richard Liu Qiangdong and the rest of the company at show many young entrepreneurs how to acquire resources and how to build a company. We have evidenced the trajectory and their growth ever since their launch in 1998 when they went online. Let us take a look at the different movements of the company over time. and &7Fresh in 2018

Richard Liu Qiangdong and do not look like they will stop innovating. The company is doubling down on making advances in the offline world, specifically that of groceries. Online retail is growing in China but it is only growing at a slow speed, this makes sense, adoption is slow and the economy needs to grow. According to a recent report, the online consumption of Chinese citizens is only about 20% of their consumption volume. and leaders such as Richard Liu Qiangdong will seek to make the offline world go online to obtain more revenues and to gain a bigger portion of the pie. has to fight with Alibaba to become a leader in the digital space. Alibaba has already rolled out cashier fewer checkouts and other cool and innovative features. The Alibaba brand, Hema, is now present within over 70 locations in China. Most of these stores are owned by the company while a few are franchises. and Richard Liu Qiangdong had to make a move. What did they do?

They made deals with local supermarket groups and with a major partner, Walmart to open up their digital grocery store. They called it 7Fresh, hopefully not to borrow a variant of the 7-Eleven chain.

The store went live in the first half of 2019 and has about four locations in total. They will very likely pick up the pace as Richard Liu Qiangdong is seeking to increase the number of stores by at least 20. expects individuals to order online and pick up in the store. 7Fresh stores provide customers with a great experience. The experience is higher end and quality according to those who have been there.

Individuals are able to see more information on their products, such as their groceries when they scan a barcode. It really is an innovative store.

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Betsy DeVos: Fighting For Education Reform In America

Betsy DeVos has always been well aware of the challenges being faced by students and the education system in America. As someone who has always wanted to improve this system, she has worked hard to actively being reform to this evolving system. One instance of this was when President Trump decided to overturn a policy that allowed students to use the bathroom of the gender that they identified with. The ruling was initially put into place to offer a safer environment for transgendered students, and overturning the ruling was going to once again put them in the position that they previously were in.



Being well aware of the situation, DeVos decided to inform representatives of employees who identified as LGBTQ working within the education system that there was a big change coming their way, and there was nothing that could be done to change the decision that the President had taken on. However, it was clear that DeVos was not in favor of the ruling being overturned, and believed that transgendered students should be able to choose the bathroom of the gender that they identify with. In spite of her opposing views, she put on a strong front and refused to show the divide that existed within the Trump administration with matters concerning the education system in the country.



Even though in this instance, DeVos took on a role that made her seem like a team player, she is someone who has always been driven when it comes to her ideas. As someone who is so passionate about education, DeVos has worked hard to bring about big change, particularly in her home state of Michigan. DeVos is known for being a political fighter and someone who won’t stop until she has achieved her goals. With the things that she has actually achieved within this administration, there is no denying her drive to bring about big positive change.



DeVos has always been involved with education reform since the start of her career. The first time she realized the need for education reform was when it was time for her children to go to school. Being from an affluent family, she could send her children to the most expensive schools in the entire country. However, she wanted her children to get a good wholesome education, regardless of whether they went to a public or private school. This was when she realized the big disparity between the two types of schools and also the hurdles that came in the way of children seeking good education.



This convinced her to work for the betterment of the education system, and contribute to society in a positive manner. After this, DeVos didn’t only support education reform movements but also offered financial aid to students so that they could seek good education.


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Organo Gold Creates Business Opportunities With Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-level marketing has been gaining ground in recent years. Propelled forward by the limitless connection of social media and the entrepreneur spirit of America, many are becoming “brand-ambassadors” for various companies. A brand ambassador initiates grassroots advertising for businesses. The company gets free product promotion and the ambassador receives a commission-based salary for making sales. Consumers all across the U.S. are turning to multi-level marketers as a way to make some extra coin, but many are discovering a full-fledged career waiting for them. Success in this new industry often depends on the products you are offering and Organo Gold is at the top of the list.

Organo Gold is a coffee and wellness supplier. Founded in 2008, the Canadian-based coffee maker fuses wellness with java. Its main line of products are infused with a Chinese mushroom called Ganoderma Lucidum. Drinks infused with Ganoderma have many health properties, among them natural energy and a immunity boost. Individuals who love great-testing coffee will also be delighted knowing that their morning beverage is taking care of their bodies as well. Organo does not just stop with coffee, however, but also produces a long line of wellness products as well as sports drinks.

Becoming an Organo Gold brand ambassador requires nothing more than a simple purchase of a welcome kit. Consumers can then sell Organo Gold products to their family, friends, and the region around them. Organo offers a nice 50% commission on each item sold. As with any commission-based job ambassadors only get paid when they sell. The job does have perks, however, as Organo Gold sets incentives and competition to reward top sellers. The products can be sold anywhere. Ambassadors can supply local coffee houses, host online parties, and of course sell to their close circle. They can even buy products themselves and get a commission.

