Successful Freelancer Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a businessman and a successful freelancer that is going all over the world and country showing people not only how they can run a successful business and what the owner needs to do for that to happen but for companies to move into the future of communication. Alex strongly believes that the future of communication in business lies in the virtual reality headsets that have been coming out for gaming and movies. These headsets can easily be used for communication online as many people do it all the time everywhere in the world.

For start up businesses and other businesses, this use can help the company communicate better with employees as it is more like having a face to face conversation so that they can talk with the customer in a way that is clear on both ends so that there is no miscommunication. But that is not the only use as it can be used for virtual reality meetings which means that employees don’t have to travel as much. Less moving increases productivity and decreases some of that cost because there isn’t that travel time and pay to happen all the time including the value of the travel that the company has to put out as well.

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