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The People behind Avaaz

Originating from the Persian language, Avaaz is a modern day name used to refer to voice or song. This led to the adoption of the name to form a global activist organization. As of today, Avaaz is an American organization that has dedicated its resources and time to champion for people’s rights across the globe. The Avaaz organization is known for specializing with people from all walks of life. The groups they target are the ones that have been discriminated by the mainstream society. This means that the organization has represented social workers, drug users as well as the LGBT. According to their website, the Avaaz organization believes that weak people should be protected rather than being discriminated.

Avaaz is also active in other causes such as conflict resolution, poverty, and human rights. The organization is also notorious for its involvement in human rights and climate change issues affecting people. This has led to the group winning the credit of a UK based newspaper known as the Guardian. The Guardian referred Avaaz as one of the fastest growing organization on the internet that helps the oppressed. Avaaz was established in 2007 by a group of activists. Since then, the organization has maintained its headquarters in the US city of New York. Flickr Photos.

To achieve its goals, the organization is funded by its own members. Understanding the history of Avaaz is crucial to understanding how they function. For starters, Avaaz was established by two organizations namely Service Employees International Union and Other than ideas, these two organizations were crucial in funding its establishment. Up to date, it’s estimated that the Avaaz has managed to raise over $20 million in funding. Some of the people who are crucial to the day to day operation of the company include Eli Pariser, Rick Patel as well as David Madden.

Successes of Mr. Gregory Aziz in the National Steel Car Company

If you want to be successful in life, the roadmap is to be focused and determined. Mr. Gregory J Aziz and other people who have made it in life have done that exactly. Gregory James Aziz, also known as Greg James Aziz, James Aziz or Greg Aziz was born on April 30, 1949, in London, Ontario. He went to Ridley College then to the University of Western Ontario where he majored in Economics.


As many would do after completing their studies, (Securing a job for themselves) Mr. James Aziz though otherwise, going back to their family business in 1971, where at that time was a family wholesale food business, named Affiliate Foods. The company over the years grew to be a worldwide importer of fresh foods throughout Europe, Central, and South America. Also, it distributed its products to the renowned fresh food wholesale markets across the US, not forgetting Eastern Canada. Gregory J Aziz worked here.


Mr. Gregory James Aziz enthusiasm did not stop at their family business as he went on to work in the investment banking sector. Gregory J Aziz worked in several institutions in New York during the late 80s and early 90. At this time Gregory J Aziz was still strategizing on venturing into yet another ground-breaking endeavor, purchasing of the National Steel Car, a large rolling stock manufacturing company founded in 1912, and at the time being owned by Dofasco.

The purpose of James Aziz of buying this company was to transform the business to make it a North America’s leader in railroad freight car manufacturer. This dream was to be achieved through improvement, investment and growing on this company. Greg Aziz had leadership talent and skills which he had acquired while working in his previous fields. Greg Aziz dream turned out to be a success. Visit This Page.


Gregory James Aziz purchased the National Steel Car in 1994, and at the time the company had only around 600 workers, but with the Greg Aziz at the helm of its leadership, the company has since realized a significant increase in its workforce to more than 3000 employees. As the employee’s number goes up so is the company’s output, as initially only 3500 cars would be produced yearly. This figure in National Steel Car Company has since shot up to about 12,000 cars every year.


Since then the National Steel Car Company has shown no signs of retrogressing anytime soon. In fact, thanks to Mr. Gregory James Aziz and team’s efforts, now the company features in the top 3 manufacturing companies in Canada.


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Why Making Concessions remains a Priority for Felipe Montoro Jens

The need for establishing proper concessions in the current century is just inevitable. Why? It forms the basis of providing the vital sanitation services in a densely populated country like Brazil. In this regard, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens attests that most of these concessions should be generated from well-organized programs that also ensure that there is significant debate around water sector. In his argument, Mr. Montoro lauds the government due to its plans to make concessions through the partnership with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDS). If well configured, the plans will focus much on offering basic sanitation that the more than half of the population in Brazil seem to lack. Even as he pointed out to the inadequacy of water as a cause for limited financial resources to state companies, the truth in itself is the fact that water services are always disrupted. The disruption comes from the fact that a lot of waste hinder distribution of water services and in the long run, the companies have to incur a lot of expenses while clearing the wastes.