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Mark Holyoake’s Recent Changes

Tom Seaman reports that Iceland Seafood International has been going through some corporate board changes recently. Given that Iceland is a country that is known for its volcanic activity, perhaps it is not surprising that some of the island’s inhabitants like to alter their business position. Mark Holyoake is actually a British citizen, so him leaving the board of Iceland Seafood International will hurt the diverse membership of the company’s leadership. Holyoake is an investment capitalist who like to specialize in seafood corporations. Seafood is not as popular in the U.K. as it is in countries like Japan and Iceland. Holyoake perceived that there is a market advantage to choosing a product that is not as used as others.

Holyoake thanked his colleagues before stepping down from Iceland Seafood International’s board. He is aware that showing gratitude is a good way to keep business booming, even when pulling out of something big. Mark Holyoake has had a variety of experiences in business career. According to Mark Hempshell, Holyoake got into a lawsuit case with Christian and Nick Candy. Holyoake had borrowed money from them, and later conflict ensued as Holyoake charged that he had suffered from extortion.

Mark Holyoake’s journey after lowering his stake in Iceland Seafood International will likely include further investment projects. Tom Seaman notes that Hoyoake is still investing in other seafood companies, and Holyoake even retains a smaller investment in Iceland Seafood International. Why did Holyoake make this investment change? It likely has to do with the profits involved. Making Iceland Seafood International a smaller part of his portfolio probably allows Holyoake to buy a more diverse selection of other properties.

According to Aura News Real Estate, Mark Holyoake became a real estate investor in the 1990’s. He is an alumnus of the University of Reading. His investment companies are legally based out of Luxembourg.

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Career Life Of Edwin Miranda

The career of Edwin Miranda is one of the most outstanding ones. He has served in vast number of firms through which he brought notable growth through his contributions. The duo is known for his innovative ideas and ability to bring new thoughts to life. He has already gained a lot of respect form many people through the various developments he has brought both to the local community as well as other firms he has served. Besides, he has already established a vast empire for himself through the various ventures he has launched, including the top KOI IXS firm.

The duo believes that successes are influenced by the efforts that one puts towards achieving it. He insists that every individual that seeks to succeed in their endeavours must collaborate with other successful people to acquire tactics. He also contends that passion also boots one’s career as it keeps guiding an individual on the things that they ought to do to attain their set targets. The counsel that Edwin Miranda gives to other people has highly boosted their business and enabled them to stay awake on the things they ought to put in place to succeed in their lives.

On the other hand, Edwin Miranda has shown exemplary behavior throughout his career, and this has encouraged his team of employees to emulate them. The ability of the duo to form special relationships with both clients and employees has also opened ways for him to launch more collaborations with other companies to offer more diverse services to everyone. His ability to pay attention to what other people have to say has also enabled him to build and grow his career. A duo is a man of the people, and he continues to make a reputation for himself through his humility.

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Paul Mampilly Predicts the Technology Trends That Will Shape 2019

The rise and adoption of voice search

Smart speaker sales have been progressively increasing over the years, 2018 recording some of the highest sales numbers. The trend is expected to continue in 2019 with the Amazon Echo and Google Home taking the most significant share of smart speaker sales. Smart speakers from firms entering the market are also set to peak in 2019 as per Paul Mampilly. The continued rise of smart speaker sales indicates that the devices are increasingly becoming popular with homeowners. There has been an increase in voice searches using smart speakers.According to search engines, the use of voice search is set to increase exponentially as the technology becomes more sophisticated. According to Paul Mampilly the rise of voice search will result in companies adjusting to accommodate the trend. Search engines have already started using algorithms that favor voice search technology meaning that companies supporting the technology will more likely be featured at the top of search results. As we brace to say goodbye to text-based searches, companies that won’t be making changes to embrace voice search are more likely to be irrelevant in the digital world.

Big Data Becoming More Accessible to Small, Medium and Established Enterprises

It is almost virtually impossible to talk about technology trends affecting modern day enterprises without a mention of big data since big data has been the oil of our generation. As technology becomes increasingly efficient and sophisticated, Paul Mampilly says that medium and small enterprises that were unable to access big data due to the lack of the required infrastructure will be in a position to access and utilize big data with minimal investment in technology infrastructure.

The Availability of Additional Sources of Consumer Data

According to Paul Mampilly, firms pay hefty prices to acquire consumer data. In most instance, consumer data is obtained from tech firms, giants such as Facebook, and whole foods. Industry experts predict that the rise of map apps and app-based apps will lead to the eventual availability of consumer data from various sources. Location-based services are expected to be the next frontier in the acquisition of consumer data.

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Troy McQuagge Honored and Awarded for His Accomplishments in USHEALTH Group

After completing his bachelor’s degree at the University of Central Florida in 1983, Troy McQuagge decided to venture into insurance and find his niche. Thirty years later, McQuagge is still in the health coverage industry, and he is now considered to be one of the core veterans. In fact, several platforms have acknowledged him because of his accomplishments.

