Tampa Ranks High as Vegan City

One of the most important parts of overall personal health is to follow a healthy diet. Today, one of the most common diet recommendations is to eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible, while limiting the amount of fatty meats in your diet. For those that would like to eat a diet that has higher amount of vegetables, one great city to live in would be Tampa, FL.

On November 1, the day after much of the world spent the night consuming a lot of candy, those that would like to follow a plant-based diet would enjoy celebrating World Vegan Day. This day celebrates and educates all of the benefits that come with following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. Along with this day of celebration, some have even gone as far as to rank the top 100 cities in the country to determine which city was the most vegan-friendly.

The recent survey found that the city of Tampa, FL (http://www.wtsp.com/entertainment/events/tampa-ranked-in-top-15-best-cities-for-vegans-vegetarians/487890787) is the 15th most vegan friendly city in the United States. Tampa’s nearby neighbor, St Petersburg, was ranked 71st. There were a number of different factors that go into the rankings, which include the overall affordability of vegan products, the accessibility to vegan and organic plant life, and the overall community spirit.

Tampa likely received additional points due to the fact that they host the Tampa Bay Veg Fest every year, which brings together thousands of people that like to eat a clean diet and are looking to learn more about following a vegan diet. The Tampa Bay Veg Fest will also have a number of other activities including yoga, speakers, live music, and even animal rights groups that will be meeting with a lot of different people.

While Tampa did finish 15th on the list of the top, there are a number of other cities that are continuing to show that they have some of the top vegan-options in the country. Some of the top finishers on the overall list included New York City (number 1), Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA, Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, and Washington DC, all of which finished in the top 10. Some of the markets that finished last on the list included Toledo, OH, Greensboro, NC, and Henderson, NV.

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