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Omar Yunes Achieves success in the Franchising World

Omar Yunes is perhaps one the most enterprising Mexican businessmen in the food industry today; in fact, he currently owns 13 Sushi Itto franchises in varying regions of Mexico, all of which provide a unique dining experience. According to an article in, Omar Yunes began his career in the food industry at the young age of 21, when he opened his first Sushi Itto location. Yunes’ desire to continuously open more locations, and diversify his business portfolio, has created more opportunities for himself and for the people of Mexico. In fact, his individual success has spurred over 400 employment opportunities for those seeking jobs in the food industry. In addition to his success with Sushi Itto, Yunes is also the Co-founder of Atma Real Estate Investment Network, which helps develop businesses both in the United States and Latin America and read full article.

In addition to his Sushi Itto franchises and being Co-founder of Atma Real Estate Investment Network, Yunes is also the founder and Chairman of the Board of Ideas, a business accelerator that provides several resources to new businesses. Some of these resources include providing capital, administrative and development support, and synergistic workflows. Since beginning his career in the food industry Omar Yunes has proven to be a proficient businessman with the capacity to inspire others, and his involvement with both Atma Real Estate and Board of Ideas further illustrates this point and what Omar Yunes knows.

Omar Yunes has been widely praised for his work as a Sushi Itto franchisee, a food service specializing in Japanese cuisine. He was instrumental in helping one of Sushi Itto subsidiary’s win the Best Franchisee of the World award in 2015, which is a demarcation of successful brands in the franchising sector. The annual competition awards recipients based on a number of factors relative to business operations, which includes how they influence the brand/network, overall contributions, employee motivation,  etc and and Omar’s lacrosse camp.

What makes Omar Yunes so successful in the food world? He is exceptionally proficient in marketing and believes in working collectively with his employees, to achieve a common goal; his work ethic and management style have allowed him the opportunity to build relationships that not only benefits him, but everyone involved his businesses and his Website.

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ClassDojo Helps Connect Students, Teachers, And Parents

ClassDojo is a revolutionary program that is designed to give education the cohesive design it needs to connect teachers, students, and parents. This program integrates these concepts into the classroom on a daily basis to instill the skills and concepts needed to excel academically. ClassrDojo isn’t just a program, but a virtual classroom that takes education to a new level, and that more clearly outlines the basic needs of each student while giving them tailored instruction that is proven to get incredible results.

ClassDojo allows users to communicate with a variety of mediums such as video and photos. Messages are also enabled to help further effective communication. The goal is to promote working as a team in order to achieve class goals.ClassDojo is currently used internationally and is used in most schools across the country currently. This app is helping students master the materials they need from K-8th grade.

ClassDojo is one of the most comprehensive and flexible educational programs currently available. The integration of communication and effective teaching applications lets students maximise their ability to absorb the material presented and helps parents participate and stay informed about what is going on in the class and exactly what the curriculum looks like. For teachers and parents who are looking for an effective and easy to use program that gets results, ClassDojo checks all of the boxes. The best thing about this app, however, is that the kids love the material and can’t wait to use the system to help them grasp classroom concepts and excel academically.

How Madison Street Capital has Built Healthy Relationships with its Clients

Madison Street Capital an award-winning firm that has been appreciated for its outstanding corporate advisory solutions. The company has currently focused on serving middle market business in different parts of the globe.

The services that MSC provides are beneficial to firms that need to be guided on how to make profitable investment decisions, handle complicated business deals, and acquiring corporate loans. The company has an excellent reputation in addressing M&A solutions and business valuation. Its investment banking expertise has been sought by firms in different industries. Read more: Madison Street Capital | Crunchbase

In 2014, Vital Care Industries needed to access a commercial loan, and therefore, it hired MSC to assist it in partnering with a reputable financial institution. Vital Care is a well-known manufacturer of medical products that is based in Illinois. The CEO of the enterprise said that he was very impressed by the services that Madison offered. The firm has been manufacturing sterile medical supplies since 1984.