His specialization

As a specialist in policy-making, Mr. Jens Montoro has a keen interest in project development with a lot of bias in structured finance. As a holder of a Bachelor of business administration degree, and additional masters in International Management from Fundao and Thunderbird respectively, he has a good grasp of project development.

His Achievements

His short stint at Pricewaterhouse Coopers as an auditor and a consultant was a game changer for Mr. Montoro since he proved industrious and notably became a task force member for the performance review committee. The committee was charged with reviewing the satisfactory levels of the performance of private and public enterprises in enacting concessions. Additionally, he has always highlighted the benefits of enacting partnerships during the making of concessions since they aid in clearing goals encountered during proposal of various contracts.

Gregory Aziz Spearheads the National Steel Car into the Foremost Railroad Freight Car Manufacturer in North America

The Hamilton, Ontario-based National Steel Car prides itself on being one of the dominant railroad freight vehicle manufacturing and engineering companies across the global divide. In fact, the company has a reputation that spans more than 100 years as the top railroad tank and freight car manufacturer all over North America. Gregory James Aziz is the man behind steering the National Steel Car into its current success record. He holds the role of CEO, president, and chairperson of the company.


Greg James Aziz acquired his higher education from Ridley College before joining the University of Western Ontario where he specialized in economics. Later in 1971, he joined Affiliated Foods, his family’s wholesale food venture. For more than 16 years, the company expanded into an international importer of fresh foods from numerous parts of the world including Europe, South, and Central America. Moreover, Affiliated Foods gained distribution to the main fresh food markets in Eastern Canada and the United States.


Career Experience/Background


In the early 1980s and 90s, James Aziz was part of some investment banking ventures in New York. In fact, in 1994, he played an instrumental role in the buying of National Steel Car from Dofasco. His acquisition was led by the objective of changing the company into the leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars in North America. By 1999, the National Steel Car grew its manufacturing capacity from 3500 to 12000 cars yearly during purchase. Furthermore, the company’s employment rate during the same duration experienced growth from 600 to nearly 3000 people. Visit This Page.


Away from the National Steel Car, Gregory J Aziz and his wife, Irene, share a reputation for being sponsors of Canada’s most popular agricultural fair, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


National Steel Car


Thanks to the effort and commitment of James Aziz and his team, the National Steel Car is a leader in the manufacturing of railroad freight cars. As such, it manufactures thousands of cars every year. As the only ISO 9001:2008 railroad freight car manufacturing and engineering company, the National Steel Car has undergone many rounds of recertification for the past 18 years.

Since 1996, the National Steel Car has been a receipt of the TTX SECO utmost quality award. Aside from its operations, the company has displayed its concern for the community by supporting several charities including the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera and Theatre Aquarius among many others. Thousands of the company’s employees participate in its leading food drive as well as attending the National Steel Car Christmas Party every year.



Rodrigo Terpins’ High Achievements in Racing

The forty-year-old Brazilian rally driver Michel Terpins participated for the tenth time this year in the Sertões Rally. Michel Terpins is the current leader of the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship. Michel and his Brother Rodrigo Terpins’ passion for racing pushed them to form the Bull Sertões Rally Team. Both of them have participated in four seasons with T-Rex which is developed by MEM Motorsport. The team is fully sponsored by Xarla, Bull Sertões, and Eventos and has support from Terpins & Cintra Advogados, the MEM team, Motul, and Ohlins.

25th edition

Michel Terpins despite having to slow down during the 25th edition of the Sertões Rally’s third stage still managed to do quite well. Mr. Terpins together with his navigator Maykel Justo won two of the three stages in Prototypes T1. They were also in the top five fastest and forth in overall. The slowing down was due to a mechanical issue the car had and Michel being the best at what he does, decided to slow down to avoid more trouble with the car. His call was the right one because despite that they still managed to be among the best performing. The race was to be a three thousand three hundred kilometers scheduled to complete on the 26th.

Previous achievement

In the 24th edition, Michel Terpins won the second stage and were the fifth overall. It was the first time Michel worked with Justo, and they both had a lot of confidence in their abilities. Mr. Terpins commented that even though the second stage was awkward, they managed to perform quite impressive. Michel’s car also received the Carbon Free seal of the Green Initiative.


