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Neurocore Offers Excellent Opportunities to the Clients and Its Employees

One should consult the mental health expert as soon as they notice any symptoms of mental health issues. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers located in Michigan and Florida offers some of the most advanced and innovative mental health therapies that ensure that you are able to recover from mental health challenges at the earliest without any side-effects.

The use of neuroscience has not advanced as much even after years of research, but Neurocore is taking the applications of neuroscience one step ahead with the help of extensive research and collaboration with some of the top neuroscientists. The company is known to use only tested and researched treatments that would be beneficial to their patients. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers is a great opportunity not just for the people looking to get a sharp brain, but also for the people working for it.

The company offers flexible working hours for the employees in addition to discounts on any treatment that their loved ones get at the centers. Neurocore also provides them with an opportunity to work in an excellent environment while learning about the latest techniques during their training period. The employees working here enjoy their time working for the people, and it gives them with a sense of dedication that shows in their work. Learn More.

Agera Energy Established Its Foundation During A Tremendous Time Of Need

Agera Energy established its foundation during a tremendous time of need. The company began doing business in 2014 during a harsh Winter that had customers and suppliers in desperate need of relief. Agera immediately noticed that this was a moment in time that could define them as an organization. They took the opportunity to do the necessary business and provide the required services to the community. As it turned out, this was a great time to be a retail energy supply company.

New customers expected its new energy service to provide guidance and protection. These essential qualities were a must have from the original supplier. Other organizations in the industry were not in a position to assist during the trying times. They were either not well funded or lacked the resources needed to make an impact. Some companies had no choice but to put their companies up for sale or close. Agera Energy was ready to meet the upcoming challenges. The company immediately designed procedures to accommodate its new clientele. It was a unique, groundbreaking opportunity.

Agera Energy began by acquiring a massive national energy retailer. The purchase allowed them to start serving its first customers and make more acquisitions to broaden its reach. The company sent out a large direct sales team with the training to represent the company’s services.

Leaders at Agera Energy set traditional energy training and sales techniques aside and directed its front line personnel towards serving energy customers. Trainees received detailed instructions on the important aspects of the process. The education ensured proper execution of every phase of the evolution. Careful examination provided supervision from the introduction to enrollment. Such techniques helped Agera change the game from the outset.

Agera Energy currently has a 1.8 million contracted RCEs customer base. The number represents 600,000 new contracted RCEs. These are the clients who have trusted Agera Energy and shown their support throughout the past three years. The company’s growth has sustained itself which puts Agera Energy above its competition. Agera maintains its position by putting its clients first. Belief in the product and treating customers with individual attention are the cornerstones of long-lasting success.

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“How Marc Beer is Moving the Healthcare Industry Forward “

With 25 years of experience, Marc Beer has shown good leadership that has led to many advances in biotechnology. His work has resulted in the creation of products that help people with rare diseases from around the world. He was able to start the company called ViaCell in 2000. The company collects and preserve stem cells. As the CEO of ViaCell, Beer helped ViaCell create business growth, and the personnel grew to nearly 300 employees. He also was apart of the Board of Directors of a biopharmaceutical company called Erytech. Beer held a variety of positions that involved in sales and marketing while working at Abbott Laboratories. Throughout his career, Beer has been on several different boards of directors such as the Chairman of the Board of a company called Good Start Genetics Incorporated. Beer has been able to provide advice while he was a member of the Notre Dame Research and Commercialization Advisory Committee. In 2016, Beer became the co-founder of Renovia. He successfully receives funding for Series A from venture capital funds that are focused on healthcare. Beer has acted as a strategic consultant for a company called OvaScience. Beer received his college education from Miami University of Ohio.


The CEO Marc Beer was able to lead the company Renovia Incorporated to obtain $32 million Series B round of funding. The company operates out of Boston, Massachusetts. Beer helped acquire $10 million in venture debt for the company. The funding received will go towards creating products to treat pelvic floor disorders. The beer has been able to help the company develop products that treat the pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence that affects nearly 250 million people. A company called the Longwood Fund have made Investments in Renovia, and it would be a part of the series B round along with perspective advisors based in New York and Ascension Ventures based in Missouri. Beer used the funding to develop diagnostic products that will help women with pelvic floor disorders. The funding will also help create a new version of a device called the Leva device. It would be able to get data that allows different treatment options. Renovia guided by Beer will help educate the people regarding pelvic floor disorders. Beer led Renovia to reduce long term healthcare cost with its’ work that will improve the care of people suffering from pelvic floor disorders.


