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Buccaneers Look Forward To Unleashing Retooled Backfield

Not many people with knowledge of the NFL found it surprising the that Tampa Bay Buccanneers used their second pick in the league draft to select a running back. This was especially so since the team had just released its starting running back for most of the last half a dozen seasons, Doug Martin.

However, the team is not in the middle of a total makeover in the backfield as last year’s end of the year starter, Peyton Barber, returns to provide more production for the team. Other returning running backs is the all-around skilled Jacquizz Rodgers and the accomplished receiver out of the backfield Charles Sims. As training camp approaches, the team also has once undrafted free agent Dalton Crossan, and Shaun Wilson, a draft pick in this year’s draft are also on the roster.

The mix of running backs the team possesses gives the Bucs a variety of styles to showcase in their offensive backfield. The drafting of USC running back Ronald Jones with the 38th pick in the draft was not to replace Barber but to complement him. The team felt like the two ballcarriers could be formidable working as a tandem. Jones will be depended upon to provide a big play element to the rushing attack that was absent a year ago and Barber is looked to for the ground and pound style already seen from him.

Tim Spender, the running backs coach for the Bucs, when asked of his initial impressions of his rookie addition, immediately mentioned the speed and quickness possessed by Jones. Spencer explained that Jones has decent size and will in all likelihood fill out more, but said that his agility and long-run capability is what he and the others on the coaching staff find truly attractive. Spencer also says that Jones has already shown he is a fast learner.

It is likely that the team will expect Jones to one day become a feature back as evidenced by the high draft pick used to secure his services, but in the meantime, they are quite excited about the tandem that he and Barber are expected to become.

Tampa Bay Lightning Fights Back in Game 3 with Impressive Victory

The Tampa Bay Lightning found themselves down coming into game three of the Eastern Conference Finals, with the understanding that they would realistically have to win this game to have a chance at winning the series. Their head coach, Jon Cooper, was optimistic coming into the day, and expected an impressive performance from his hockey team. He expected it, and they delivered, with an impressive victory over the Washington Capitals hockey team. The Lightning have cut their deficit in half and now only trail by one game, after losing the opening two games at their rink in Tampa Bay, the Amalie Arena.

The superstar line was slightly modified with the hopes to spark the Lightning, and they delivered with a stellar performance, and had an impact on almost every goal the team scored in game three. The general compete level was much higher, and there was a sense of urgency that had not been seen in this series up to this point. While this victory in Washington will lift the spirits of the players and fans of the Lightning, there is still work that needs to be done. The Lightning will have to have another impressive showing in game four to equalize the series. The momentum gained from game three’s performance will certainly have an impact on the remaining games in the series.

Game four takes place in Washington on Thursday, May 17th at 8:00 P.M. Eastern time. This game will surely bring some excitement to the table as the Lightning continue to try and find a way to catch up and equalize the series. They will have that opportunity in game four. One potential setback for the Lightning is the fact that their captain Steven Stamkos left with a foot injury after taking a shot to the leg early in the third period of game three, he did return but seemed to limp on the team’s bench.

Buccaneers Defensive Lineman Gerald McCoy Receives Help In Draft And Free Agency

Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive line coach, Brentson Buckner, recently had a sit down with the team’s top defensive tackle Gerald McCoy to inform him that he would no longer be asked to single-handedly save the day for the team’s defensive line.

McCoy is 30 years old now and in the ninth year of a stellar NFL career which has included trips to the Pro Bowl the last six seasons. McCoy has led his team in sacks since the 2013 and is welcoming of what Buckner characterizes as a “group of super friends” that team has assembled to play with him.

Team General Manager Jason Licht, decided a complete rebuild of the defensive line, with McCoy remaining as the centerpiece, was in order after watching his team’s defense finish the 2017 season dead last for all NFL teams.

Beau Allen of the Philadelphia Eagles, along with Mitch Unreign and Vince Curry of the Chicago Bears was signed in free agency to join the Buccaneers defensive line. But the biggest splash was made when Licht was able to trade away a third-round draft pick to secure the services of defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. Licht then used the team’s first-round draft pick to select defensive tackle Vita Vea.