MSC’s co-founder, Antony Marsala, has made significant accomplishments in the finance sector. In 2015, he was recognized for his success by being nominated to the 40 Under Forty award. The program was created to honor young individuals who have achieved a lot in M&A, valuation, and different areas in the investment banking world. Marsala serves as the company’s CEO and has a 14 years’ experience in finance. Read more: Madison Street Capital Investment Banking Overview | Academia

In 2016, experts in the finance industry acknowledged the excellent performance of Madison Street Capital by voting it as a finalist in the M&A Advisor Awards. Businesses that have been offered an opportunity to participate in the award must have successfully handled financing, acquisition, and restructuring transactions.

MSC was also chosen by finance professionals as the sector’s leading investment banking company. The firm offered excellent advisory services in a merger deal that was valued at less than $100 million, and this enabled it to be voted as a finalist.

In 2017, Madison has had an opportunity to serve different companies that have sought its corporate guidance solutions. It played a significant role in the merger between the Spitfire Group and DCG Software. Other companies that MSC has served include ARES Security Corporation, WLR Automotive Group, Maintenance Systems Management, and the Dowco Group.

The investment banking enterprise has also made significant donations, and this has helped to build its reputation. In 2011, Madison Street Capital gave money to help people whose properties were destroyed by a harsh weather in the Eastern and Midwestern United States. It also supports United Way and American Red Cross.

Doing Business With Market America Inc.

Doing business the old fashioned way is dated, the world is moving faster and it is a new digital age. Market America is a company that understands the wheels of progress, but it can only share so much without a person joining the program itself. People want it all, but they need to understand it require commitment and a willingness to be part of something bigger than themselves. That is what Market America Inc. is all about. Because you can’t build dreams on less than a solid foundation. Getting grounded and doing business the Market America way is a first step toward financial independence.

Doing business with Market America Inc. is a great way to get off the ground running. The people in the ranks of the organization are powerful, energetic, and willing to do what it takes to succeed. If you surround yourself with motivated people, you will become more motivated at whatever you do. If you surround yourself with positive energy, then positive energy will flow in your direction. If you surround yourself with Market America members, you will find like minded people with a passion for what they do. Their passion can become your passion and nothing can keep you from attaining it all.

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Out With the Log Books and In with Technology

Signing in at the workplace is an ancient concept. Many people are familiar with signing in or signing their name in a log book to register their arrival. It used to be the only way employers could keep tabs on their employees. It also was the only way to know how many hours employees spend at work and it would also help people to calculate wages.

However, the time moved on from ancient logbooks and photographs in little booklets that mostly worked like an almost work passport. There are better solutions that are easier for all involved sides.

OneLogin is a company from San-Francisco. They create software solutions that allow the day-to-day movement of employees to be more natural. Signing in is not a painful task anymore. Now it can be done from a tablet. It is a system that allows businesses to catalog their employees, so they don’t have to run into problems if someone new starts work at the reception desk.

Another aspect of this kind of software is the possibility of registering guests and allowing them to sign NDA while at the same time it all happens without the burden of a physical copy of an NDA or a registration page.

It is not only beneficial for the employees and the visitors, but OneLogin system also makes the company more secure. The IT department has all the details for each, and it is easy to pull up a file from a database rather than shuffling through stacks of paper. Electronic measures are also harder to fool, so there will be no unwanted guests wandering around the company.

Nowadays the competition is severe, and customer experience becomes one of the most important things. If people visit a company, they don’t want to spend time filling out numerous forms. They want to carry out their task and not spend any more time in the business than necessary.

Therefore companies are advised to invest money in software and hardware solutions that make life easier and more pleasant for everybody involved. It seems like quite an investment, but it soon pays off. It doesn’t matter how big or small the business is, innovation and technology are a sign of the advancement.

OCC Moves Towards Achieving Vision 2020 with the Commissioning of a New Recycling Center

Orange Coast College (OCC) commissioned an upgraded recycling center on September 14, 2017. The new recycling center is a milestone in the recycling ability of the college as well as that of Costa Mesa. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by Costa Mesa’s Mayor Katrina Foley, OCC’s President Dennis Harkins, OCC’s Environmental & Sustainability Coordinator Michael Carey, members of the teaching fraternity, students, and other esteemed visitors.

