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The Industrious Steve Ritchie

Acknowledging disappointment and communicating change can be a challenge but this is exactly what Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie is doing to bring the brand’s customers back and win new ones. Through multiple efforts, Mr. Ritchie plans to create a more diverse and profitable company through short and long term efforts at all levels within the company. After a noticeable drop in same store sales, the fiscal year outlook that was already in the negative more than doubled. Steve Ritchie wrote an open letter addressing a variety of issues within the company and explained how the company will address them. In the letter, he stated the leadership of the company completed “unconscious bias training” and that this program will be expanded across the country.

After an independent investigation and cultural audit of Papa John’s inclusion and diversity practices, recommendations will be made and followed to address the concerns within the company. It is clear that Steve Ritchie understands the value that the cultural audit and investigation offers Papa John’s. In addition to this, Ritchie went to various Papa John’s locations around the country to get feedback from franchisees and team members and is creating a group of various experts to help guide Papa John’s in realizing it’s values.

Steve Ritchie has also said that he is committed to “adding more diversity to the leadership team of Papa John’s.” He is also developing a minority-owned franchise expansion and development program in addition to a foundation that will positively impact communities where Papa John’s employees live and work. This will create clear and lasting community relationships with benefits to the company and communities they serve. To communicate their efforts and values to the public, Papa John’s is also working with a new ad agency and has a new marketing and advertising campaign. Ritchie’s efforts include some store closures in the U.S. but Papa John’s also will have more than 350 openings internationally. To ensure that the company is not a target for a takeover, Papa John’s introduced a shareholder rights plan that dilutes the value of it’s stocks if any party seek to acquire common shares totaling 15 percent or more.

“Marc Beer, the CEO of Renovia led in Raising $42 Million for the Healthcare “

Marc beer is the co-founder and the CEO of a med-tech company, Renovia Inc. based in Boston. The health center specializes in the production of therapeutic and diagnostic products which treats a condition caused by pelvic floor disorders such as urinary incontinence. According to researchers’ statistics, approximately 250 million women in the world are believed to suffer from these disorders. On April 2018, FDA approved Leva which were the Renovia`s first product to be developed.


On August last year, Marc Beer led in raising the fund for the health care. The total fund raised added up to $42 million which was contributed in two phases. The first batch raised $10 million in venture debt while the second phase raised $32 million in Series B round. The funding will be used in development and testing of other four more diagnostic and therapeutic products as well as in the development of another generation of Leva devices.


The Longwood Fund, a healthcare related investment firm that had earlier invested in Renovia, joined the Series B funding, which was led by Perspective Advisors from New York and Ascension Ventures from Missouri.


The move was hailed positively from Renovia side. In a statement from Marc Beer, the CEO said that his team is thrilled by the support they have been receiving aimed at helping millions of women suffering from pelvic disorders. He added that through combining their innovative and proprietary sensors technology and creating common health platforms would help customers to access valuable data such as informing them of new treatment methods available, they will learn from them ways to handle pelvic floor disorders, and at the end, treatment cost will lower. The company failed to respond to questions about its investment or its pipeline products.


Renovia leadership team is headed by a group of experts in the various health sector who ensures customers need meet. Marc Beer being the Chairman and CEO, he works with other personnel who assists him to accomplish day to day activities. Prior to founding Renovia, Marc Beer worked for more than 25 years in commercializing and development of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostic devices. He together with Ramon Iglesias, MD and Yolanda Lorie are the founded Renovia in the year 2016.


William Dull is the Chief Commercial Officer of Renovia, and his primary role is to oversee international commercial and company`s operation. He joined Renovia from Aegerion Pharmaceutical where he developed innovative solutions which helped to solve complex patient problems. Dr. Samantha Pulliam served as the Chief Medical Officer and joined Renovia from the University of North Carolina where she was the Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She has extensive experience in research where she has published over 50 peer-reviewed research papers and abstracts. Learn more:


“James River Capital’s CEO, Paul Saunders offers tips on how leaders can curb burnout among employees “

Due to the high expectations that they are supposed to meet and surpass both at work and in their personal lives, most employees are often at a high risk of a physical and mental collapse, also known as burnout. Unfortunately, this affects the productivity of employees and as a result, negatively affects your business. Fortunately, there are few warning signs and also things that you as the employer can do to help ensure your employees don’t suffer a burnout.