Defensive coordinator Mike Smith has been quite forthcoming in his assessment of how dismal the performance of his defense was a year ago. Smith says the play of his defense “must be better” and “more consistent.”

The Bucs defense finished last among the 32 team league in quarterback sacks and the team knows that good defense starts with controlling the line of scrimmage. The need to pressure the quarterback takes on an added importance for the Bucs who play in a division that includes top quarterbacks Drew Brees, Cam Newton, and Matt Ryan.

The lack of pressure applied to quarterbacks a year ago resulted in the Buccaneers secondary being scorched for the most passing yardage in the National Football League at 4,169.

Buckner states that his philosophy is that a defensive back is never responsible for a long passing play by another team. This, he says, is because the defensive line is closest to the opposing quarterback and has the opportunity to make a play long before the other team’s receiver can complete a long route.

Clayton Hutson – article recap

Clayton Hutson is one of the most respected names in the music industry. An entrepreneur, he has built his business from the ground up. Previously employed for someone else, Hutson decided to branch out on his own when the recession caused the company for which he was working to fall on hard times.


Deciding to become his own boss proved to be one of Clayton’s best decisions. He has since worked with artists such as


  • Jennifer Nettles


  • the late Billy Graham


  • the late Prince


  • Pink


  • Kid Rock



Hutson was actually Billy Graham’s sound engineer, but his heart has always been with rock ‘n’ roll, so he eventually linked up with the likes of Guns ‘n’ Roses, Kid Rock, and Kelly Clarkson so that he could do what he loves: help put on musical performances.


Hutson is known far and wide for his work, and whenever a performer has an excellent show, the artist does not neglect to tell other performers about the man who made it all possible.


Hutson’s talents as a stage manager has now landed him work with the country music duo and married couple, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.


The stage manager with 20 years of experience is working with the duo for the second half of their tour, Soul2Soul: The World Tour. Learn more:


This particular tour was only supposed to last for about eight months in 2017.


However, McGraw and Hill have long been adored by fans, so the show is back by popular demand.


Soul2Soul: The World Tour performed 70 concerts in 2017, all of which were sold out.


What does Hutson have to say about working with Hill and McGraw? The stage manager says that he is deeply honored.


Hutson says that the pair puts on excellent performances and that he is thrilled to be working with them.


May 31st will be the first day of Soul2Soul: The World Tour for 2018.

The tour is set to kick off in Richmond, Virginia and features many opening acts, including




  • Margo Price


  • Devin Dawson


  • Caitlyn Smith


Tampa Bay Lightning – Down 2-0 in NHL Eastern Conference Finals

The NHL Stanley Cup Finals are down to just four hockey clubs, two from the NHL’s Western Conference and two from the NHL’s Eastern Conference. The Tampa Bay Lightning have earned a berth into this playoff round in just ten games, with an impressive 10 wins and just 2 losses.

However when they kicked off their first two home games in Amalie Arena, they found themselves getting outplayed in both opening games and lost both to the Washington Capitals. They are now down 2-0 in a best of seven series, the first team to achieve four victories in this round will face off against the winning team in the western conference finals.

Goaltender Andrei Vasilevsky had a less than impressive save percentage in the opening two games, and is poised to improve his statistics and performance in game three of this series. The Tampa Bay Lightning have been outscored 10-4 in terms of goals in the opening two games. Defense will become a priority in the remaining games if the Lightning are to have any chance at digging themselves out of this hole.

Captain of the Lightning Steven Stamkos expressed his optimism and expects one of their best games of the season in game three, when it takes place in Washington at the Capital One Arena. Jon Cooper, the head coach of the Lightning echoed his thoughts, and told his team to look at this deficit as a challenge rather than a threat. He also bragged about his team’s experience over the last several years when they have been in similar positions as they are now.

Fans are going to have to wait and see if their Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team can recover from their first two losses. Game three of this exciting series will take place in Capital One Arena on Tuesday, May 15th at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time.

Bucs Defensive Coordinator Wants to Do Better

Bucs Coordinator Mike Smith Expects Better from the Defense

Like every other team in the NFL, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have set themselves a set of goals to try and accomplish by the end of the season. An improvement on team defense is a major one of those goals.

