James Dondero: Helping the City Of Dallas

James Dondero loves the city of Dallas. This is where he lives and works. Giving back to his beloved city is everything to him. Dondero has come to know many people and for him, it is not all about just having a business for profit. It is about taking some of that profit and helping others.

Dondero did help his community when he decided to donate to the Dallas Zoo. The problem was that after the last hippo died, the enclosure where they were was closed for about 20 years. People began to complain that it should be opened again. The zoo officials believed that the people who supported the zoo were right. However, they did not have the money to pull it off. That is when James Dondero stepped up to the plate and decided to help out. He gave a hefty donation that helped get a new enclosure for the hippos. It was called Simmons Hippo Outpost and it was a success. The zoo was packed with people wanting to see the new hippos in their environment. Visit Patch.com to know more about James.


In honor of the donation the Dallas Zoo received from Dondero, Highland Capital received a lodge. This place was created right near the hippo habitat and people come here to hosted events or coordinate an event of their own. Of course, some people believe that it’s the lodge that is bringing the people in and they could be right. It is generating a lot of money for the zoo and that is very important. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

Dondero did a good thing here. By helping the Dallas Zoo get out of a slump of not having money for the enclosure, he ensured people that somebody cares about what goes on in their community. Dondero is always looking out for Dallas. He is their hero.

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