The Incredible Life Journey of Vijay Eswaran

In the year 1998, a young entrepreneur by the name of Dr. Vijay Eswaran began his amazing entrepreneurial journey. His journey as a business man has been quite successful with more than a decade of hardwork and determination. Currently, Vijay is an Executive Chairman of one of the most influential companies by the name of QI Group and QNET.

A review on the international business market back in the year 2000 reflected on the success of Vijay where he played an important role in improving the sales of his company, making it to be the third highest global company to record great sales in the international market.

Being an entrepreneur in the current business market is not easy especially with the high levels of competition. It is the reason as to why you now find business owners putting all there focus into finding effective business strategies that might improve their sales. However, in an interview held to talk on his success as an international business influencer, Vijay described his success in three words, intuitive, intense and inquisitive. These are the three main subjects that Vijay strived on and thanks to that, he is now at a better position as a business man compared to when he started this journey.

In the interview, Dr. Vijay was open enough to share some of the challenges he has come across in his journey. Running a business, be it local or international is not easy and there are a couple of challenges you should expect to incur. When Dr. Vijay began his entrepreneurial journey a decade back, at first he thought that all will be well and everything will run smoothly. At first, he was a regional entrepreneur and his market was based on his local community.

To run a successful business, good clients relationship should be you top priority and with the local community being his company base, it was easy to understand the consumer market. Running a business at a regional level was quite easy since he had a flexible reach in analyzing and understanding his local market but doing all this over again at the international market, it was quite challenging.

There are a number of businesses introduced often in our various industries all with an aim of succeeding and being on top of their competitors. However, as advised by Dr. Vijay, when introducing and running a business, you should accept the fact that you will face a couple of challenges that might bring your business down. To succeed though, what matters is your resilience and hardwork.

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