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Five Minutes with Vijay Eswaran as an Entrepreneur

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is the founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies as well as head of business conglomerate worth multi-billion which operates in various sectors including direct selling, retail and financial services. QNET, a flagship subsidiary of QI Group is today an international company with offices in the UAE and has managed to utilize traditional methods of sale with digitalized online marketing model.

According to Dr. Vijay, his dream was to introduce a new kind of market that would combine the better ability of a direct sale force with the internet. To make this happen Dr. Vijay and his team merged the already tested and tried business model with the e-commerce platform.

Although he is a successful entrepreneur, Dr. Vijay journey to success was not an easy way. As he started, the economic stability in Asia was under crisis, Vijay lacked financial support, he also had no connections, and no one believed he would succeed. His only relief came from his wife, and luckily he got supportive partners who shared similar goals. He still faces challenges even today, and he is ready to face them even tomorrow as challenges to him are signs of progress.

In the future, Dr. Vijay`s dream is to expand the University of Malaysia, which is one of his companies investment, to be a leading environmental sustainable university through the introduction of pollution-free projects. The means of transport will only utilize electric buggies, eco-friendly living using solar power and to create an international student association which will be proud to be part of the University of 21st Century.

Dr. Vijay important lesson he has learned while as an entrepreneur is that, it is not the company that succeeds but the people in them who do, therefore, while employing his candidate’s various factors matters alongside the skills a person possesses.

Vijay Eswaran: A Glimpse at His Genius and Background

A story is told of how Vijay Eswaran paid his for his tertiary education while working as a cab driver. What makes it even more captivating is, he accomplished the feat twice in two different countries, braving the unpredictable clients and whether to get an education. One can imagine the culture shock that the young Vijay Eswaran encountered in the two distinct continents. This determination, the time has proven is not only limited to his academic ambitions, but he has also since cut his teeth in the business world earning a respectable reputation.

Vijay Eswaran was born on October 7, 1960, in Malaysia. The constant work requirements of his father in the Ministry of labor meant they constantly were on the move. This gave a young Vijay insight into the diversity of his country. Equally the professional backgrounds of his parents meant that he had relative access and exposure. His mother, for instance, was a teacher and founder of Malaysia Hindu Youth organization. Perhaps his social consciousness to the well-being of others can be traced to this.

Vijay would later graduate with a degree from the London School of Economics in Socio-Economics, paying his tuition-free while working as a taxi driver. Juggling work and school, meeting different people may have informed his tour of Europe after graduation perhaps to figure out what he wanted to do in life. It is reported that Vijay’s journey of self-discovery would result to him staying in a Franciscan monastery where he took a 33 vow of silence.

He would return back and immerse himself in academia by studying the binary system of marketing in London. This choice proved to be a smart move, considering the imminent bubble and the personal computer age that soon took over. It can be safely assumed that this knowledge had a role to play his e-commerce business.

Hussain Sajwani The Reasons for the Growth of DAMAC Properties

One of the biggest real estate firms in the world today is Damac Properties, which was founded by Hussain Sajwani in the year 2004. Since the time Hussain Sajwani started Damac Properties, it has already sold more than 20,000 apartments and over 44,000 properties are currently under construction in different countries. Hussain Sajwani is famous for its business acumen and skills and understanding of the real estate market. He has ensured that the properties developed by Damac Properties are high-end and luxurious just as the modern consumers are looking for. DAMAC properties also offer many exciting freebies with its real estate properties, and it makes them quite popular among the buyers.

Hussain Sajwani has studied economics from the reputed university in the United States named Washington University. He went to study in the United States on government’s scholarship. Hussain Sajwani has collaborated with many domestic and international real estate firms to take DAMAC Properties to new heights of success. It is essential for the companies to invest as well expand their business operations to consistently grow. Hussain Sajwani has also ensured that he continues to give back to the community in every way possible and is also associated with many charities in the country that support different humanitarian causes. DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani is currently busy with the latest project that his company is developing in UAE that has a golf course in it as well. The famous golfer Tiger Woods design the project and managed by Trump Organization.

