Month: February 2018

Buccaneers Plan for 2018

The National Football League is widely considered to be one of the most competitive professional sports leagues in the world. Every year, there seems to be at least one team that is able to surprise people and take the next step forward to compete for title.

Going into the 2017 season, one team that look like they would be able to compete for a division and conference title was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Buccaneers were coming off of a very good 2016 season in which they had a very young talented core and barely missed the playoffs. While 2017 seemed to have a lot of promised, the team was not as successful as they hoped and they finished in last place.

After a disappointing season, in which the Buccaneers one just five games and finished far behind the other three teams in the division, the team is now focused on looking for ways to improve for the future. While the Buccaneers have had some struggles, there is plenty of reason for optimism. First, the team will have a very high draft pick. Tampa Bay will end up having the 7th overall pick. The team is rumored to be planning on using this selection to draft a defense of star ( This will help to support a defense that end up being one of the worst in the NFL.

After the first round is selected, The team will continue to focus on building it’s death during the draft. The team will likely focus on finding a quality back up quarterback, getting additional help on the offense of line, and providing support pieces for defense and special teams. This should help to improve the overall depth of the team and make them more athletic.

While the team clearly needs to improve in many different areas, there is still plenty of reason for optimism for the upcoming season. Quarterback Jameis Winston once again showed that he is very talented and could turn into a pro bowl quarterback. Also, the team will get back Mike Evans and Doug Martin for full seasons next year. Now that the whole team will be back together, there should be enough cohesion and talent for the team to compete and succeed in their tough division.

Therapy with the Help of Talkspace

If you would like to make use of therapy but do not have the time or money to go to a local professional, Talkspace is the app for you. In recent months, online therapy options have grown in popularity by up to 80 percent. This is often due in part to the news on the television as well as everyday stresses of life. Because of the need for therapy, Talkspace has employed a number of amazing therapists who are all there to help you as much as possible to ensure that you feel confident about yourself and the way that you feel.

The beauty about Talkspace is that it can literally be used by everyone. Whether you’re dealing with a real issue like bipolar disorder or OCD, or you just want someone to talk to every day, Talkspace has what you need and it is incredibly easy for you to create an account for yourself and see exactly what it is that they are going to be able to do for you. Plus, Talkspace is far cheaper than other forms of therapy, which can ultimately save you money if this is something you feel you can benefit from in the long run.

In order for you to make use of Talkspace and all that it has to offer, you’re going to want to visit their site or download their app and then create your very own account. Once created, you’ll find that you are able to get connected to a Talkspace therapist within minutes and be talking about your issues right away. This is an ideal app for those who need help but are too afraid or busy to go and seek it locally. This is why so many people have put their trust into Talkspace and are happy with what they can do.

A New Home for the Rays . . . Maybe:

It’s not even 30 years old, but Tropicana Field is already outdated. The home of the Tampa Bay Rays is the only fixed domed stadium in the majors, and excluding the tarp covered seats, has a capacity for just over 31,000 fans, the smallest seating capacity of any MLB stadium. Even if the tarp is removed from the 10,000 or so seats, the fans sitting there will get an obstructed view of the playing field. Many fans have also complained about the drab interior, and the fact it is located quite a distance from the city of Tampa proper. All these are contributing factors to the Rays consistently being among the lowest drawing teams in baseball. Last year, they drew 1.25 million fans, the fewest among all Major League teams. The low point for that low attendance came on September 5th, when little over 6,500 people showed up for a game between Tampa Bay and Minnesota.

But perhaps there is hope for a better venue for the Rays, one closer to the region’s population center. Team owner Stuart Sternberg announced he wants a new stadium for the Rays, and he wants it in Tampa. The proposed site is Ybor City, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. Along with businesses, the area also hosts numerous apartments and condos, making it easy for thousands to access a new Rays stadium. Sternberg said he would like the new stadium built on a 14 acre site on the east side of the bay. Your text to link…

While exact plans and the timeline for the new stadium have not been revealed, it is likely to have a $700 million price tag. Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said the money for the stadium would come from many layers of public and private funding. A community organization called Tampa Bay Rays 2020 has been formed by a local businessman in order to attract support for the stadium project.