With over 16 months of construction, the new facility is better than the old recycling center in all aspects. First, the new recycling center is located on five acres of land compared with the old center with sits on less than one acre of land. In addition to improved recycling capacity and ability, the new facility has classrooms, offices, a conference hall, a first aid section, a cleaning room, and showers for both genders to boot. Drivers visiting the new center now enjoy over 45 parking spaces. Learn more:

The modern recycling center accepts an array of materials. Some of the materials received at the center include electronic waste (computers, cell phones, etc.), kitchen waste such as cooking oil, and other materials. However, the center stays away from trash furniture, waste batteries such as those used by automobiles, waste motor oil, paint, and any dangerous chemicals. The modern facility will continue OCC’s recycling culture that has been alive for over 45 years.

Many guests spoke during the opening of the new facility, and they all had positive things to say about OCC and the recycling center. Harkins believes that the new recycling center is a symbol of OCC’s commitment to keep the region clean and provide jobs. On the other hand, Foley believes that the new center is capable of changing the economic prospects of the city. Carey expressed disbelief for the state of the art recycling center.

OCC is the third most populous community college in Orange County. However, it is committed to providing a conducive learning environment that is characterized by modern infrastructure and new technology. Apart from the new recycling center, OCC is developing new student housing, and a soon to be completed planetarium to replace an old one. Learn more:

Omar Yunes Of Sushi Itto: An Incredible Franchising Leader

Omar Yunes is a businessman and entrepreneur who is known for leading some of the biggest franchises in the entire country. One of the primary endeavors that Omar Yunes has taken on during his long career was starting up numerous franchises under the name of Sushi Itto, which is one of the most well-known Japanese fast food chains in the entire country. Omar Yunes currently owns around thirteen of the total Sushi Itto outlets in the whole country. By those numbers, he is the owner of about ten percent of the entire company. He has worked hard to reach the position that he currently is in and to be successful at such a young age. And his Website, One of the first franchises that Omar Yunes went on to own was when he was just twenty-one. He was fresh into the world of business and had no experience running an outlet of this massive size. As they say, time is the best teacher, and with time, Omar Yunes became more and more experienced with the work, ultimately becoming the leader that he is today and more information click here.

One of the other noteworthy things about Omar Yunes is that the was the recipient of the Franchisee Of The Year Award, which is one that is given out to notable members of the franchising field. He was seen as the perfect fit to take home the grand prize owing to the incredible amount of hard work and dedication that he puts into the company. It is no joke being the leader to so many people, but Omar Yunes does the job flawlessly and without breaking a sweat. When Omar Yunes received this prestigious award, he was the boss to over four hundred employees who spread over all the numerous outlets that he currently runs. When he was called on stage to receive the award, he was elated and went on to talk about how all of this would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication that was put in by all of the employees working in the restaurants of Sushi Itto and learn more about Omar Yunes.

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Envoy And OneLogin Working Together

Envoy is a software company based in San Francisco that is working to create new and innovative ways for guests to sign in for an office visit simply by using an Ipad. Making the use of an old fashioned, insecure, logbook a thing of the past. Envoy has been implementing the automation Of visitor registration and how it can be turned into a more simpler process. This process also includes new ways to notify the host when the visitor has made a presence in the building; as well as the issuance of visitor badges and photos.

The IT department of Envoy has the tough job of updating each employee whenever they are moved from one department to another, or even transferred to another building. IT has the job of ensuring that the employee, as well as all customers are transitioned smoothly without any major disturbances that can be blamed on any changes that were made in the new security system. Envoy has worked with OneLogin to ensure that the SCIM protocol is implemented correctly, to ensure the user has adequate capabilities to provision the “automated user on/offboarding” feature. Which now gives Envoy’s “Premium and Enterprise” customers the ability to connect to it via the application catalogue for OneLogin.

System for Cross-domain Identity Management– which has been shortened to the acronym SCIM, is a way to make user provisioning and management much simpler. SCIM enables and allows customers to speed up the rollout and adoption of a new application. This is done by adjusting how the user takes to the new application in which they desire.

