Nick Vertucci Gets More Of His Story Out There Through His New Book

It wasn’t the easy road for the now retired residential real estate investor Nick Vertucci, but it was the best one in the end because he finally achieved his life’s goals. Vertucci just had a book released detailing all the hardships he endured while trying to make it in the real estate industry, but also explaining how he found the answers and made it to where he is today. A former host of ABC’s “Shark Tank” expressed his great approval of it and said it was a fantastic read not only for people considering making money in rental properties, but also for those who want to hear a true rags to riches story.

The Nick Vertucci story could be summed up in saying it was a journey to success, then from success to failure, but then back to success. The first success he had was managing to build a computer parts sales business, a company that helped get him out of a background of poverty and allowed him to live comfortably for a while. He had thought that company would be what he would run all the way until he retired, but he didn’t foresee the major economic crisis of 2000 that hit the tech industry hard and forced him to close that business. Nick Vertucci now had to work through a period of failure in which he knew he would need to build something that could bring in much more income and be much more stable. He had never assumed real estate would be it, but after going to a seminar, he realized how far he could go in it.

Nick Vertucci had to put in some work to keep the initial properties he invested in afloat. He had his share of setbacks and losses, but through several changes and adaptations he made, he finally turned the profits to a point where he could pay off all his debt and no longer have to worry about returning to bankruptcy. Vertucci then founded an academy where the years if knowledge he gained were put into easy format to follow, and to this day many have come away from that academy armed with knowledge to succeed in the market.

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