Securus Making Inmate Communications Safer While Lending a Helping Hand

Most people do not know what wireless containment systems are, but the good people behind Securus know. It is an entire system designed to help jam cellphone signals for specific areas without affecting others. This may not sound like an impressive technology, but it is the first time signals from a specified area can be blocked, which is making many officials who work at correctional facilities happy.


Correctional facilities around the country have been attempting to deal with the problem of contraband cellphones. These devices are smuggled into prisons and used by inmates without permission. Communications are normally monitored by a combination of personnel and big data, which helps ensure that no dangerous information is being discussed between the people using a communications device. This is especially important for ex-correctional officer Robert Johnson.


The man had been working for a prison for a long time, and he appreciated his job. Still, nothing could have prepared him for the horrible acts he would experience in life. Johnson fell victim to a man who shot him six times after being contracted by a man using contraband cellphones. Johnson, now retired, made it his mission to ensure that this type of contract or any other illegal request is not done through contraband ever again. He found that Securus had been working on a solution for some time and offered his experience and his knowledge. It will not be too long before contraband cellphones will be a thing of the past.


It should be noted that Securus is not in the business of halting all communication. The company wants people to communicate but wants inmates to do so in a way that will not hurt others. It may sound like an invasion of privacy to monitor calls from and to prisons, but it could save a life, which makes it worth it. Securus is one of the leading inmate communication companies, so it is definitely attempting to facilitate communication between inmates and loved ones.


One nugget of information that I found quite heartwarming was this company’s ability to help those in need in Louisiana. The state had been devastated by floods, which made it hard for people to communicate with each other. There were likely a lot of people who ware scared to hear bad news from a loved one. Securus knew that offering a way to talk to each other would help ensure people who were nervous that everything was okay. This is the reason Securus ensured everyone calling into state prisons would not pay a dime to talk to their loved ones.


The people of the state were definitely thankful as I’m sure I would be. No one is saying that this small act saved people’s lives, but it definitely made resting a lot easier. I think Securus is definitely a company worth paying attention to, especially for those who have someone on the inside.

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