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James River Capital: Dealing with Employees Who are Burned Out

Repetitive working conditions, especially inside office buildings and factories, is one of the recipes for employees feeling burned out. This is a serious condition, and it could affect the workflow and the job quality of those who are involved. Companies around the world have been dealing with this kind of situation, observing how their employees behave and trying to come up with a resolution. James River Capital, a company specializing in financial and investment management, pointed out some of the causes why employees are becoming burned out. The company is known for their effective handling of employees who are burned out with their jobs, and through extensive research about the condition, the company was able to return their employees to their normal self, becoming more productive than ever. Learn more:


The James River Capital stated that one of the reasons why the employees are burned out is because of the repetitive tasks that they are doing at work. The company highlighted the importance of providing various tasks that are not repetitive, which would allow the employee to engage actively without feeling bored. The company also encouraged other businesses to give their employees sufficient time every day to write down their goals for the day, and try to reward them if they can finish all of the tasks assigned to them. With proper schedule management and distribution of tasks, employees will feel more productive, and they can accomplish a lot for the day, compared to others who are distracted by overflowing tasks and unclear working schedules.


Transparency is also important when dealing with employees. Other businesses are promoting their employees based on their relationship with the management, but this is wrong on so many levels. Promotion should not be based on how close an individual is to the boss of the company, but it should be based on their merit and credentials. By choosing the right person for the job, employees will be inspired to do their best. It would also affect their performance inside the company, making them more competitive to become promoted. This is a great way to deal with employees burning out, and it has a positive advantage to the business.


Finally, the management should prevent creating a toxic environment for the employees. They should always consider the rights of the people working for the business, and be considerate enough especially if they have family-related problems. The James River Capital successfully prevented their employees from burning out by creating a positive working space, giving them time to grow, and sending them to workshops and other related activities that would allow them to develop their skills in leading the company and developing a good relationship with people, especially their officemates and higher-ups.


Nick Vertucci: Daring to Dream beyond Boardrooms

For decades, Nick Vertucci has built a persona founded on daring to dream and taking risks. Not weighed down by the loss he suffered after losing all investment and company during the 2000 dot-com burst, he went on to create a successful real estate venture that specializes in flipping properties. Such an approach to business in the real estate industry requires an individual with an adventurous streak as it calls for taking a substantial amount of risk. Even after expanding his real estate empire to include a real estate accompany and several other companies, Nick Vertucci has continued to build new personas. Drawing from his adventurousness in taking risks, Mr. Vertucci took up playing poker playing in 2004.

Vertucci’s Contribution to Real Estate

From his first major poker tournament in 2004, Nick Vertucci has grown into an accomplished player having honed his skills by not only playing against some of the best poker players in the world but also by drawing from his experiences as an entrepreneur and real estate developer. Mr. Vertucci has become adept at intelligent bluffing, reading opponents’ bluffs, adapting to various gaming situations and reading others. He has grown into a disciplined, confident, aggressive and patient poker player capable of emotional control and understanding the uncertainties associated with each gaming situation. These qualities are essential for success even in the real estate industry. He has participated in several international tournaments including the World Poker Tournament and World Series of Poker among others.

Perfecting the Art of Property Flipping

Through his academy, NV Real Estate Academy and his companies, Nick Vertucci has perfected the art of flipping properties. Students of the academy and attendees of the various seminars organized by the academy are taught how to buy real estate properties, renovate them before selling them at a higher price within the shortest period possible. He has also taught this philosophy in a book he recently authored.

Neurocore’s History Of Applied Neurofeedback

As one of the leading authorities on applied neurosciences, it should come as no surprise to learn that Neurocore has often used neurofeedback in their research and development. However, many of their employees don’t know the history of it. Back in the late 1700’s, Alessandro Volta and Luigi Galvani first attempted to observe the effects of neurofeedback by attaching frog legs to an iron fence and seeing what happens. As the founding fathers of bioelectric theory and modern electrophysiology, they couldn’t help but notice that the legs contracted every time a streak of lightning appeared in the sky. They developed a hypothesis that this was due to inconsistencies in the electrical current of the lightning. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Of course, it took them almost 20 years to discover evidence of this theory but they nevertheless became recognized for their research and innovations. These would eventually pave the way for the development of what is now known as the electroencephalogram, better known as an EEG. This kind of technology is now used by Neurocore as they attempt to see how it affects patients with neurological disorders. More than a century after its invention, Hans Berger ended up becoming one of the first scientists to observe the effects of an EEG on a human test subject. He then published his research in his 1929 paper entitled “About The Human Electroencephalogram.” Read more about Neurocore at

