Betsy Devos Will Never Stop Fighting For The Educational Rights Of Children

From the time Betsy Devos attended college she has been considered a reformer. Politics have always been of importance to her and she has been active in many different aspects for thirty years. In 2006, the Governor of Michigan was her husband Dick Devos. The couple devotes a great deal of their time to finding solutions for problems in society. Betsy Devos involves herself with worthwhile charities and non-profit organizations and has made a positive difference throughout her career. At heart she is also a great philanthropist and has donated her time and resources to her passions. Educational reform is one of the cornerstones of her generosity.Betsy Devos remains positive about the progress she has seen in educational reform throughout the years. There are a lot more students participating in the available programs and the concept is gaining in popularity. She believes this is because the traditional schools are no longer working and many of them have begun to fail. Her involvement was not the result of an isolated incident but rather a gradual immersion over time.

Her children were still in school and she wanted the children from low income families to have the same options as her own children. Her husband supported her and in 1990 Dick Devos won his election into Michigan’s State Board of Education.The 11th Secretary of Education for the United States was Betsy Devos. Education policy has been a driving factor in her life for almost thirty years. She strongly believes all children have the right to a quality education. This belief was rooted in her childhood because her mother was a school teacher. When her own children began attending school she realized equal opportunity for education was not something available to all of the kids in America. This was when her fight for educational choice began and she has been striving to provide the nation with better options ever since.

Betsy Devos has worked with at-risk children and her interactions with these kids and their families changed both her perspective and her life. She empowers parents, fights for quality education, and believes all students have the right to obtain an excellent education. She has been responsible for the creation of new options in the educational system and firmly believes incomes and zip codes should never be the determining factor in the education any child receives. She is advocating for giving educational control back to the localities so parents are able to make the choice regarding the type of education their children receive. Her contributions have benefited numerous charities and her beliefs have changed the futures of so many children. She understands the connection between a good education and a successful future and continues to fight for the children.

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