Beer has plenty of investors who believe in the work that’s been developed by Renovia. With investors help, they will be able to improve treatments. The leadership of Beer helped Renovia get a product approved by the FDA. Renovia has been able to develop new treatments and sensor technology to combat pelvic floor disorders. Learn more:


Bernardo Chua And His Legacy

Originally from the Philippines, Bernardo Chua is recognized as being prominent in the field of marketing while at the same time having a level of expertise in medicine. Taught by his grandparents, Mr. Chua acquired a level of knowledge towards herbal medicine, but he is known to the public due to the uses of the Ganoderma mushroom. As a man who has always had a passion for helping others, Mr. Chua from a young age had set his sights on to becoming a doctor, and although he never realized this dream, he was still able to fulfill his passion and help people worldwide to live long as well as healthy lives. View Bernardo Chua’s full profile at LinkedIn

After receiving a Bachelor of Science from the University of Santo Tomas, Mr. Chua took his first steps in his professional career working as a manager in a family business. Being the youngest of a rather large family, Mr. Chua was influenced by his family members to work for this family-owned business, but he eventually decided to set out on his own. Putting his managerial experience to use, Bernardo Chua was able to acquire several job opportunities such as Gano Excel. It was after this experience that Mr. Chua decided to bring his knowledge to the world and found the company known as ORGANO Gold in 2008.

ORGANO Gold’s goal was to magnify the pre-existing health benefits of coffee while at the same time providing excellent quality. Although as this organization continued to grow, it started to push out even more beneficial products outside of coffee such as shampoo. Now Bernardo Chua gives back to the community in various ways such as starting the OG Cares Foundation while at the same time mentoring the youth. Even when looking at his social media, it is clear that Mr. Chua enjoys being around people especially his staff as shown on his twitter.

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Successful Freelancer Alex Hern

Alex Hern is a businessman and a successful freelancer that is going all over the world and country showing people not only how they can run a successful business and what the owner needs to do for that to happen but for companies to move into the future of communication. Alex strongly believes that the future of communication in business lies in the virtual reality headsets that have been coming out for gaming and movies. These headsets can easily be used for communication online as many people do it all the time everywhere in the world.

For start up businesses and other businesses, this use can help the company communicate better with employees as it is more like having a face to face conversation so that they can talk with the customer in a way that is clear on both ends so that there is no miscommunication. But that is not the only use as it can be used for virtual reality meetings which means that employees don’t have to travel as much. Less moving increases productivity and decreases some of that cost because there isn’t that travel time and pay to happen all the time including the value of the travel that the company has to put out as well.

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“James River Capital Approach on Improving Your Leadership Skills “

It is said that being a leader is an art as well as a science. Managing your team effectively requires great skill and development. While achieving great leadership takes concerted efforts and time, there are simple things you can implement to your way of leadership to make an incredible difference.


Paul Saunders is a good example of a great leader, the founder and leader of James River Capital Corp. He is the current Chairman and CEO of James River Capital Corp. He debuted his career with Warburg Paribas Becker in the Corporate Finance Department in 1979. He also worked in the commodity department of A.G Becker from 1980 to 1983.


His extensive executive experience has helped him manage alternative investments. His interest in the financial sector was triggered after receiving his B.A. in Economics in 1977 from the University of Virginia. He furthered his expertise when he graduated from the University of Chicago with an M.B.A.


Studies conducted by researchers from various companies have shown what effective leadership should look like. Through these studies, there are three simple modifications you can use to improve your leadership style. Let’s have a look at some of them according to James River Capital’s approach.


Don’t Lead, Support Your Team


One fascinating leadership model at Facebook involves the making of the initial critical mentality shift. This means that managers at Facebook support their teams rather than lead them. The shift from lead to supporting can dramatically transform how roles are viewed by leaders and change their approach to interactions with teams. Well, many times, small changes result in greatest impacts, even if it’s a one-word change.


