Month: April 2018

Rays Drop 5 Straight Games

Well this may not have been the start to the season that Tampa Bay Rays fans wanted to see, but with a depleted roster and a series of trades designed to flip veterans for prospects it is hard to say that Rays fans should not have seen this coming.

Things started well enough for the Rays, winning on Opening Day against the Boston Red Sox by a score of 6-4. Starting pitcher Chris Archer, despite a shaky second inning, pitched admirably in the opener and Denard Span began his regular season with a triple that drove home three runs in what ended up being the deciding play of the game. Span, who had quite an impressive slashline during Spring Training, has been a potential bright spot on the otherwise mundane Rays roster.

However, since that Opening Day victory the Rays bats have seemed to fall asleep — failing to score more than four runs in their last five outings. David Price of the Red Sox pitched a gem of a game in the second outing, canceling out an equally impressive performance from Rays 25 year old lefty Blake Snell who gave up only three hits in his 5 and 2/3 innings.

After the home series against the boys from Fenway, the Rays traveled to the Big Apple to take on the Yankees. While only two out of the three scheduled games got to be played (with one being postponed due to heavy rainfall) they were uninspired affairs for the Rays players. On April 4th, unfortunately, the Yankees hitters figured out Blake Snell and bounced him from the game by the fourth inning. The ensuing result was a plethora of Rays relievers trying to get the Rays back in the ballgame, but once again the hitters were slow to get going. Yet Denard Span did in fact add another RBI — bringing his season total to a respectable total of six.

Dropping five games in a row this early in the season, of course, can’t bring too much optimism into the hearts of Rays fans and with six more road games before coming home to Tampa things may end up actually getting worse before they get better. It goes without saying that the Rays will need to start hitting the ball better if they want to reverse their disappointing results to begin this season.

Shervin Pishevar Wants To Tell The World About Economics

There were many people treated to the thoughts and ideas of one Shervin Pishevar on Twitter when he decided to go on a tweet storm in recent days. He felt the need to share some of his ideas about the global economic picture and to let people know that he does not feel that things are as great as some are making them out to be at the moment.

Shervin Pishevar had been absent from Twitter for some time, so his out of the blue tweet storm was a welcomed surprise to one and all. He seemed to roll in to tell people that he did not believe that the stock market was going to keep on trucking upward as it had recently. He called for a market correction. Not three days after doing so, the market plunged by more than one-thousand points. It was an almost instant success on the prediction he had just made.

As an early investor in Airbnb, Shervin Pishevar has earned every bit of respect that he gets from his Twitter followers. He has been correct on economic predictions like this in his personal life. Therefore, it is assumed by extension that Shervin Pishevar can also make those types of economic predictions going forward. If that is true, then those who follow his guidance can potentially make themselves buckets of money by just following along with what the man has to say.

It is incredible really how with just a little effort anyone can start to make a difference in the way that they think about economics. The opinions and views of Shervin Pishevar may be just opinions, but they should be given some weight as he has proven so accurate in the past.

Perhaps his most accurate predictions have to do with US-based markets. He may not always have been accurate with every single prediction, but his rate of accuracy with the stock market predictions is pretty remarkable. You have to account for what he has to say if you want to get a full picture of the goings on in the markets themselves.

Florida Hopes To Appeal Federal Judges Ruling To Overturn Clemency Laws

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) recently announced that he has plans to begin the appeal process against an order that would force Florida to create a brand new voting system that would allow for the restoration of voting rights to the states citizens who have been formerly convicted of felonies. This goes against the states laws, which strip the right to vote once a person is convicted of a felony charge. The state only allows that right to be restored once a convicted felon appears in court and applies to have their rights reinstated. U.S. District Judge Mark Walker ruled earlier this year that the state’s process was unconstitutional because it allowed the officials of the state the right to use their personal discretion in deciding who gets their rights back and who does not.

At the end of March, Walker informed Florida they would have until April 26 to create a new system, but Scott was quick to step forward with plans of an appeal. He then requested Walker pause his order while the appeal is pending in the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. It is believed by many lawyers for Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (R) that this will be appealed and overturned due to a lack of proof showing that the current system is discriminatory in any way.

This process has been in place for many decades in the state of Florida and the officials believe that the people of the state have elected their officials and should allow those officials to determine the states clemency rules, it should not be in the hands of federal judges. A spokesperson for Scott even stated that this practice is outlined not only in the Florida Constitution but also in the United States Constitution.