His research and findings would eventually pave the way for the development of the quantitative electroencephalogram or Qeeg for short. Neurocore is now using this technology in all their depression treatment centers as they analyze the brainwaves of their patients in an effort to determine the inherent causes of their depression. Someday, Neurocore even hopes to uncover a surefire cure for this condition. The EEG works by attaching metal discs called electrodes to the scalps of their patients to help them monitor electrical impulses within the brain. They used to use it as a way to diagnose and treat patients who suffer from epilepsy but, nowadays, it’s more common use is to treat various types of neurological disorders such as sleep disorders and brain tumors.


GoBuySide Ensuring Investment Management Companies Never Have to Struggle To Find The Right Talent

GoBuySide is a recruitment platform that helps the investment management firms to find the right talent through its proprietary technology and search process. In the field of investment management, the companies are finding it tough to source the top-tier executives. Without having an efficient and able workforce, it would be difficult to run an organization. The investment management field is highly competitive, and it is essential that the companies have some of the most talented and able investment and portfolio managers in their organization. Without the help of the best brains in the business, the investment management firms won’t be able to reach their desired goals. Read this article at GoBuyside News.

It is to help the financial and investment management companies the investment professional named Arjun Kapur started GoBuySide. During his time in the commercial and investment field, he saw that the companies are struggling to find the top-tier executives and investment management professionals to fill the positions. It gives an adverse impact on the overall efficiency and performance of the organization. It is for this reason GoBuySide was created so that the niche of investment management won’t have to struggle to find the right talent. Read more about GoBuyside at

GoBuySide has developed a proprietary technology that it uses to source and screen candidates from the investment management industry. If you are looking for investment management professionals, the one provided by GoBuySide is a reliable one. GoBuySide has some of the top investment professionals and experts who would help your investment management company to find the candidate whose profile would match with your requirements precisely. Many investment management companies out there are not able to find the right employees for their firm.

The investment management companies that are seeking to hire investment managers through the traditional recruitment method have not been able to find satisfactory results. GoBuySide has a presence in more than 500 cities and has a network in around 10,000 firms globally. Whether you are seeking employees from the same country or looking for global talents, rest assured that GoBuySide would be able to help your investment management firm to find the right professionals. GoBuySide is changing the dynamics of traditional recruitment with the help of modern technology.


Richard Liu Qiangdong: the e-commerce entrepreneur

Richard Liu Qiangdong who is also known as Richard Liu is the owner as well as the founder of which is China’s largest online platforms and was recently valued to be worth over fifty-seven billion dollars. Richard Liu himself was indicated to be worth eleven billion that is according to Forbes magazine. Walmart was discovered to be one of the major shareholders in the company by recently increasing their shares in the company by twelve percent. Last year, the company made a move to make investments to the tune of three hundred and ninety-seven million in an organization named Farfetch. The deal aimed at creating mutual partnerships that will see both companies capitalize on the reach of the Chinese market in respect to the availability of luxury brands as well as fashion. Richard Liu Qiangdong earned his degree at the renowned Renmin University which is located in China. He graduated in sociology, but after that, he had an interest in coding and honed his programming skills doing freelance gigs. Soon after, he upgraded his degree to an MBA at the China Europe business school. Richard Liu Qiangdong was then hired by a company called Japan life where he served at various positions including director of business as well as the director in computer related matters.

In 1998, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to go on a private venture on his own and opened a shop where he dealt with magneto-optical merchandise which was located in Beijing. Richard Liu joined the last character of his name and also of his girlfriend at the time. Under Richard Liu’s watchful management, they had expanded to twelve stores by 2003 but an epidemic of SARS in the same year made it impossible for work to continue as they were to remain confined in their households. The outbreak forced him to think about staying on the brick and mortar business and in the following year was created. In 2005, he had shut all of his stores to continue focusing on his online business where he expounded on his consumer goods portfolio to include electronics. In 2014, Tencent which is the parent company of Wechat made a deal to acquire fifteen percent of the stake in the e-commerce platform which made it catapult to what it is now.

