Agera Energy Established Its Foundation During A Tremendous Time Of Need

Agera Energy established its foundation during a tremendous time of need. The company began doing business in 2014 during a harsh Winter that had customers and suppliers in desperate need of relief. Agera immediately noticed that this was a moment in time that could define them as an organization. They took the opportunity to do the necessary business and provide the required services to the community. As it turned out, this was a great time to be a retail energy supply company.

New customers expected its new energy service to provide guidance and protection. These essential qualities were a must have from the original supplier. Other organizations in the industry were not in a position to assist during the trying times. They were either not well funded or lacked the resources needed to make an impact. Some companies had no choice but to put their companies up for sale or close. Agera Energy was ready to meet the upcoming challenges. The company immediately designed procedures to accommodate its new clientele. It was a unique, groundbreaking opportunity.

Agera Energy began by acquiring a massive national energy retailer. The purchase allowed them to start serving its first customers and make more acquisitions to broaden its reach. The company sent out a large direct sales team with the training to represent the company’s services.

Leaders at Agera Energy set traditional energy training and sales techniques aside and directed its front line personnel towards serving energy customers. Trainees received detailed instructions on the important aspects of the process. The education ensured proper execution of every phase of the evolution. Careful examination provided supervision from the introduction to enrollment. Such techniques helped Agera change the game from the outset.

Agera Energy currently has a 1.8 million contracted RCEs customer base. The number represents 600,000 new contracted RCEs. These are the clients who have trusted Agera Energy and shown their support throughout the past three years. The company’s growth has sustained itself which puts Agera Energy above its competition. Agera maintains its position by putting its clients first. Belief in the product and treating customers with individual attention are the cornerstones of long-lasting success.

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