The Buccaneers ranked last in the league in terms of sacks last year and were at the bottom for most passing yards allowed by a team. They also allowed the most offensive yards per game, so needless to say there is no desire to repeat that performance for 2017. Defensive coordinator Mike Smith has made it clear he expects lots of improvements for the upcoming year, aided by the fact that the team spent a lot of free agency money on defense.

In an interview, Smith stated that the team “has to be a hell of a lot better than what we put out there last year.” He added that the statistical numbers they put up were nowhere close to what they were hoping for or what they needed to do in order to become a better team. He then went on to state that more consistency is something they need to have more of and it starts in the meeting rooms and helping to build trust among everyone working on the team.

Of course, adding more talented defensive players to the team is also a crucial step in ensuring the team can do a lot better in the future. In the last few months the Bucs signed defensive linemen Vinny Curry, Beau Allen and Mitch Unrein in free agency. They also traded a third round pick in the draft to get Jason Pierre-Paul.

Furthermore, the team also spent five of their eight picks in the 2018 draft on defense, with their first-round pick being defensive tackle Vita Vea out of Washington. Vea is slated to be a starter this year and will be heading a solid defensive front as a way to help the team make some defensive improvements this year.

Tampa on Top of Travel List

Tampa Bay is near the top of the list for best Summer travel destinations in the United States for 2018. The list was run by WalletHub and Tampa Bay, Florida was number thirteen on the list.

While Tampa didn’t receive the top honors (which went to Washington D.C. and was followed by Orlando), the top of the list was packed and there wasn’t much of a difference between the top picks and number 13, with only a five point difference.

The factors that were considered by WalletHub when they were contesting their analysis of the Top Summer Destinations of 2018 included affordability, attractions, rate of crime and safety, and weather. Tampa Bay received points for the great weather in the city, plethora of attractions, and the affordability of visiting the city during the summer.

Tampa is best known for its outdoor activities and events. In Tampa is the Florida aquarium which is home to an impressive array of sea life. There are also beautiful beaches on Anna Maria Island and Fort De Soto park. The Tampa Riverwalk is also a beautiful place to go for a stroll during the day or evening and provides a beautiful insight into the city and coastline. Tampa also has an extensive zoo, beautiful botanical gardens, and a thriving nightlife, all of which are appealing to tourists.

Tampa Bay is well known for its outdoor and entertainment attractions but that doesn’t mean that it is lacking in cultural attractions. Located in Tampa Bay is the Salvador Dali Museum which has many paintings from the noted surrealist artist. The Tampa Bay Museum of Art also has notable paintings and the Tampa Bay History Center has information about some of the notable people in Florida’s past.

While many Tampa Bay residents know how great of a city it is, word is finally spreading around the country and helping to attract more visitors to the city. Tampa Bay’s International Airport saw almost twenty million passengers in 2017, a record for the city and a sign that tourism to Tampa is on the rise.

Mike Smith Knows His Buccaneers Defense Much Play Better Football In 2018

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defensive Coordinator Mike Smith does not need to be informed of the need of his defense to perform much better in 2018. The unit performed dismally a year ago and was dead last in both sacks and passing defense among the 32 teams that compete in the National Football League.

While addressing the media on Wednesday Smith stressed that his defense must perform better and says that the process starts now. Smith also explained that the numbers the defense posted a year ago are not close to representing an acceptable level of production.

The organization has been supportive of Smith’s rebuilding efforts with multiple personnel moves made this offseason. The team totally revamped the defensive line by signing defensive end Vince Curry along with defensive tackles Mitch Unrein and Beau Allen. The later trade of a third-round draft pick netted the team former pro bowl defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.

The theme continued during the recent NFL draft as three of the top four picks of the team was used on the defensive side of the football. These selections included defensive tackle Vita Vea in the first round followed by cornerbacks Carlton Davis and M.J. Stewart, both selected in the second round of the draft.

Smith is hopeful that by both upgrading and adding depth to the defensive line will allow his linebackers the needed freedom to make plays on the ball. He also wants to see the line put much more pressure on the quarterback which will help his much-maligned defensive backfield.