About Richard Liu:

Nick Vertucci Sees A Seller’s Market In California

Real estate is a pretty simple concept itself, but the real estate industry is far from simple. But over the last 2 decades, Nick Vertucci has learned quite a bit and is sharing it with the students of his Real Estate Academy. Whether looking into commercial or residential real estate, there are a lot of important things to keep in mind and risks to consider.

Nick Vertucci wants his students to understand that it’s not a quick shopping trip when deciding to buy real estate. You have to do a lot of research before you purchase any property, whether it be for an investment or personal use. You need to understand how the market works before you start the process.

Some of the market trends that Nick Vertucci looks at include sale and listing prices, rental costs, construction rates, and inventory among others. For example, in California thre is a seller’s market taking place due to low inventory and high prices. There are also micro factors involved such as amenities, orientation, layout, and building style of the property.

According to Nick Vertucci, location is one of the most important factors when it comes to real estate. You have to consider what the land is worth in case anything happens to the building on it. While it’s important that the property is in a good area, it’s also important to note how accessible things like dining and entertainment are in the area. In addition, the school systems are extremely important, especially for families. The value of the land in California is one of the main reasons why the coastline in the state is selling for such a premium.

Nick Vertucci has succeeded even through 2 financial disasters. He made a come back after the real estate crash in 2007. Now, he wants others to know that they can do it as well.

Jojo Hedaya’s Tech Breakthrough


Unroll me App has really saved many people from spam emails which crop up in emails and fill up the email inbox. This has made it impossible for email users to read important emails. The App was formed by Jojo Hedaya who had the idea while he was working on a project with his friend. He was fortunate to own a good phone that made it possible for him to access his emails. Jojo Hedaya was very disturbed by the way the spam emails were filling up his email and made it almost impossible for him to access his important emails.

Jojo Hedaya made this his next big project and he was successful in developing Unroll me App which was the solution to many email problems. When a user signs up to the app, it immediately starts to scan the emails and then provides a list of the subscriptions that the user has subscribed to. The app also has a button where the user can unsubscribe directly from the page as compared to other email Apps which make it quite a task to unsubscribe. Unroll me also has proved to be very efficient in its operations and takes seconds to scan through emails.

This has made the App to gain a lot of popularity and has been and has gained so many subscribers. Because of this, it has been ranked among the most used Apps in the App store. Jojo Hedaya’s exemplary leadership skills and creativity is what has led the company to become great. Unroll me is now competing with the best email Apps such as Gmail. Unroll me is looking forward to giving its users the best services to make their email experience to be the best. See This Page to learn more.

Jojo Hedaya and his team are working day and night to develop new features in the app that help will help email users. has a vision of not only being the most used App in the App store but also to become the best email App in the App store. The company is also looking forward to developing notifications for emails which alert email user when important emails pop up.




Talkspace Announces Partnership with Michael Phelps

Talkspace is a new company in the corporate world, but it has managed to impact the lives of so many professionals in many companies. The global firm specializes in online therapy, and it has achieved so much in a short time. The organization understands the importance of mental health in all institutions, and this is why it has invested so much in making sure that it hires only the best professionals to offers its customers excellent services. The therapy used by Talkspace has made many people to live a normal life despite the mental challenges they are facing at home and at the workplace.

Talkspace has announced some good news to all its customers in the international community. The institution has announced that it will be forming a special partnership with Michael Phelps. The strategic partnership is expected to promote the use of effective therapies so that the mental health of employee improves at all times. The team will start by introducing a television campaign. During this campaign that will be kick-starting soon; Michael will speak about his own experience. Michael is expected to tell people how he managed to survive his struggle with mental health and some of the strategies he used. By demonstrating the benefits of Talkspace to the people, Michael helps that more people will be encouraged and even speak up about the challenges they are undergoing.

Talkspace has a special mission, and it felt that the best person to change the lives of employees was Michael. When he was working, Michael had to deal with severe cases of anxiety and depression, and he could not access the kind of help he desired so that he could have a normal life. When he started to share his challenges with people and a therapist, Michael realized that things got better, and he was even able to enjoy life just like all the other employees. The businessman now wants other people in the world to understand that getting mental health issues is very normal, and they should not be scared of speaking about it. The national TV campaign will be the best platform to reach as many people as possible.