Hussain Sajwani is also friends with the United States President Donald Trump who he admires for his business acumen and statesmanship. As both are from the real estate business, they have been partners in the past and continue to collaborate on different projects worldwide. He also works with many government projects for the development of different areas that would help them bring in more tourists. He invests a considerable amount of money every year on government infrastructure and real estate projects throughout the country. He is closely associated with the normal day-to-day activities of the company and also takes part in its hiring process.

The Story of Nick Vertucci the Founder Of The NVREA

Nick Vertucci was brought up in a humble background. The situation became worse when his father died when Vertucci was still young at a tender age of ten. Nick Vertucci , beat the odds to become successful in social life and career. His success story has been fueled by his hard work and devotion towards his investments. After Nick Vertucci attained 18 years, he started a business that specialized in sales and computer accessories.

Unfortunately, his prolific business career abruptly comes to a halt during the 2000 dot-com crash. This crash threatened the future of this businessman Nick Vertucci. His debts accumulated subsequently to point of even losing his home. A turning point came about in Nick’s life when he enrolled to a real estate academy , which inspired him to venture into real estate business. The training came to the rescue of his financial turmoil. Vertucci motivation of investing in real estate business was fueled by the classes he attended in one of Real Estate training industry. This happened after he had lost hope in his floundering tech business. After a few years, Nick began investing in real estate business. In ten years, this business has changed his financial status greatly.

The turn around Nick had made him think of helping other investors get a return on their investment. He began by creating a turnkey system for investing in small family rentals. Nick was able to market his business to the public using his own radio show “The Real Estate Investing Hour “. Later, in 2014, after he accomplished his financial plans he decided to perfect his investing strategies to the masses. In the very same year 2014, Nick launched NVREA with a mission of creating and establishing a reputable real estate training co. Luckily, the company has achieved the mission and currently, they are offering such training services.

Nick Vertucci has created a pattern of strong self-belief that has made him persevere all the challenges he has encountered through his success story. Vertucci advise to young entrepreneurs is to plan for change. Nothing last forever, not even in the business world, to be a successful business person, you need to always be prepared financially for downtimes.

James River Capital’s Tips Becoming a Good Leader

In the modern business world, it is not uncommon for businesses to morph and evolve with the times. James River Capital Corp is a company located in Virginia. It was originally born as an alternate company under a parent brand, but that changed in 1995 when Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt stepped up. As a pair of senior level workers, they acquired the business for independent operations. In a recent company blog article, they describe a series of tips for an effective leader.


The most effective way to becoming a good leader is not down to simple science, but rather its more of an art form. It requires unique personal traits that differ person to person. A healthy first step is to become part of the team. The team leader who supports form the sidelines is not going to see the same success as one who activity gets involved with the project. By directly supporting your team, they will see how much the project truly matters. Learn more:


The presence of a leader in the workplace is a double edge sword. A leader who is overbearing or obnoxious will never get the same level of support as a leader who listens to their team. Studies have shown that 85 percent of employees will likely hold back important information to their bosses. This is out of fear of negative consequences for speaking up. A good leader should create a safe work environment where team members can freely speak their mind. The creative process only work when team employees don’t have to hold back.


Lastly, the blog recommends encouraging each member to speak up. Even in the most open groups, there are always going to be a few quiet and shy individuals. A simple solution is to regularly ask them if they have something to contribute. Another way to keep track of who is speaking up and how frequently, then focus on those who’s voice haven’t been heard. A good leader who takes into account everyone’s opinion will see longer term success.


The path to being a good leader is one that requires time and practice. The approach to one team, might not work another team. A good leader is someone who is loved by those around them, and adapt to the task at hand. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn


The Incredible Life Journey of Vijay Eswaran

In the year 1998, a young entrepreneur by the name of Dr. Vijay Eswaran began his amazing entrepreneurial journey. His journey as a business man has been quite successful with more than a decade of hardwork and determination. Currently, Vijay is an Executive Chairman of one of the most influential companies by the name of QI Group and QNET.