Prevent loss of control


According to James River Capital’s CEO, Paul Saunders, those employees who are unable to manage or cope with the workplace schedule are often at a high risk of suffering a burnout. Their inability to manage their times often causes them to feel hopeless and helpless and as a result, they end up breaking down mentally and physically. It is for this reason that Paul Saunders encourages leaders at the workplace to create flexible policies and structures, as this enables employees to remain on the right track. Saunders also urges them to encourage employees to take at least ten to fifteen minutes at the start of the day, to write down some of the things they want to achieve during work hours. This according to Saunders, enables them to take charge of their time and schedule hence preventing burnout


Make everything transparent


When one staff member feels as if they are not being properly rewarded for the good work they are doing, they are more likely to suffer a burnout due to the negative feelings that crop up. As the leader, you are urged to make things as transparent as possible, by explaining why certain individuals got promotions and what the others are supposed to do to get such rewards. Learn more:



Become the support system


Leaders at the workplace are urged to be the support system of their employees throughout. According to Paul Saunders when a staff member is stressed, it is easy for them to become angry, upset and moody towards the rest. These negative emotions often affect their productivity and in turn, affects the business. As the leader ensure this does not happen by encouraging them to take time off and indulge in something they love doing. Also encourage them not to think about work when they are out there and instead focus on having fun.


About James River Capital


Based in Virginia, James River Capital is a well-established investment firm which began independent operations in 1995. Prior to that, it was a mere alternative department for another firm but became independent when Paul Saunders who is the current CEO and Kevin Brandt completed its acquisition. Since then the two have been shepherding it in the right direction and is now one of the most successful investment advisor firms in the whole of Virginia and other regions.


Neurocore: History, Present and the Future

Neurocore is a company that started operations in 2004. It owns Brain Performance Centers that offer training programs and data-driven brain-based assessments. The company aims to help improve concentration, sleeping patterns, and stress management among adults/ children. Over the years, Neurocore has established itself as an authority (national) in applied neuroscience. Its brain performance centers are in Florida and Michigan. See more information about Neurocore at

How Neurocore Operates

The primary investors of Neurocore are Dick and Betsy DeVos. Dick is the Amway heir, while Betsy is President Trump’s Education Secretary. The company treats Autism, anxiety. Depression, ADHD, plus other neurological and psychological diagnosis. It uses proven neurofeedback and state-of-the-art protocols to optimize the brains of its patients. After undergoing a Neurocore therapy, you can lead a healthier happier life, with your brain functioning at its best.

According to a study by Nuerocore, a brain can create stronger neural pathways and learn better habits through reward-based training. Thus, you do not have to take medication to prevent cognitive decline and end unwanted symptoms. Over the years, brain disorders have been severe to treat. Even so, technology has brought about advanced treatment options. Read more about Neurocore at

Technology has enabled doctors to understand better how the brain works and its features. Now, companies like Neurocore are using advanced methods to treat neurological conditions. There is greater success in alleviating conditions like depression, sleep disorders, and anxiety.

When Neurcore established its brain centers, they focused on using data to perform brain training and assessments. The company was using a variety of methods that included qEEG, EEG, and biofeedback monitoring. Nowadays, specialists consider Neurocore an authority in the neuroscience sector of the US.

Many athletes and franchises use Neuroscore’s services as part of training regimens. An example of a regimen used widely is the “brain room.” Athletes use it to optimize biological functions. These functions include cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Their optimization helps athletes to perform better.

The Future

Neurocore is currently focusing on finding ways to strengthen mind-body connection by using technology. They believe this will enable people to control their bodies and their lives better. It means we will be able to experience minimal stress, enhance physical performance, and correct neurological disorders.


Who Is Jim Dondero?

Jim Dondero has been in the credit and equity markets for more than 30 years. He has spent much of this time working on investment opportunities that are distressed as well as those that yield high returns. His vast experience culminated in the founding of Highland Capital Management, L.P. He currently serves as the President of the firm.

Academic Background

About Jim Dondero, he was a student at the University of Virginia where he majored in finance and accounting. He was an industrious student and was awarded with the Beta Gamma Sigma (the highest honors) for his exploits in school. He is a Certified Managerial Accountant and a Certified Public Accountant having successfully earned both these certificates.


