Omar Yunes Takes the First Position during the Best Franchisee of the World Contest

Omar Yunes is an authority in the food sector. He represents the Sushi Itto that has been expanding its territories across the globe over the last few years. During the 2015 edition of the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) held in Florence, Italy, Yunes emerged the victor. He outsmarted his rivals due to his innovative growth and marketing strategies that had placed Sushi Itto at the top of the food sector.

This 2015 edition of the competition had representatives from 34 countries, such as France, Mexico, Hungary, Italy, Argentina, and Portugal. During the competition, the contestants were evaluated based on their impact on the network in aspects like their influence on the network, motivation to employees, and their contributions to the improvement of their marketing model. Diego Elizarrarras, who organizes the BFW Mexico said that Omar Yunes won the contest due to his efforts in cultivating a stable franchising-franchise relationship, implementing effective information management strategies, and coming up with boards that measure the performance of each unit.

Sushi Itto’s boss, Benjamin Cancelmo pointed out that the BFW reveals the joint effort by various food brands to provide exceptional services, amazing flavor, and distinctive hospitality to their clients. According to Elizarrarras, the BFW contest speaks of a powerful sector in Mexico that has earned an ideal position in the international arena.

About Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes is a talented Mexican entrepreneur and shrewd investor who is responsible for daily operations of Sushi Itto. He is a leading franchisee, and he scooped many accolades in the annual Best Franchisee of the World Competitions. He is a prominent investor in the food services sector. He manages over 13 franchises headquartered in Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla.

Omar Yunes has adopted an innovative marketing strategy that has seen him sell a large amount of his products and gain an impressive control of the food sector. More than 400 talented individuals have gained meaningful employment from Yunes’ 13 franchises. Omar Yunes has leveraged his excellent leadership abilities to build a working strategy, an extended business network, and a reliable board for implementing the business strategies.

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