A review on the international business market back in the year 2000 reflected on the success of Vijay where he played an important role in improving the sales of his company, making it to be the third highest global company to record great sales in the international market.

Being an entrepreneur in the current business market is not easy especially with the high levels of competition. It is the reason as to why you now find business owners putting all there focus into finding effective business strategies that might improve their sales. However, in an interview held to talk on his success as an international business influencer, Vijay described his success in three words, intuitive, intense and inquisitive. These are the three main subjects that Vijay strived on and thanks to that, he is now at a better position as a business man compared to when he started this journey.

In the interview, Dr. Vijay was open enough to share some of the challenges he has come across in his journey. Running a business, be it local or international is not easy and there are a couple of challenges you should expect to incur. When Dr. Vijay began his entrepreneurial journey a decade back, at first he thought that all will be well and everything will run smoothly. At first, he was a regional entrepreneur and his market was based on his local community.

To run a successful business, good clients relationship should be you top priority and with the local community being his company base, it was easy to understand the consumer market. Running a business at a regional level was quite easy since he had a flexible reach in analyzing and understanding his local market but doing all this over again at the international market, it was quite challenging.

There are a number of businesses introduced often in our various industries all with an aim of succeeding and being on top of their competitors. However, as advised by Dr. Vijay, when introducing and running a business, you should accept the fact that you will face a couple of challenges that might bring your business down. To succeed though, what matters is your resilience and hardwork.

Tsunami XR’s Alex Hern Talks Tech

Alex Hern greets you Happy Deal Hunting Season

Alex HernWith the utilization of VR extending each day, CEO of Tsunami XR, Alex Hern urges everybody to gain benefit from these Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Alex Hern creates and brings progressed innovative digital association services for groups.

Well, it is that great time once more, time to get forceful about those outstanding Black Friday investment funds and Cyber Monday offers. As indicated by one investigation by the National Retail Federation more than 174 million Americans participated in the 2017 Thanksgiving/Cyber Monday shopping. One advancement that was observed a year ago was the obtaining intensity of versatile clients as 64% of online deals were made through cell phones. Alex Hern, Chief Executive Officer of Tsunami XR’s encourages everyone to take benefit from these sales and offers.

Thanksgiving is an opportunity to meet up with loved ones to commend everything that makes this life worth living. Numerous customers pick this season to put resources into their PC and VR equipment amid this time, for example, enhancing CPU’s, Head Mounted Display’s, GPU’s and VR programming, which should be possible at concession rates amid the shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving Cyber Monday.

Deals coming this year

So here are some VR offers that you can expect this year:

PSVR Bundle: Bestbuy will bid 100 dollars off on PSVR Bundles which integrates a VR Headset, Sony PlayStation and Processor unit; VR headset association link; two games and PlayStation Camera. For an additional $50 you can get 2 PlayStation Move movement controllers included with the package.

Oculus Rift: As a major aspect of Bestbuy’s the day after Thanksgiving lineup they are taking $50 off the cost of an oculus rift. Amazon is coordinating the offer, and the Oculus HMD can be acquired at the trade cost today.

HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro: Microsoft’s HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro will be traded by the producer for $499 and $799 separately.

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Nick Vertucci Gets More Of His Story Out There Through His New Book

It wasn’t the easy road for the now retired residential real estate investor Nick Vertucci, but it was the best one in the end because he finally achieved his life’s goals. Vertucci just had a book released detailing all the hardships he endured while trying to make it in the real estate industry, but also explaining how he found the answers and made it to where he is today. A former host of ABC’s “Shark Tank” expressed his great approval of it and said it was a fantastic read not only for people considering making money in rental properties, but also for those who want to hear a true rags to riches story.

The Nick Vertucci story could be summed up in saying it was a journey to success, then from success to failure, but then back to success. The first success he had was managing to build a computer parts sales business, a company that helped get him out of a background of poverty and allowed him to live comfortably for a while. He had thought that company would be what he would run all the way until he retired, but he didn’t foresee the major economic crisis of 2000 that hit the tech industry hard and forced him to close that business. Nick Vertucci now had to work through a period of failure in which he knew he would need to build something that could bring in much more income and be much more stable. He had never assumed real estate would be it, but after going to a seminar, he realized how far he could go in it.