In 1984, the J.P. Morgan training program gave him an opportunity to serve as an analyst. This was the first step in his illustrious career. He joined American Express the following year and served them for four years. Jim Dondero left the firm as a portfolio manager having previously served as a corporate bond analyst. Protective Life was his next stop. He played a pivotal role in the creation of the firm’s GIC subsidiary. Four years later the subsidiary had a staggering $2 billion in assets thanks to the leadership skills of Jim Dondero who served as the CEO during this period. In 1993, he joined hands with a few of his colleagues to establish Highland Capital Management. The firm has made a name in the collateralized loan obligation market. It has also made head ways in providing credit-oriented solutions and is a recognized leader in both sectors.


Aside from his prowess in management, Jim Dondero is well known for his philanthropic activities. He contributes generously to causes that are based on public policies, education, as well as the affairs of veterans.


A number of school boards and councils have sought his rich knowledge in the management of different institutions. George Bush’s Presidential Center as well as The Southern Methodist University are some of the institutions he serves.


Agera Financial

SociallY Agera Energy

The company of Agera Energy is no stranger to keeping in touch with not only their customer base but also those people who are interested in their products and services who have not yet signed up. This is a great way for them to easily spread the word of Agera Energy by means of the ways people are most comfortable with.


Not only do they have their official Agera Energy Twitter account but they also have an official Agera Energy Facebook account. Both are heavily used to spread upcoming events and news concerning the much-loved energy company.

Jose Auriemo Neto’s Vison for JHSF

Taking over the firm at the age of 27, Jose Auriemo Neto pinpoints on the development of residential plus commercial properties. Chairing JHSF, Jose Auriemo Neto in 2009 over saw his first venture to retailing and when on to open luxurious brands outlets for JHSF hence taking the name the king of luxury in Brazil. Alias Zeco, José Auriemo Neto’s JHSF has grown to become the leader of most expensive real estate stratum in Brazil with chief involvement in commercial incorporation not forgetting residential development as a strong and a main agenda for JHSF.

The company was founded in 1972 and since then has been recognised in instigating the ampitude in discerning new business opportunities in the markets they operate within. Sao Paulo, Salvador, Manaus are some of the cities JHSF has cemented locally nevertheless spreading its wings internationally to Punta Del Este Uruguay and New York City in the United States. Consisting of Shopping Centre Incorporation, Airport, Fasano Hotel and Restaurant, JHSF moves instantaneously to the recrudesce revenue business areas as it first act on the implementation of projects which has typically involved the development and administration of its four business units it majors in. Accounting for more than 4million square metres throughout its history, JHSF has received a number of recognition and awards for its Achievements.

2012 was JHSF year due to the company bagging the PINI Award under the planned daring category, the Best real estate Company in Brazil bagging the Epoca Negocios 360 year book. Furthermore some of its members including José Auriemo Neto. It went on winning other awards in the following years as it expanded its operations locally and internationally. Such international action was witnessed as the king of luxury Zeco together with his wife Mariana and Children moved to New York to follow closely the construction of JHSF Hotel Service high rise building which according to Neto is a very monetary strategic plan as the building is on Fifth avenue facing Central park in that the property once done will only be available for renting. No purchase necessary.

“Paul Saunders, Founder of James River Capital, Advise on Handling Burnout “

There are many things that a company has to do to ensure that employees are productive. However, while at work, it is common for employees to experience burnout. Burnout can affect an employee’s productivity. The top level management can help prevent it from happening by following the advice given by Paul Saunders. The warning signs of burnout can help managers have productive employees. Here are some signs of burnout and how top-level management can help employees overcome them.

Loss of control

When an employee begins to lose control on time management and scheduling, there is a high risk of getting a burnout. In such a case, an employer can encourage employees to outline their goals within the first 10 to 15 minutes of reporting to work. The employees need to list down what they want to accomplish during the day so that they can have some control. Listing down the goals keeps the employees in control.

Loss of confidence

Confidence in the quality of work done is essential in any organization. Employees with a burnout have doubts about the quality of work. Such an employee will not contribute actively to the given task. To help with such a situation, it is necessary for managers to encourage employees set personal goals which will boost their confidence at work. The individual goals are an excellent way to get employees back on track.

Change in overall attitude

A stressed employee will find it hard to control their attitude and will get upset quickly. Such stress is a sign of burnout. Burnout increases negativity, moodiness, and lack of motivation. An employer can offer support and encourage the employee to take up a new hobby. The manager can also advise the employees to focus on other things that are non-work related after office hours.