Michel Terpins is a passionate driver who embraces the challenges he faces in races because that is what build him. He made his debut in 2002 in the motorcycle category, and since then he has become better and better. He is an outstanding rally driver in Brazil because of his expertise and ability to know what choices to make at what time. Michel Terpins is a great role model for anyone who is aspiring to be a rally driver. You can search him on Google for more info.


Betsy Devos Makes Education Great Again

A good number of people are going to be talking about the changes that Betsy DeVos has made in the education system. It appears that many people are looking for her to make drastic changes in the way that children are educated, and it appears to be a good thing for so many people that have worried about the education system.


More people want to know exactly what it is going to take to make the education system better, but Betsy DeVos believes that she has already found the solution. I think that she is right on so many levels when it comes to creating more charter schools.


The education system is something that people have been trying to patch up for many years.

To me it makes much more sense for people to become acquainted with the education system changes because this is going to help many students that have not been reaching their full potential inside the school system. I think many people will appreciate the fact that she is actually trying to do something that can change the way that children are learning. It is time out for patches to be made to the education system. I think that Betsy DeVos knows this, and she wants to put her time into totally revamping this type of environment.


Betsy DeVos has proven herself to be a very interesting person that has a heart for education reform. She has put so much time into building an education foundation. She has made many great strides in creating an education system that would help many people see that there was more to the school system than the public schools.


I don’t know if there has ever been a time where people can really say that they’ve seen great improvements in the education system within the last 30 years. I think there has been a collapse in the system because there have been so many discrepancies in the way that children would be educated based on where they were from. This is something that Betsy DeVos hopes to correct. She wants children to have access to a great education system even if they are not in the best of neighborhoods. She believes that children should not be limited by their surroundings.

This is why she is fighting so hard for school vouchers and more charter schools.


I believe that she is onto something good with this type of plan, and it appears that she is going to see some of these changes during her role as a Secretary of Education. Betsy DeVos is working hard to change the way that people look at the education system that is currently in place today.


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The Intensification of Equities First Holding and its Operational Strategies

Being g among the best forms internationally in the dealing with the loans that are based on stock, the Equities First Holdings has undergone tremendous expansion and growth. This has enabled it to extend its business operations to a total of nine different countries internationally. The firm’s capability in line with innovation and the provision of remedies to address the business challenges present. The solutions have accelerated it to the position it currently holds in which it serves as a lending alternative that is international and more information click here.

It was in the year 2002 when this global cooperation initially began operating. The objective from the start was to avail the global scale provision of loan services. Notably, credit form is the way in which the EFH lending services would be catered for. This made it possible for their clienteles to get the loans that they needed. The stocks under public trade served as the loans securities.

The priority of the EFH Capital ascertaining that they entirely satisfactorily addresses the clienteles’ needs via ensuring that all are accordingly served. The low requirements to qualify for the loans by the company is the reason behind the popularity. This is the measure that has significantly raised the portfolio of the client in addition to its international popularity and learn more about Equities First.

Since the establishment of its foundation, its specialization has been in the developing the innovative services that facilitate liquidity at the terms that are quite attractive. Such has a backup consisting of not only a secured but also an open procedure towards its clienteles and Equities First Holdings lacrosse camp.

Consequently, the clients who gain the most benefit with EFH are probably those who have the objective to finance certain business. This is enhanced through the provision of the quickly required working funds. It is also a better alternative in comparison to the banks particularly for those in need of the start-up capital.

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Investment Advice from Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a successful investor. Igor Cornelsen is the proprietor of Bainbridge Inv Inc. He has also worked in top positions at several banks in Brazil. He is very knowledgeable about investments on commodities and companies following his adverse experience in the field. He has used his experience to guide many investors in making long term investments that are rewarding. For example, there are stocks that one can purchase at a cheap price and are guaranteed to make profit. He also offers advice to firms that are facing financial distress on the best exit strategies to implement.

Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker and has managed some of the largest banking institutions of the world. Igor advises people against investing in damaged companies and his investment tips are often featured in popular publications in the U.S like He joined Bainbridge Group in 2011, the company is located in Bahamas. Igor’s vision for Bainbridge is to come up with creative ways of investing in the stock market for future gains.

Bainbridge Group offers investment advice in the foreign exchange market. Under Cornelsen’s leadership, the firm has earned a good reputation and trust for providing expert investment advice. Investment decisions can be overwhelming and is also risky and difficult. If one does not clearly understand the market, they are likely to make wrong investment decisions that result in losses.