David L Giertz: Taking Financial Advice to a Personal Level

Recently, the Wall Street Journal has posted a video interview with David Giertz, President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization. In the interview, Giertz talks at length about social security, as well as the programs potential benefits and pitfalls. Chiefly, Giertz discusses how uninformed financial advisors can land potential retirees in hot water by way of misinformation. Giertz attributes this danger to misinformation and ignorance on the part of low-end financial advisors. Giertz recommends potential retirees to make sure they have their advisors educate themselves on the ins and outs of the program; Failure to do so can reportedly cost retirees up to twelve thousand dollars per year. Additionally, Giertz claims that social security can contribute nearly 40% of retirement funds, making the need for informed advisors all the more essential.

David Giertz’ advice is to be heeded, as it is built on nearly three decades of experience working for the best in the business. Nationwide Financial has benefitted greatly from Giertz consultancy, resulting in a 48% increase in revenue across several regions. The company used this information as a clue to Giertz’ immense well of knowledge and insight in all things financial. This recognition has resulted in enormous success and credibility being attributed to Giertz over his long career of consultancy.

Giertz’ wealth of knowledge comes from high places. The recipient of an MBA from the University of Miami, Giertz has spent a lifetime learning from the best minds finance has to offer. Additionally, Giertz is a registered broker with FINRA. The role of a finance broker is to trade in high profile markets, dealing with everything from securities to mutual funds. This fact ultimately serves to lend even more credence to Giertz’ words. Finance has been David Giertz’ entire being for the last thirty years, and to the benefit of retirees everywhere, it will continue to be for more years to come.

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The Future of Video Marketing is Bright Because of Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is not a new company in the market. The institution was established more than ten years ago by a professional who had worked in the police service for a long time. Talk Fusion has managed to capture the attention of the people in the international market because of the quality of products it has been coming up with. When the company was started by Bob Reina several years ago, it wanted to deal with the challenges business owners were dealing with when they want to market the products they were marketing. After a lot of research and hard work, Bob Reina managed to introduce the services that changed the marketing world. The company has been rated in several countries in the world, and it has been declared to be a leader.


A decade after it was brought into the market, the large company has continued to invest in its products. The company has managed to impress customers with quality products that have never been seen in the past. The latest invention in the popular company is known as the product dashboard, and it has been used to suit the Talk Fusion Video Suite that was introduced sometimes back. Bob Reina, currently working as the chairman and president of the international direct selling company says that customers in all parts of the world should get prepared to receive more products from the company in the future. According to Reina, this is just one of the many inventions that the firm has in line. The coming days are expected to be filled with a lot of success and high quality services to the customers who have remained loyal to the company over the years.


While making this announcement to the customers in the global market, the leaders of the direct selling company said that the new invention has focused on making customers happier than before. According to the businessman, the dashboard is the perfect innovation that will assist in the introduction of other products in the future. The dashboard will have a complete new look that has taken into consideration the needs of the customers. In the future, the institution will be looking forward to making the customers communicate easily with other forms of inventions. Talk Fusion has managed to set the pace in the modern market, and it is proving to the people in the society that it is possible for a company to perform well while keeping the needs of the customers in check. Learn more:

Reasons for Opimism with Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays have been one of the most interesting teams in major-league baseball for well over a decade. The Tampa Bay baseball team plays in the very competitive AL east division which includes the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. While the Red Sox and Yankees both have the ability to have significant payrolls, the Tampa Bay team tends to operate on a much smaller budget.

