Talkspace Announces Partnership with Michael Phelps

Talkspace is a new company in the corporate world, but it has managed to impact the lives of so many professionals in many companies. The global firm specializes in online therapy, and it has achieved so much in a short time. The organization understands the importance of mental health in all institutions, and this is why it has invested so much in making sure that it hires only the best professionals to offers its customers excellent services. The therapy used by Talkspace has made many people to live a normal life despite the mental challenges they are facing at home and at the workplace.

Talkspace has announced some good news to all its customers in the international community. The institution has announced that it will be forming a special partnership with Michael Phelps. The strategic partnership is expected to promote the use of effective therapies so that the mental health of employee improves at all times. The team will start by introducing a television campaign. During this campaign that will be kick-starting soon; Michael will speak about his own experience. Michael is expected to tell people how he managed to survive his struggle with mental health and some of the strategies he used. By demonstrating the benefits of Talkspace to the people, Michael helps that more people will be encouraged and even speak up about the challenges they are undergoing.

Talkspace has a special mission, and it felt that the best person to change the lives of employees was Michael. When he was working, Michael had to deal with severe cases of anxiety and depression, and he could not access the kind of help he desired so that he could have a normal life. When he started to share his challenges with people and a therapist, Michael realized that things got better, and he was even able to enjoy life just like all the other employees. The businessman now wants other people in the world to understand that getting mental health issues is very normal, and they should not be scared of speaking about it. The national TV campaign will be the best platform to reach as many people as possible.

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