It is important to understand how each investment vehicle works. Another important factor to take note of is that risks cannot be eliminated but they can be reduced. Investors must constantly remind themselves that the purpose of investment is to make money and that losing it is not an option. Therefore, if an investment is costing too much but not bringing in returns, one should pull out immediately. Another important advice that Cornelsen offers investors is the essence of time. This is one of the most critical elements of all investments. There is no right time for investment, instead, one should invest as soon as possible. Bainbridge Group also reminds investors to diversify their portfolios as much as possible. This will improve their ability to earn more revenue from different sources.

The contribution of Gregory James Aziz to the National Steel car


By the time that Gregory James Aziz was taking over as the CEO of National Steel Cr, the rate of production was very low. There was a low workforce, and this affected the annual sales of the company. Gregory James Aziz is a professional with a background in Economics from the University of Western Ontario. His astute contribution to the building of the company is developed from his rich academic qualification and the experience received from working in his family food company. Greg’s family focused on food production and sales within the location before having the idea of expanding its operations. After his graduation, Aziz helped the family to set a bigger dream and to become a competitive force in the market. After four years of his contribution to the family business, the food company has expanded its operation from Canada to the entire North America and parts of Europe.

Gregory J Aziz’s contribution in production increase

Having joined the National Steel Car in 1994, Greg Aziz made drastic changes that led to the improvement of the performance. First, he oversaw the successful purchase of the company from Dofasco. It was from this contribution that he earned his position as the chief executive officer. By the time he took over as the CEO of the company, there were only about 600 employees. James Aziz’s intention was to make the company to compete internationally and not just to focus on the local market. Five years after taking over as the CEO, the number of employees had increased from 600 to about 3000 people. Consequently, this increase further improved the production rate. When James Aziz took over in 1994, the company could only produce about 3500 cars in a year. The figure increased to more 12000 in five years. This was a remarkable improvement in the recorded profitability.

The market dominance

From the point of its purchase, the National Steel Car only served a specific area in Canada. Greg Aziz had a dream of making it the leading manufacturer in North America. Currently, the company manufactures the major car components in North America and part of Europe. Because of the outstanding quality of manufacturing, National Steel Car has constantly received its ISO certification as the best manufacturer for the last two decades. This influence is as a result of proper planning and good market focus. Through the positive leadership of Gregory Aziz, the company works under good motivation and a dream to be the largest component manufacturing industry in the world.



Lessons to learn from Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a renowned entrepreneur in Switzerland. He is the CEO of Swiss Startup Factory, an organization that helps upcoming entrepreneurs to navigate the process of growing startups effortlessly. With the success he has achieved, let’s look at some of the advice that Mike Baur gives to entrepreneurs who want to follow the route of success.

At the top, Mike acknowledges that nothing in his career was coincidental. He had all figured out early enough. He knew that only the banking sector would give him the knowledge he needed on financial management and investment. This is the knowledge that he intended to use to build his own companies later in life. True to his plans, it panned out as he had projected. So, to the upcoming entrepreneur, it’s important to first choose a career that will add you knowledge and experience in the field you wish to venture in later. This act of looking for experience purposefully is the wisest decision you can take directed towards shaping your future investments.

Secondly, as an entrepreneur, you need to be dynamic and one who can adapt to changing environments. Mike Baur left the banking industry since he felt that the industry was not adopting new socioeconomic factors that were happening in the industry. Mike narrates that when he was beginning his career he wanted to learn as much as possible about the industry. The best way he could do this was by being a team player and looking to learn from colleagues and seniors. After learning the basic skills, he went on the offensive, challenging himself to come up with innovative ideas. He wanted to sharpen his commercial skills and learn how to navigate the sector on his own. This helped him to come up with ideas that would pass the test of time and would remain steadfast even when business dynamics seemed to change. Also while working in your career it is important to note the needs of clients. This will help you address such issues when you start your own. Note, it is important since these same clients could be potential clients for your own company. Mike acknowledges that his personal attributes towards previous clients in the banking industry played a major role in the growth of Swiss Startup Factory.

Finally, Mike Baur says that taking risk and readiness to face challenges head-on is part of an entrepreneurial mind. An entrepreneur must be aggressive. You must take action on any opportunity that arises. It is also important to embrace an open mind attitude when making business decisions.