Mike Smith told the media that he believes in the character of his defensive players and was proud of the way they fought through the adversity of injury and two five-game losing streaks while continuing to play hard during the 2017 football season.

Smith is confident that the will to fight he has seen in the players signed in the offense will combine with the resiliency the defense has already shown to produce an extremely fiery group.

Both Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans and team management hope that the assessment of their defensive coordinator proves to be true.

Rays Lose To Tigers In Strange Fashion

It is certainly not every day that a Major League Baseball game ends on a bunt, but believe it or not, that is what happened when the Detroit Tigers took on the Tampa Bay Rays a few days ago. It was a close fought game through 12 innings of play, a true pitcher’s duel thanks to a great outing by Tampa Bay pitcher Blake Snell who went nearly 7 innings, giving up only 2 earned runs and allowing just 5 hits to the Tigers.

However, in the bottom of the 12th, Tampa Bay reliever Matt Andriese got into some early trouble and quickly found a runner on third. It was at that point things got a bit strange. Backup Tigers catcher John Hicks took basically everyone at Comerica Park by surprise when he laid down an absolutely perfect “suicide squeeze bunt” that allowed the run to come in from third base — thus costing the Rays the game. To make matters even more strange, Hicks said after the game that his manager had not even signaled for the bunt, he made the decision on his own based on where the Rays fielders were lined up. While it is certainly a heartbreaking way to lose a game for Rays fans, you at least have to tip your cap to the charisma of a backup catcher willing to take such a risk at a critical juncture in the game. The Tigers have made a concerted effort to play a quicker game under their new manager Rod Gardenhire, and you have to imagine the skipper was proud of Hicks there.

The loss dropped the Rays to 13-16 on the season putting them 8 games behind the scorching hot Boston Red Sox in the American League East division. While certainly not a glowing record, it is at least slightly better than many MLB prognosticators had the Rays begged before the season. A roster that is retooling and rebuilding, the young players on Tampa Bay learned a valuable lesson in this particular extra innings loss: never take anything for granted on the diamond and always be ready for the bunt.

David McDonald’s dedication to change the world’s food industry

OSI Group has a long and impressive history that spans over hundred years ago. It is one of the companies that play a vital role in the world’s food industry. For over hundred years, OSI Group has been supplying their customer with high-quality meat and other food products. The company is the major supplier of fish, poultry products, pork, beef, sausage links, pizza and several other food products to world-renowned brands such as the McDonalds, Pizza Hut and many more. Initially, it was known as Otto & Sons but later rebranded as OSI Industries and now OSI Group. The company was launched by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant in 1909 who later left his two sons to run the company. In 1975, one of Otto’s sons sold his share in the company to Sheldon Lavin, the current CEO of OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald sit at the helm of the company with McDonald serving as the President. David McDonald, who joined OSI Group three decades ago, has contributed immensely to the company’s current success. David McDonald has played a crucial role in the company’s expansion plan as witnessed in the recent years.

David’s Education background

Dave McDonalds holds a degree in Animal Health that he earned from the University of Lowa. Apparently, Michel was born in the farms of Lowa, where he also spent much of his childhood helping his parents in the farm. As he grew up, David came face-to-face with the challenges that farmers were experiencing. He, therefore, vowed to work hard and change the state of the agricultural sector that billions of people across the world depend on for survival.

Immediately after graduating from Lowa University, Dave applied for employment at OSI Industries. David is an inborn leader whose leadership abilities were easily noticed by the bosses at OSI Group. As a result, Dave McDonald was promoted to the position of project manager and thereafter rose through the ranks to become the president of OSI Group.

Ensuring sustainability at OSI Group

When he joined OSI Group, David McDonald introduced a culture where every employee at OSI Group became part of the OSI family. As a result, David managed to keep all the employees motivated at OSI Group motivated. All the employees at OSI Group now work towards the attainment of the company’s objectives.

In the recent years, OSI has also introduced new food products that auger well with the current consumption trends. Some of these products include Pizza, Soups, Poultry products, fish, pork and many more. OSI Group has also penetrated foreign markets by acquiring Flagship Europe, Baho Food, Hynek Schlachthof GMbH plant in Germany and many more.

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