The plaintiffs in the case, who are represented by lawyers for the Fair Elections Legal Network out of Washington D.C. in turn stated that the state officials have had plenty of time to reform the system while the case was pending, and they believe that the state should adopt a more uniformed system for restoring felons voting rights, not one that is so brazen that it undermines the very heart of the nations democracy.

It is important to note that in the United States there are roughly 6.1 million people who have lost voting rights due to felony convictions, nearly one fourth of those people reside in the state of Florida alone. If the people of Florida have elected these officials and they should have the final say, as those in power currently believe, then their wish may be granted. Florida activists are pushing to get a measure on the ballot that will place an amendment to the constitution that would allow voting rights to automatically be restored once felons have completed what they were sentenced for their crimes. The measure would require a 60% approval statewide for it to pass if it is on the ballot in November. For more information on this topic, click here.

DeSean Jackson’s Position With Buccaneers In Jeopardy

Most believed a year ago that the deep threat ability of Desean Jackson was the piece to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense that had the team had been sorely missing. A year later, many observers of the team feel that the speedy wider receiver is just an extra piece.

The Buccaneers gave both star receiver Mike Evans and number two receiver Cameron Brate lengthy contract extensions and it is presumed that Chris Goodwin and O.J. Howard, both impressive in their rookie seasons, will see more time on the field in the upcoming season.

Many believe the writing is on the wall for Jackson and that he will not be a member of the Buccaneers organization for much longer.

Jackson is in the second year of a three-year contract worth $33.5 million with the team that is set to pay him $11 million this season with $7.5 million of this season’s salary being guaranteed. Jackson’s salary for next season is $10 million with none of the money guaranteed.

The Buccaneers have a lot to consider in regards to Jackson’s contract as the team presently has $35.2 million of salary cap space allocated to the wide receiver position. The Dallas Cowboys are the only team whose spending on the wide receivers position comes close at $33.9 million and the league average for the position is a much lower $20.9 million.

The Bucs have $10 million of free salary cap space at the moment which will be enough to cover the contracts of this year’s draft picks but then leave the team pretty much out of money.

The salary cap will increase by $10 million dollars next year but this space is expected to go quickly as many key players have contracts that increase in value next season. To put this matter in perspective, the contract of quarterback Jameis Winston will increase from $8 million in 2018 to $20 million in 2019 if the team decides to pick up the option year of his contract.

Once all factors are considered there is little incentive to keep Jackson around as his production for the 2017 season showed a dramatic drop from 2016.

How Lawrence Bender Brought “Pulp Fiction” To Millions Of Film Fans

There are hundreds of producers in Hollywood who can claim to have big budget movies on their resumes. However, there are only a handful of producers that can boost multiple Academy Award nominations not to mention one of the best films of all time under their belt. One of those rare producers, Lawrence Bender, has change the world of cinema thanks to a chance encounter over three decades ago.

It was sometime in 1990 when Lawrence Bender found himself at a friend’s barbecue. At the time, Mr. Bender was no Hollywood big shot. In fact, he only had two production credits to his name. And neither film found their way onto the big screen. However, he was determined to make his mark and he found his chance when Mr. Bender met a fast-talking aspiring director at that summer barbecue. That aspiring filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino, would pitch Mr. Bender a story that would rock art house cinema for decades to come.

Two years later, Bender and Tarantino brought “Reservoir Dogs” to the Sundance Film Festival where the movie would become a phenomenon. After a limited release, the two were courted to make their next follow-up. And that film would change everything.

“Pulp Fiction,” Bender and Tarantino’s sophomore effort would go on to gross over $100 million dollars, in the domestic box office, on just an $8 million dollar production budget. This sprawling crime epic featured big-name stars such as John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis. The film would also earn Mr. Bender the first of three Academy Award nominations for Best Picture.

Born in the Bronx, New York, Lawrence Bender has been working in Hollywood for over three decades. In that time, the award-winning producer has helped bring over 50 films onto the big screen. Some of the films produced by Mr. Bender include, “Reservoir Dogs,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Jackie Brown,” “Kill Bill Volume One,” “Kill Bill Volume Two,” and “Good Will Hunting.” Today Lawrence Bender is considered one of the most influential producers working in Hollywood today.