Nick Vertucci had to put in some work to keep the initial properties he invested in afloat. He had his share of setbacks and losses, but through several changes and adaptations he made, he finally turned the profits to a point where he could pay off all his debt and no longer have to worry about returning to bankruptcy. Vertucci then founded an academy where the years if knowledge he gained were put into easy format to follow, and to this day many have come away from that academy armed with knowledge to succeed in the market.

Flavio Maluf, the Brain Behind Eucatex Success

Flavio Maluf is the chief executive officer of Eucatex Group. He was introduced to Eucatex groups by his uncle where he first became a member of the group of executives. Later in 1997, Flavio Maluf was promoted to president .right now Eucatex is among the largest producers of partitions, floors, doors, panels, paints, varnishes, wood fiber in Brazil. The business is to turn 67 this year Nov 23. Its CEO has worked hard to maintain the company’s sustainability and image.

Eucatex uses eucalyptus as a raw material for most of its products since the day the company was founded in 1951. In 1962, the company took interest in the planting of trees so as to maintain their supply of raw material. This action gained them an advantage environmentally and socially and aided in their performance. The company is also involved in an environmental education program, “Casa de Natureza” whose main objective is the dissemination of concepts regarding environment preservation, awareness of advantages of taking care of forests and the advantages of using eucalyptus as a raw material. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

The program also organizes trips for its participants where they get to see and learn about urban tree planting and how to do it right. Flavio Maluf also saw the need for the project, environmental education program, to create a good relationship with people living around eucalyptus plantations. through this interaction to help the people learn how to go about planting, growing and taking care of the trees and also learn the economic and social impact of the activity.

Eucatex is also involved in another program, Apiculture program. The main aim of this one is to help people living near the eucalyptus plantation generate income. For example through the provision of apiculture pasture for beekeepers so as to produce honey. This also helps in the fertilization of the eucalyptus trees. Through this Maluf’s company is able to create a pool of labor thus building the economy of Brazil. The biggest risks to forests are fire and mostly during the dry season. Flavio’s company thus concentrates on this danger and ways in which it can minimize the risk. Some of these ways are through the construction of fire breakers and creating awareness amongst the people living around the forests.



Sheldon Lavin Took An Interesting Route To Become The CEO Of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin took an interesting route to become the CEO of OSI Group. His story is amazing. Lavin has been the leader of the worldwide organization for over 40 years. He is credited for leading the company to its international prominence. OSI Group continues to make an impact in its industry all over the world. The formerly family owned organization has Midwestern routes that go back to the turn of the century.

Sheldon Lavin was originally a financial consultant and began his career in the banking industry. He was presented with an opportunity to work with a Chicago-based family-owned business known as Otto and Sons. Otto and Sons was a meat market founded by the German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky. They were selected to work with the McDonald’s Corporation as one of its primary suppliers of meat.

A new meat processing plant was required in order to meet the obligations of the McDonald’s Corporation. Sheldon Lavin was suggested by the bank to oversee see the inner workings of the deal between McDonald’s and the meat supplier. Over the years Lavin’s role grew and he developed a strong relationship with the top management at the McDonald’s Corporation. Sheldon Lavin eventually became a full-time partner with Otto and Sons.

The success of Otto and Sons exploded alongside the tremendous growth of the McDonald’s Corporation. As the original owners settled into retirement, Sheldon Lavin’s role increased and he became Chairman of the meat manufacturer. As chairman and CEO Lavin applied his vision and ambition to the organization. It soon became known as OSI Group and began conducting business around the world.

Sheldon Lavin has been recognized by many organizations for his management style and ability to adjust to the future. OSI Group has made a profound impact on the food manufacturing industry. He is most proud of his organization’s ability to recruit and maintain a talented workforce. He states this as the reason why the company has continued to grow over the decades.