Hearten Escalation and Welcome It


Studies conducted in the recent past show that close to 85% of employees conceal crucial feedback from their bosses. They mostly fear to get into trouble by approaching their employers about an issue, hence they rather not try. Lack of open and transparent communication offers little room for collaboration, innovation, and overall engagement with employees. Learn more:


Google, through their research, unearthed the “physiological safety” concept which is vital for leaders to focus on creating. This means that your operational style should make other people feel safe when approaching you with certain pressing matters, improvements, or challenges. There are two ways you can achieve physiological safety and they include promoting escalation and concerns by expressing your appreciation when it occurs. The other method is providing an opportunity for every employee to express themselves, especially during team meetings.


Every Opinion Matters


As mentioned earlier, you need to support rather than lead your team. This way, you will be removing any possible obstacles, the biggest being team members holding back. In case you have a meeting in place, ensure that you have a rundown of all the attendees. Ensure that you have check marked everyone who speaks. Identify the quietest members and ask them for their opinions on the topic under discussion. Furthermore, avoid being too pushy to ensure everyone is comfortable. This way, you will be able to get everyone’s opinion.


The Successes and Achievements of Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry, a finance titan, took his passion for numbers to Heriot-Watt University, where he pursued Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics from 1997 to 2001. After earning his degree, he landed his starting job over at Watson Wyatt as an analyst in the manager research team. He later joined the Global Investment Management Services teams until 2004 when he was hired by SEI Investment in the position of Investment Manager. Gareth Henry duties in the firm were managing pension funds, insurers, and consultants.

He left SEI in 2005 for Schroders where he was appointed the Director. His sense of adventure took over him in 2007 and he left to join the investment management giant, Fortress Investment Group. His role required him to relocate from the UK to the United States where he took the position of Managing Director. Gareth Henry also served as the company’s Head of Investor Relations and in his position, he helped to grow the company’s hedge fund, private credit, real estate as well as private equity.

He advanced to the position of Global Head of Investor Relations and the role put him in charge of managing the company’s $4 billion hedge fund. He was also in charge of the Fortress engagements in UK, Europe, and Asia. He was in charge of the distribution agreements that Fortress established all over Asia. He left Fortress Investment Group in 2015 to join Angelo Gordon, which operates as an alternative investment management firm and it currently boasts of a portfolio value of over $28 billion.

He served in the New York-based firm as a partner and also as the Global Head of Investor Relations. His most prominent achievement in this company was in 2016 when he was recognized for raising 4.5 billion. Again in 2017, Gareth raised $2.5 billion through credit products and real estate engagements. In 2018, he started the Gareth Henry Access Bursary for his former school, Heriot-Watt University which is one of the leading higher education institutions in the United Kingdom. The initiative offers scholarships to the selected student and he also coaches them regularly. During an interview, Gareth Henry expressed that he has succeeded by listening to the invaluable advice of his mentors.

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Serge Belamant, The Inventor of the Blockchain Debit Card

Serge Belamant was born in France and moved to South Africa when he was 14 years. He was able to learn an speak English while in South Africa while in an all-boys high school.

Belamant Education.

Serge attended Highlands North High School and later attended Witwatersrand University where he studied engineering course and then changed to computer science and applied mathematics in his second year. He later dropped out of the University the same year and took a class in information through the UNISA initiative. After schooling, his first employed in Matrix engineering firm, and this is where he started cyber applications for measuring dam levels and predicting future droughts. Throughout his career, Serge Belamant patented with six of his inventions, and these patents helped him in creating his first Blockchain Debt Card.

Blockchain Debt Card

Blockchain Debit Card is a smart card that can function without a central computer for validation, audit record creation, encryption, decryption, and transaction authorization. Blockchain can work in a place where there is no electricity as it stores all the required data in it making it be a bank on its own. Due to its ability to store all the information when the card is offline, the card can transact when connected to the point of sale, (POS) or a centralized automated machine system; the card confirms all the transactions that had been made offline.

Serge Belamant and his tech company took advantage of a unique chance in the third world countries where banking seemed to have low profits rates due to the low incomes of people, and Serge Belamant used this chance to invest heavily on this sector. After his spending, he saw his profit margins project to big margins, and his Blockchain debt card has negated the need for such infrastructure. Due to Serge Belamant,s innovation, there have been new markets that have been opening up, and those rural areas and neighborhoods that were unreached are now enjoying the renovation on the financial sector courtesy of Serge’s innovation. Serge stepped down as the CEO of his company, but the company retained his advisory services. Through his help, the company has expanded its services to many government institutions by acquiring government contracts.