Four Tips to Protect Your Technology


Start the new year off the safe way by using the five tips below to protect your technology. We live in a world that’s filled with technology that simplifies our lives. But, this technology also puts us at risk and safeguarding yourself against those risks is essential. Make these tips a part of your New Year’s resolutions and 2019 can be the best year yet.

Tip One: Update Your Software

Outdated software is the number one cause of security threats at businesses today. It is easy to avoid this hazard by keeping the software on your PCs and devices up-to-date. Most PCs have an automatic update installer that minimizes risks.

Tip Two: Protect Your Smartphone

If you own an iPhone, your device has a rather large glass screen that will shatter on contact with a floor or hard surface if it is dropped. With the costs of many smartphones well into the hundreds of dollars, it is important that you protect your device with a screen protector and a case. They cost just a few dollars and minimize risks.

Tip Three: Delete Apps

We add numerous apps to our devices every week, assuming we’ll use them later. Before we know it, our device is filled with apps that we don’t remember adding much less will ever use. Third-party apps can access personal information and put you at a greater risk of an attack. Delete the apps that you’re not using. If you don’t have the time to delete apps yourself, use a free resource like Unroll Me to help.

Tip Four: Read the Privacy Policy

How many times have you read a privacy policy before using a website? Most of us are guilty of this mistake. As such, make it your goal to read the policies on any websites that you visit. It is possible that you are agreeing to things that you would never want to actually agree to but you must read the details to learn. Refer to This Article to learn more.

Bonus Tip

Unroll Me, the company mentioned above, has been around for several years now and makes it easy to manage your email, unsubscribe from junk mail, and control your inbox. Using the service simplify your daily life!, a free service to unsubscribe from email lists, can scour people’s inboxes for receipts from services like Lyft and then sell the information to companies like Uber. The data is anonymized, meaning individuals’ names are not attached to the information, and can be used as a proxy for the health of a rival

Development of Unroll.Me was met with several setbacks, but they were able to overcome them and after that got several sign-ups after it was featured on The Next Web and Life Hacker, which are influencer sites.


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Use Unroll Me To Protect Technology


Unroll Me rolls all your subscription services into one, keeps junk mail out of your inbox, and otherwise helps you keep your technology safe. Unroll.Me is a very simple program that organizes your e-mail – it’s an email organization tool to say the least. This is a product that was conceived from a combination of personal frustration and vexation from junk mail. With Unroll.Me, it will skim and scan through your mailbox and identifies mail that comes in bulk from a source – and they gather it to what they call a “roll up” and then from there you can select subscriptions that you would want to unsubscribe to.


Development of Unroll.Me was met with several setbacks, but they were able to overcome them and after that got several sign-ups after it was featured on The Next Web and Life Hacker, which are influencer sites.


Aside from using this free service, there are a few additional ways to safeguard the technology that keeps you ahead of the game. Make it your goal to use these tips through the upcoming year and you have a head start on technology protection. Read This Article for Unroll’s app reviews.


Tip One: Update Your Software

Outdated software leaves your PC at-risk for many security threats that can turn your life upside down. This includes viruses and adware, malware, and spyware. Make sure to turn on auto-updates or manually update the software as needed. As you might suspect, this may be quiet often, considering the frequency of changes in software and technology.


Tip Two: Protect the Smartphone

Is your smartphone protected? It is ideal to purchase both a screen protector and a phone case to get the utmost protection. Smartphones are so much more than simple phones these days. As such, they oftentimes have price tags of hundreds of dollars. Keep your investment safe and get these safety devices without delay!


Tip Three: Unsubscribe

How many emails do you receive each day from companies that you don’t want to hear from? Make it stop by unsubscribing and free up your inbox and save valuable time. Unroll is the free app that helps you unsubscribe from those lists that you wish you were not on.


Tip Four: Read Website Privacy Policy

It takes a couple of minutes to read the privacy policies on a website or an app but doing so will save you arguments and headaches later down the line in the event of trouble. Be ‘that person’ who reads and understands the privacy policy! Familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of any website you intend to regularly use!


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