Tampa Bay Rays continue opening slide

The Tampa Bay Rays came into the 2018 season with high hopes. A 1-5 start to the year has largely dashed those hopes, for now. As the Tampa Bay Times reports, the Rays dropped yet another game to the New York Yankees despite a valiant effort by starting pitcher Blake Snell who managed to go just four innings before he had to be lifted.

Snell was the latest to fall victim to the newest version of the Murderer’s row offense the Yankees have managed to put together. The starting pitcher’s 3.1 innings included four hits allowed, three walks, five earned runs, and two home runs surrendered. That outing got the Rays well on their way to their 7-1 loss. Once Snell departed, Matt Andriese came into the game and poured lighter fluid on the fire, allowing three hits, two earned runs, and another homer in 2.2 innings.

The Yankees that homered were the usual Yankees that you might expect to homer. There was Giancarlo Stanton already getting his third of the year. There was Aaron Judge getting his first of the year and Gary Sanchez also nabbing his first homer of the new season. Those two bats joining the hit parade likely have teams like Tampa more than a little nervous. The Rays are supposed to have a fairly decent offense, even if they don’t have long time third baseman Evan Longoria on the roster anymore.

That offense didn’t do much against Yanks starting pitcher Luis Severino, who is already 2-0 this season and has posted a 1.38 earned run average in his first two starts.

On Thursday afternoon, the Rays will change opponents from the New York Yankees to the Boston Redsox. It doesn’t appear on its face that is an improvement in their chances to win a game. Tampa will be squaring off against David Price, who managed to throw seven shutout innings in his first start of the 2018 season. One has to wonder if things are going to get better, or whether they’re going to get a lot worse as we head further into April. What is clear is that the Rays had been hoping to get out of the gate looking quite a bit better than they currently appear.

Market America Provides Training For Direct Sales Representatives

Market America was founded in 1991 by JR Ridinger. It is headquartered in Greensboro NC and as of 2016 declared just over 800 employees. Market America proudly promotes their unfranchised theme. They are comprised of work at home individuals that are building their own businesses by selling Market America products. The work at home direct sales representatives strive to network and reach out to individuals within their communities to expand their customer base. MA features many yearly conferences and seminars that allow for furthered education and introduction of MA exclusive products.

The Market America product line includes many MA exclusive products such as vitamins and health and beauty related items. The product line also includes famous brands that consumers may already purchase. MA established the site that allows customers the breeze of shopping from home. Purchased products are delivered directly to the consumers home or business. The product line includes pantry items, home goods, decorative accents, and clothing for men, women, and children, shoes for men, women, and children, electronics, car accessories, baby needs such as strollers, high chairs, bedding and feeding needs. The product line is so extensive that there is literally something for everyone available at

Market America direct sales representatives simply set up their direct shopping link and establish their customer base. Many customers return shoppers who repeatedly purchase the same favorite MA exclusive products. Expanding a customer base is the easiest way to provide more sales revenue for Market America and for their work at home direct sales representatives. The yearly conferences that MA hosts help boost overall morale of the employees while introducing employees to innovative ways to market products. Many new products are also introduced at these conferences. These new product introductions give the MA representatives the opportunity to see them in person and learn about them prior to introducing them to their customers. As of 2016, MA had a estimated revenue of over $791 million that was generated by their hard work working employees and innovative marketing techniques.

Sheldon Lavin Made OSI Group a Huge Success Story Through Careful Planning:

Sheldon Lavin has been with OSI Group for over 40 years and with him came a vision for growth and expansion that in many ways grew out of his time as a financial advisor. After a background in accounting, business and finance that he gained during his college career, Sheldon went to work for his own consulting company Sheldon Lavin & Associates. In 1970 he found himself being recruited by the sons of OSI Group founder Otto Otto Kolschowsky to join their food processing operation that was already servicing big food accounts such as McDonald’s. Sheldon pushed the brothers to expand OSI Group and this led to global expansion starting in the 1970s. Sheldon first became the third partner in the company in the 70s, then half partner when one of the Kolschowsky brothers retired, and finally, he gained 100 percent control after the other brother retired as well. From that point on, OSI Group has participated in a series of highly strategic expansions that include outright acquisitions as well as cooperative ventures.