Lack of transparency

Employees can develop negative feelings when they believe they are being overlooked for promotion. Such feelings can result in burnout. A manager should be open with employees when it comes to promotions. By communicating on what qualification one needs to have to be considered for a promotion, it will reduce the negative feelings. The top level management can also come up with resources and workshops that help employees qualify for promotions. In doing so, it will help reduce burnout.

Paul Saunders is the founder of James River Capital Corporation. He is also the portfolio manager for the financial products of his firm. He has been in the company since 1995. Saunders career started in investment banking, and he later moved to investment and trading. Through hard work, he has managed to move up the ranks. Saunders is also passionate about philanthropic activities and has a Saunders family foundation. Learn more:


Healthcare: Deirdre Baggot Reforms and Programs.

The healthcare system is filled with gaps when it comes to services and payment of the same. With the rising cost of the technology used by hospitals and other health facilities to treat illness, the price of treatment is getting higher by the minute. This plus other factors have created the need for a healthcare system, where patients can afford treatment without sweating it. These reforms should also help the hospitals to manage current equipment, buy or repair old ones and most importantly, stay in business. These reforms are what Deirdre Baggot is known about. As a holder of a nursing bachelor’s in science, Deirdre Baggot has knowledge of how the human body responds to illness and how the same body fairs if not treated. She also holds an MBA from the Loyola University graduate school which has given her an optimal view of how to make a business profitable, how to create and implement a protocol that will improve it as well as what factors guarantee a maximum profit. Visit to know more about Baggot

Deirdre joined the healthcare system where her then CEO convinced her to join him as he moved into the consultancy business. At that time Baggot was working as at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, in academic health. She joined the Camden group in 2010. Camden Group was later acquired by G.E. Her duty was to create consultancy practices focused on value-based incentives. With her education, Ph.D., MBA and BSN, and years of experience in hospital clinician and expertise in the healthcare industry, she has become a pioneer in developing programs that have been incorporated into hospital systems for the benefit of the hospital and the patients.

Over the years Deirdre Baggot has been involved in activities aimed at ensuring that the healthcare system is of a reasonable standard for all classes of people. She had and still is pushing for the healthcare reforms to be implemented in the health industry.

Learn more:


Madison Street Capital: Exclusive Financial Advisor?

On December 11, 2018, Madison Street Capital reputation became known as an exclusive financial advisor. This reputation was created by Madison Street Capital helping MonDak Portables LLC by arranging a $3.2 million debt facility.


This portable toilet manufacturer was founded in 2008 and is based in North Dakota. North Avenue Capital is providing the facility for MonDak. The debt facility arrangement was announced by Charles Botchway who is the CEO of Madison Street Capital and Lester Rodgers who is the Senior Managing Director.


This deal was done to provide MonDak with support for their long-term initiatives. It addresses a variety of MonDak’s capital needs to ensure these initiatives. With this solid leadership team, the company is ready for growth and anchored by its diverse capabilities.


MonDak is one of the leading providers of portable toilets who also rent various types of portable toilets and trailers. They offer standard, handicap, and portable trailer toilets. They also can deliver hand washing and Comfort Stations that are air-conditioned and heated.


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm which was founded in 2005. The company is referred to as a middle market investment banking firm which provides a variety of services. These services include corporate advisement, business valuation, and financial opinions.


It is an international company and has a reputation for integrity, excellence, and leadership when it comes to delivering corporate advisory services. It can be extremely laborious trying to find an investment banking firm, but Madison Street Capital has an established history and reputation for excellence.


With the company’s expertise in financial services, mergers, and acquisition, they can provide their clients success in the global marketplace. Every project this company agrees to complete has goals and objectives.


Madison Street Capital ensures success by making these goals and objectives their own. They have earned the trust of their clients by their unwavering dedication to high levels of professionalism and integrity.


With their experience in assisting various clients in a wide array of industries, Madison Street Capital grasp that every customer is unique and requires exact analysis and precise recommendations. This fact helps to ensure growth and success for every client.


With knowledge, extensive relationships, and experience, Madison Street Capital has opened offices in North America, Asia, and Africa. This debt facility for MonDak proves that Madison Street Capital can match active buyers and sellers as well as appropriate capitalization and financing structures to the individual client.


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