While most people would assume that this would be a big competitive disadvantage for the race, the team has continue to feel athletic teams on an annual basis. Last season, they ended up winning a little bit over half the games and surprised a lot of people. Heading into the 2018 season, there is also a lot of reason for optimism in the team (

One of the main reason why people are optimistic about the Rays is that they will bring back a lot of talent from the prior season. One player that had a very good year in 2017 was starting pitcher Chris Archer. Chris Archer, who is now 29 years old, won 10 games and lost 12, but continue to be a dominating force all season. He ended up being one of the major league leaders in strikeouts and innings pitched. This provides an incredible amount of stability that can be helped to manage any team.

On the offensive side of the game, the team has a number of very talented players that have the ability to score a lot of runs. The team will once again be led by their third baseman, Evan Longoria. Longoria last year hit 20 home runs and also played great in the field. He will also act as a great leader for the younger players in the organization. Logan Morrison, who plays first base, will also be back. Last season he was one of the most dominating power hitters in all of baseball.

While the major-league roster will continue to have a lot of talent on it, many fans are also excited about the talent that is in the farm system. Tampa Bay is considered to have one of the deepest talent pools in all of baseball and many of these players could end up seeing sometime in the big leagues by the end of the year.

Michael Burwell Named the New CFO

Starting late in 2017, Michael Burwell was named as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Willis Towers Watson. Burwell replaced the well-known Roger Millay after several years of service, and the company is looking forward to the work that he will do for years to come.


Michael Burwell got his start in business after he graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University. Burwell grew up in Michigan, and he started his career in public accounting in the Detroit offices of the Big 4 firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, or PwC. Michael was able to gain extraordinary experience from the firm, moving through several different service lines and heading several departments from Detroit and New York.


Michael Burwell earned 11 years of audit experience from PwC, moving through several leadership positions during his 31 years at the firm. He also gained 12 years of service in transaction and advisory-related roles. While in audit, he was able to lead several engagements and get to learn about several business strategies being employed all around the world. He helped companies determine the best paths for long-term growth, and he was able to help several large companies, namely automotive companies, determine the best strategies for the future.


As an advisor and transaction businessman at the firm, Michael was able to help companies do due diligence for acquisitions and work with companies to increase productivity and determine the best accounting techniques to use for their business efforts. Michael went through several high-level positions at PwC, including the United States CFO, COO, Head of Global Transformations, Midwestern Leader of Transaction Services, and the Head of Transaction Services.


At Willis Towers Watson, Michael will be able to put all of that hard work and accomplishment to the test. He will be able to drive results in the global economy, focusing all of his work on the insurance and brokerage clients that Willis Towers Watson maintains. Michael Burwell will bring in his no-nonsense attitude and help Willis Towers Watson maintain a standard of professionalism and integrity that their clients need.


Willis Towers Watson is a large global advisory, solutions, human capital and benefits, insurance, reinsurance, and brokerage company that offers answers to its clients in various areas of business. The company was founded in 1828 and has over 40,000 employees located all around the world. With Michael Burwell stepping into a C-suite position, the company is in good hands for years to come. Refer to This Article for additional information.



Dr. Mark McKenna, Real Estate and Medicine

Dr. Mark McKenna is a physician who now proudly refers to himself as an entrepreneur. S. Mark McKenna went to the Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans, Louisiana. He got a medical degree there. Dr. Mark McKenna realized something during his time as a student. Working as a doctor and becoming well-off wouldn’t be simple. That epiphany changed everything for him, too. Dr. McKenna left school at the end of the nineties and decided to abandon medicine after a while. He took the time to construct a New Orleans real estate firm. Hurricane Katrina was a huge natural disaster that affected Dr. Mark McKenna deeply back in 2005. It caused him to lose a substantial sum of money in what felt like the blink of an eye. Although he reconstructed his firm, it evaporated after that.

Dr. Mark McKenna didn’t have a lot of money while he was pursuing his education. He was able to purchase real estate, however, by taking part-time positions with prisons in the area. He performed physicals on incarcerated individuals. He invested every single dime that came his way. View Related Info Here.