McQuagge started his career by working at Allstate Insurance. The company gave him the early experience he needed to build a successful career. In 1997, he was appointed president of UGA, a national insurance agency owned by United Insurance Companies, Inc. While holding this position, McQuagge set the record by increasing both sales and profits throughout the organization. The insurance holding company was acquired by wealthy private equity investors in 2006.

Following a brief retirement, McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group (USHG), an insurance holding company based in Fort Worth, Texas. Under his leadership, USHG has earned more than $1 billion in sales.

At first, McQuagge worked for the company’s sales subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors, where he transformed the company into an industry leader for product innovation and sales performance. In 2014, the company promoted him to president and CEO. Affordability and accessibility are key components to USHEALTH Group’s success, as all of their products are designed to bring the best value, all at an affordable cost.

Last year, McQuagge was announced as a Gold Winner in the CEO World Awards in the CEO of the Year category. This title is extremely competitive and only given to individuals who demonstrate high levels of excellence in their companies. Earning this coveted title has never been easy for the nominees, but for McQuagge, his long track record of success made him a clear winner.

Gareth Henry Tips on Running a Successful Business in 2019

Gareth Henry is without a doubt one of the most successful investment managers of our time. From his long career, he understands what makes a venture successful and what policies can affect a company negatively. In the period Henry has been in the investment world, (and specifically the alternative investment market), he has worked with hundreds of investors and some high profile investment companies around the world. According to the investment guru, the golden secret of succeeding in the investment market is by understanding your market and your potential customers. These two factors have helped Gareth Henry to turn some poorly performing businesses to profitable ventures.

In addition to having a better understanding of the market dynamics, Gareth Henry believes that the success of any company in this era depends on access to information. Information in the investment markets around the world helps in decision-making. Henry points out that although businesses can commission researches; working under management entity is the best approach to information and access to information. Unlike decades ago, there are many management firms around the world and the accessibility of management firms is an added advantage to getting the right information. Henry, however, points out that after getting the market information; the usability depends on different entities and more importantly the size of the venture.

Thirdly, he points out that having a flexible blueprint in business is important. Unlike other markets and investment options, where the management can predict the market value and future trends, alternative business is different. Gareth Henry points out that the investment market has undergone many changes since 2008. These changes are the perfect indication that being accommodative to changes is an important operational tool in business. In addition, he believes that although some business trends are unpredictable, understanding that the market is volatile is one-step to better decision making and more importantly making flexible policies.

Lastly, the investment guru points out that productivity is vital in this market. Although having better policies and a better understanding of market trends is important, Gareth Henry points out that the redefining factor is the implementation of all the policies and aspirations.

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Agera Energy is Focused on Making Energy Solutions More Accessible

Based in Briarcliff Manor, New York, Agera Energy is an energy solutions provider that offers its services across 50 states throughout the U.S.

Ever since its launch in 2014, the company has been an integral part of the energy sector with its energy supply, efficiency, and utility bills audit services. With a dedicated team of sales and service experts, it vows to maintain the reliability of its services while also making them accessible to as many people as they can.

It’s because Agera Energy believes that everyone should have access to affordable energy supply along with the opportunity to understand what exactly they are signing up for. Through this approach, the energy solutions provider ensures that it makes the process of shopping for energy solutions easier for even those who haven’t gone through the experience before.

Agera Energy achieves this objective through a delivery channel of highly trained staff that is capable of handling even the toughest questions, while also being nothing but transparent to the customers. This allows customers to shop for energy solutions according to what is really the best fit for them. To know more about the company click here.

With it, the company also establishes a proficient line of communication to make its customer service representatives accessible at the customers’ request. Instead of making customers wait whenever they need their energy provider, Agera Energy ensures that its services remain just a call away,

All of this makes Agera Energy a highly reliable and credible company which customers can trust right from the start.

How Neurocore Easily Relieves ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that affects children and teenagers. The chronic condition may persist in adulthood if not treated. ADHD makes kids change their behavior, lose focus and sometimes go through a nervous breakdown. Neurocore LLC is dedicated to helping ADHD patients easily deal with depression, anxiety and other related effects of ADHD. Neurofeedback therapy is here to make the life of children with ADHD easy. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.


Through Neurocore, one can get NeuroRegulation treatment, which enables patients to balance their brain responses. By having the patient observe parts of their brain, the treatment method assists one to self-correct. Neurotherapy basically uses real-time electroencephalography (EEG) to offer ADHD patients an image of how their brains work.


Living with ADHD can limit one from achieving a lot. With the development Neurofeedback has, patients, can engage in almost everything they wish to undisturbed. Neurofeedback uses zero medication, and the patient gets to be better after approximately 3 sessions a week for about 3 months of the therapy. The neurofeedback training has patients play some music, watch a movie or play a game as their brainwaves are observed. Each of this activity happens when the patient’s brain applies prime activity. The movie, music or game comes to a stop when either the patient gets distracted or the brain becomes unstable. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.