Tampa Bay Lightning Player Receives 15 Stitches After Dirty Hit

In a recent battle between the NHL’s New Jersey Devils and Tampa Bay Lightning in Tampa Florida the Lightning defenseman Andrej Sustr came in to help a teammate that took a hard dirty hit and during the process of that broke his visor and jokingly after receiving 15 stitches stated that his modeling career may be over.

The fight occurred during the second. After a board check by Miles wood of New Jersey Sustr came over to assist and in the process of getting involved in the fight his visor broke smashing into his face and wounding it to the point of needing to 15 stitches as the article on businessinsider.com pointed out he is a hockey player and in the third period did return to the game showing his true grit and toughness.

The incident happened pretty quickly one shot from behind and his visor hit the board and shattered resulting in the injury he immediately went into the locker room to receive stitches The television announcers at the hockey game stated it was clearly a dirty shot by Wood as he launched in the sister leaving his feet which is an illegal major 5 minute penalty in the Box in the NHL after assessment by the league wood was given 2 game suspension and should be because it was clearly a dirty hit and a suspension he is worthy of.

Hopefully Wood would will learn his lesson from the suspension and realize that as tough a game as hockey is he also needs to take the consideration of others safety and physical well-being.

Sustr’s teammates, the Tampa Bay Lightning fans and the announcers at the arena we’re not only amazed to see him get back up on his feet after the hit and the gashing bloody wound took place but even more amazed to see him return to the game after receiving the 15 stitches only to be frustrated with the fact that the culprit of the night, Miles Wood, after sitting for just a 2 minute penalty himself return to the game and score the winning goal as the New Jersey Devils defeated Tampa Bay Lightning.

Wood has been a great scoring force for the Devil’s this season and is currently the second leading scorer on the team but he must understand the need to reduce his time in the penalty box and increase his time on the ice for more scoring opportunities to help his team.

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