Five Minutes with Vijay Eswaran as an Entrepreneur

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies as well as head of business conglomerate worth multi-billion which operates in various sectors including direct selling, retail and financial services. QNET, a flagship subsidiary of QI Group is today an international company with offices in the UAE and has managed to utilize traditional methods of sale with digitalized online marketing model.

According to Dr. Vijay, his dream was to introduce a new kind of market that would combine the better ability of a direct sale force with the internet. To make this happen Dr. Vijay and his team merged the already tested and tried business model with the e-commerce platform.

Although he is a successful entrepreneur, Dr. Vijay journey to success was not an easy way. As he started, the economic stability in Asia was under crisis, Vijay lacked financial support, he also had no connections, and no one believed he would succeed. His only relief came from his wife, and luckily he got supportive partners who shared similar goals. He still faces challenges even today, and he is ready to face them even tomorrow as challenges to him are signs of progress.

In the future, Dr. Vijay`s dream is to expand the University of Malaysia, which is one of his companies investment, to be a leading environmental sustainable university through the introduction of pollution-free projects. The means of transport will only utilize electric buggies, eco-friendly living using solar power and to create an international student association which will be proud to be part of the University of 21st Century.

Dr. Vijay important lesson he has learned while as an entrepreneur is that, it is not the company that succeeds but the people in them who do, therefore, while employing his candidate’s various factors matters alongside the skills a person possesses.

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