This businessman worked as a doctor for half a decade. His father has a general practice. McKenna was part of the staff. He did his duties there while working on the establishment of his real estate agency. Medicine just wasn’t thrilling or fulfilling to the doctor. He wanted to hone and stimulate other brain sections.

McKenna’s real estate firm soared. His profits exceeded half a million dollars on an annual basis. The company had a value that was in the range of $4 to $5 million total, too. McKenna is an individual who doesn’t dwell on things that don’t matter. Dr. Mark McKenna concentrates on doing anything and everything he can to aid his client base.

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Information On Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson is not a person that is hard to find information on. So, if you have already found some information on him, then you probably already know that he has been able to work 25 years within the Financial Services industry. Of course, with the industry having taken so much time from his life, it is no surprise that he is very good with the work that he does, and that every one of his clients has recommended him as the person to go to. A lot of his work was spent with one of the biggest financial institutions in the U.S. to have been state chartered, and they are a huge company that everyone knows about. Graduating from college can be hard, especially for those that have a hard life, however, for Matthew Autterson is was easy and he was more than happy when he received his Bachelor’s in Finance during the 1980 year. However, that is not the only education he received, he also went to the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program, where he excelled at everything he did.


Matthew’s first introduction into the life of being a working man was with his work at the FTC, the First Trust Corporation, and there Matthew Autterson was able to work hard at climbing the corporate ladder and make a huge difference in the company. Even though Matthew may have left the FTC company in 1982, his career did not end there, he in fact went to work at the Colorado State company where he was able to make every client happier than the last. Of course, it is not a hidden fact that the company was just a subsidiary of the Integrated Resources company which held headquarters in New York, but you may have not known that. On top of all of that, you may also find it interesting to know that the company provided financial services to their clients, which makes since with the educational background that Matthew has.


During these hard times it can be hard to find a job that you really love, a job that not only makes you feel good about the amount of money you are earning, but also makes you feel good about the work you are doing for others. However, Matthew was able to find the perfect job for him, working for the FAB company. With this company he was able to take a leadership role within the Colorado business community and has been able to do work that is of interest to him. Also, the Webb-Waring Foundation and the Denver Zoological Foundation were other places that he was able to provide some assistance to, places that he was more than happy to work with

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Drink to Your Health: Beneficial Effects of Organo Gold

The gourmet coffees and teas produced by Organo Gold are made with a beneficial herbal ingredient called Ganoderma lucidum. The herb has been used for centuries in traditional ancient Chinese medicine, it derives from both the stems and caps of the lingzhi mushroom. The Ganoderma can help your body in many ways by moderating the immune system, reducing excess cholesterol, regulating blood glucose levels, prevent prostate cancer, fatigue and many other beneficial uses. Ganoderma is regarded as the ‘king of herbs’ in traditional medicine, its overall beneficial uses are still being studied to this day. Read the reviews at

Organo Gold is the only organization to have a facility in partnership with the Fujian Xianzhilou Biological Science and Technology Company. At their state-of-the-art harvest and research facility, they grow countless numbers of certified organic lingzhi mushrooms naturally on logs. The expert food scientist at the facility break it down into powdery substance before it’s distributed exclusively for Organo Gold’s premium products. The company has a line of top selling products including gourmet coffee, premium latte, hot chocolate, richly smooth tea blends, body management supplements and personal care products. Organo Gold offer their products to over fifty countries around the world. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

The chief executive officer of Organo Gold, Bernardo T. Chua founded the company along with his business partner, Shane Morand in 2008. Bernardo Chua is an entrepreneur from the Philippines who wanted to sell healthy ‘bioactive’ beverage products infused with the potent Ganoderma herbal mushroom. The company refers to a large network of independent distributors that receive their high-quality products via wholesale and offer them to consumers from all around the world at a recommended retail price. Organo’s independent distributors will receive commission for each product sold and also special bonuses. There are more than a million independent distributors worldwide that are actively marketing and selling Organo’s products. Organo Gold has its global headquarters based in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.