Envoy is doing its best to maximize the customer experience by doing their best to keep employee records up-to-date on all systems, ensuring productivity is maximized. When data gets stale, it results in a lessor visitor experience. Envoy customers will get the best results upon registration to the application, if all employee records are current, accurate, readily available. That way when the employee sends out a visitor invite, they will receive a host notification immediately upon the arrival of the visitor to alert them. The visitor is then easily able to sign in and will not have any time wasted as they search a list of employees that are no longer employed by the company.

Envoy wants to create the perfect visitor experience for all their customers. For this is the reason why Envoy as adopted the SCIM standard. It allows for consistency of the format for user data which will allow for a stronger grasp that’s available to work with as it evolves and improves the overall product.

OneLogin A Tool to Enhance Speed, Security, and Accuracy

Technology is making the life of human beings simpler every day. A company in San Francisco has developed software that allows its clients to sign in for different services using an iPad. With the application of this technology, the use of old and insecure logbooks is a thing of the past now. The system allows the user to automate various processes at check-in. For ease of use, the system will require that the user provide a visitors badge for visitors, a digital NDA as well as the primary host notification. The primary consumers of this advanced technology are the big firms that want to increase productivity while ensuring that security is intact.

For these enterprises, tracking the movement of customers in and out of the premises can be mind boggling to various IT experts at the firm. The main reason being that they have to keep on updating the user access across multiple applications in order to guarantee an efficient and a smooth end user satisfaction. With this technology, the firm should consider making use of the OneLogin technology. The technology makes use of the SCIM protocol that is commonly known as on/off loading. In the recent past, the contract has been made available to various premium clients.

Having applications that are SCIM enabled has enabled accelerate the rolling out of the application to different users. The system is even made simpler by synching all the user features and attributes to a precise desired location. In this case, the user gives his details. These may include the location, email, and the individual names. Once they are all fed into the system, they can all be accessed at one point; the OneLogin. For enhanced results, the system allows for continuous synchronization to ensure that any changes made are reflected on the SCIM protocol.

Normally, it is virtually impossible for the IT department to manage the employees and user details manually. The introduction of this technology has indeed come to save this unit. Efficiency has increased, and duplication of roles is a thing of the past now. All the data entered into the OneLogin interface is synced, integrated and saved into the Envoy.

Michel Terpins Pars the Sertoes Rally Team Standards

I have always thought driving is a fun activity until it occurred to me that it’s not so for the professional rally drivers. In car racing, drivers are expected to be highly skillful with technical and mechanical knowledge of the vehicles and exercise caution while driving. Michel Terpin is one such rally driver of Brazilian origin who is in incognito for his excellence and scooping top awards.

Michel Terpins is the pilot and works in close collaboration with Maykel Justo who is his navigator and a very resourceful person. Together, they have been able to overcome mechanical and terrain obstacle in the numerous of competitions they have had to participate in. During the Bull Sertoes Rally 24th Edition, the duo led the T1 prototypes category and overall stood at 5th position. In the 25th Edition, Michel Terpins and Maykel Justo set aboard the T-Rex by the MEM team and earned 18 points. This preceded the Prototype T1 championship, and it was just 15 days after another success with the Sertoes rally in Bonito.

Rally driving for Michel Terpins has not been without hiccups. At times even after much preparation and collaborative effort, there are disappointments. For instance, the car could get punctured, and have a foggy weather or even bad terrain. During the 22nd Edition, Michel Terpins and his navigator did not participate in the contest successfully because of some justifiable reasons; a demanding terrain and the car broke down. However, for the 62km far stretch, they had gone they were on the led.

About Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is a registered rally driver for the Bull Sertoes Rally team with over ten participations since 2002. He also participates on the Brazilian Cross Country championship, a sport that has attracted a lot of competitors. He is known for tactfully riding amidst winding roads, erosion, gulfs, mountainous terrain and great depressions alongside his navigator and confidant, Maykel Justo.

His area of specialty in the rally competition is under the T1 prototype car category. To his name is a list of the super challenging platforms that boast of a lot of adrenaline and fun moments. His car no. 322 has a Carbon-free seal which is a Green Initiative call and plants trees in the forest of Atlantic.