Agressive Expansion Projects of the Last Five Years:

OSI Group has been particularly active over the last five or so years with expansion both domestically and globally. In 2014 the company entered into a cooperative venture with U.K. company Pickstock that gave OSI an important share of the beef distribution market in Europe. A similar joint venture with Canadian company Select Ready Foods greatly expanded OSI’s value line of meat offerings in the Canadian market. 2016 was another landmark year. Close to the Aurora, Illinois corporate headquarters, the former home of Tyson Foods in Chicago was acquired by OSI as a second processing facility in the region. That same year, the acquisitions of European companies Baho Food and Flagship Europe expanded OSI’s product offerings in Europe.

Sheldon Lavin’s Journey:

Sheldon recently did an interview for CEOCFO Magazine where he detailed much in regard to his journey in the business world. When asked how and why he got into the meat processing business, Sheldon’s reply is that he was recruited by the Kolschowsky family, the original owners of OSI, after he helped them with financing their planned expansion of the company. They were impressed to the point that they wanted Sheldon on board as a full-time member of the team. Sheldon explains that he made all of this amazing success happen because he doesn’t run OSI the way most big companies operate. OSI operates more like a family, this is the way the company evolved, and this is the way it has and will remain. Sheldon emphasizes that he does, in fact, believe that innovation has always been part of the makeup of his DNA and he credits his capable and loyal employees with being a huge aspect of why OSI Group has achieved such massive success.

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Making Energy Supply A Philanthropic Art

The Life Of Energy

Energy has a life of its own, but it doesn’t get used and can’t work for you if you don’t access it. There’s a large store of energy to use through Stream Energy. The stream you need access to comes about because of a modern civilization. This society is growing faster now that it has technology doing so much work.

None of the work you do or that gets done in your city is possible without energy. Energy moves thoughts, completes projects and keeps your home heated with access to light at night. What you haven’t considered yet was how much more effective you become when energy is made into one output.

The Distance Left To Go

You have a long way to go if you haven’t found one service provider to send over every power source you need. Keeping it all on one bill will keep your free time open also. The distance society has traveled forces energy providers to consider the potentials of only one source of energy.

Market prices have already met competitive levels due to the consolidation of firms like Stream Energy. How far you are from these advances is not a major obstacle. Stream Energy provides simple registration and a clear overview of the services that are restructuring how life operates.

Here’s A Short Cut To The Life-Stream

The energy stream is a combination of power sources. Stream Energy is a competitive agency that has comprised your daily energy consumption into negotiable terms. There’s a faster service, a more coherent customer rep and a simpler way to use energy.

The energy revolution is defined by the consolidation of gas, electricity, wireless services and medical dispatches. These sources are available though Stream Energy and the major breakthroughs it brings to energy consumption. Consume your power through Stream Energy, and manage your power through one provider.

Talk fusion Combines Everything!

Talkfusion is a unique and fast growing service that combines numerous communication and marketing tools into one. It began as a video email service, which is in itself a very useful tool. Most email providers put harsh limits upon the size of videos that can be sent via email. Since most video files tend to be relatively large in size, it is not practical to use most email services for this purpose. But since its’ inception, the service has grown to include video chat, broadcasting, a social network, live chat, and international calling.

While Talkfusion is not free, it is certainly not very expensive either. The initial cost is $175, but after that it is only $20 a month. Not bad when you consider everything you get. With a service like this, a person could definitely save a lot of money in cellphone minutes. If you are one of those people who spend a lot of money on minutes for a prepaid phone, this would be an excellent option for you to consider.

Unlike some other video chat/conferencing apps, this one provides a clear picture that is up to modern standards. Sound quality is usually very good as well. And as if that weren’t nice enough, they even have a helpful cellphone app you can use. This app does not contain any ads, and allows you to use all the features of Talkfusion on your mobile devices. It is called Fusion On The Go.

Apart from its obvious communication uses, Talkfusion is being used by many companies for its obvious marketing potential. Many companies like to send out ads through email, but for all the reasons listed above, it is not practical to send video. So, they end up falling back on the traditional text and picture ads that most people don’t even bother to read. Why? Because most people these days don’t like to read any more than they have to. A video is much more engaging, as it gives advertisers a way to reach a wider audience. Learn more:

Talkfusion was founded by its current CEO Bob Reina in 2007. It has since expanded into 140 countries across the world, offering both quality and value. They even have a system whereby users can earn marketing commissions, and the payment system is instant. If you are marketing anything, this is an essential tool. And even if you aren’t, it’s still pretty handy.