Month: October 2018

Lend A Hand With Troy McQuagge and US Health

Troy McQuagge may not be well known to many but he is a hero for those who require his assistance in their lives. He is currently the President and CEO of USHEALTH, with the project HOPE which stands for Healing Other People Everyday. Although HOPE was founded in 2010, Troy most recently took over to make some truly impactful improvements.

HOPE has partnered with many organizations looking to make a change in the world including the Phoenix of New Orleans organization. With the help of Troy and his team after Hurricane Katrina, many homes were rebuilt in the most deviated areas of the city. In addition to helping clean up the area, his organization also donated many goodies to those in dire need of help. Supplies such as baby food, clothes and shoes were passed out in a beautiful way to give back.

One of Troy’s goals is to bring the HOPE project to many other areas all throughout the United States. The work that his organization does is oftentimes some of the only assistance that is provided to people in dire need and communities everywhere can benefit from his mission. When you truly care about making an impact, you consider it a personal responsibility to positively impact the world. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

USHEALTH Advisors Agents has moved into many local communities all over the country. Division leaders launched their mission of HOPE in Florida communities. The Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project were eager to partner with the group to work on community advancements. The team assisted with demolition projects, clean up and sodding in order to get a new residence ready to be donated to a hardworking Army Specialist and his beautiful family.

Troy McQuagge US Health believes that the soul of a company comes from what that company believes in and the people that run it. There must be a true desire to bring about beauty and change in the world in order to truly make an impact. If you or anyone you know would like to take part and volunteer with HOPE, be sure to check out their informative website. For more information, Visit:


Paul Mampilly on Millenial Retirements or Lack Thereof

In the interesting and modern world that we live in today where smartphones Rule and electronic skateboards are starting to make the world look a lot like a scene from The Jetsons, young people born today between the ages of 1981 and 1991 are classified as being a millennial, which is nothing more than a social term for someone in that age group. According to these years, it would put anyone born in those years between the ages of 27 and 37. There is a social stigma that exist today that Millennials and people born it around this time are not good with money. When it comes to money, apparently most millennials have had their backs against the walls and not to their own fault.

Because the value of a bachelor’s degree and four your education has been devalued to the point of otter worthlessness in some cases, saving for retirement is not something that some people are able to do or have you thought about when they are able to do. when Paul Mampilly, a former hedge fund manager and investor, dug into the issue he started with a small social media poll on his account where Paul Mampilly asked other Millennials his age to see if they were saving for retirement. According to his small poll, Paul Mampilly found that 45% of the respondents did save for retirement and 55% did not have anything saved up for retirement.

This is a staggering figure and something that he thought did not represent the entire population of the United States, so he dug a little further and look online to see how many people were actually saving for retirement. It turns out according to the study from the National Institute of Retirement Services that 67% of people do not have retirement for savings! So in an effort to figure a way to best save for retirement, Paul Mampilly asked his aunt what he should do for retirement. She recommended that he find an employer who does 401K matching so that he doubles his chances of having a good retirement.


Graeme Holm Leads Infinity Group Australia to Success through his Vision

The customers who rely on the credit services from the financial institutions were very pleased when Graeme Holm and his wife established Infinity Group Australia. This was because they had been under the oppression of the financial institutions in the country for a very long period in history. This had begun when the institutions noted that the customers had become so dependent on credit services that they could not survive without borrowing. As a result, they hiked the costs of acquiring credit and so lives for the average borrowers became quite difficult because they could not afford the cost of repaying the loans. Consequently, the rate of loan defaults among the customers of these institutions became very high. This came hand in hand with the rising rate of auction cases among the customers.


This was a horrible picture that was portrayed by the financial lenders because they never bothered to find the solutions to the problems of the everyday Australian borrower. Instead, they concentrated on the correction of the huge proceeds from the interest charged on the loans for the customers as well as those from the auctioneers. One of the companies that conducted all these manners of inhumane actions to its customers happened to be the employer of Graeme Holm at the moment. Holm felt the pinch although he stood no authority to question his employer.


This trend went on for a prolonged time until one day Holm challenged himself to figure out a solution that could heal the wounds of the clients in this sector. That was when he came up with the idea of forming Infinity Group Australia, a company which he founded together with his wife, Rebecca. The firm began on a high note despite having limited resources to start. Many people in public and some of the competitors were skeptical about the survival of Infinity Group Australia in the tremendous competition that was prevalent at the moment. However, the vision of Graeme Holm and his wife was more significant than the criticism of their haters.


The vision was what drove Infinity Group to the success that it is today. With the right strategies in place, the duo began the company with only a few desks and employees on board. Today, Infinity Group Australia serves more than 100,000 clients in more than 33 locations in the whole of Australia. The company is also one of the financial institutions that have employed a lot of people and especially the youths in Australia.


By helping individuals allocate their resources to different expenses, even on a saving plan, Infinity Group Australia helps individuals to avoid wastage and propel an individual to a level where people never thought they would reach. Multiple Infinity Group Australia reviews highlight that the company does not only enable individuals to allocate their funds but also helps people evaluate how their allocations perform. It is evident that any person out there would like to understand how their money is working for them. Allocating resources is an important strategy that helps persons to understand which allocations are performing so that they can use alternative investment strategies. Learn more: