Month: May 2017

Goettl Air Conditioning: Customer Service At Its Finest

When it comes to customer service, it is something that can be somewhat of a lost art in today’s world. The bottom line is that most people just don’t care. All they care about is the bottom line which is money. They don’t care how they get their money or if they are ripping off customers. Every day on the news or online, someone can read or watch a story about someone that feels as though money has literally been taken out of their pocket without any consequences. The companies keep making money while the customers are left with bad customer service and missing money.


That is why when Ken Goodrich took over Goettl Air Conditioning, he made it his top priority to make sure that the customers came first. He had daily meetings with his employees and made sure they were buying into what the company was all about and they knew what the mission was. He did not want anyone on the team that was not going to go the extra mile and someone that didn’t believe in what Goettl Air Conditioning stands for, so he knew he had to weed out the bad, keep the good, and hire a few new employees.


Four years in, customers are happier than ever. They love working with Goettl Air Conditioning as they are a fair, honest, and respectable company. It was not that way when the company was first bought by Ken Goodrich, which was not fault of his own, but he has made it his personal mission to fix the company and he has done just that. Business is booming, customers are happy, and everything is right once again in the world of Goettl Air Conditioning, which is refreshing to hear for the company and the customers as everyone wins.


Colby Rasmus Will Play First Game for Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays have never been big players in the free agent market. Being a small market team has required them to sign average free agents to cheap contracts. They continued that tradition last off-season when they signed veteran outfielder Colby Rasmus to a one-year contract for a very affordable $5 million. Rasmus can also earn incentives totaling $2 million if he reaches all of them. Unfortunately, Rasmus has not been a part of the team for the first month of the 2017 season. He had successful hip surgery during the off-season that he was still recovering from in April. Rasmus will now make his Rays debut.


Shane Peterson was designated for assignment in order to make room for Rasmus on the roster of the Rays. Manager Kevin Cash was very pleased with Peterson’s performance during April. Cash said that it would be great if Peterson would play in the minor leagues for the Rays. However, he wants another team to pick up Peterson so he has another chance to play in the Major Leagues.


Rasmus said that it took him longer to recover than he thought it would. There were no complications with the surgery. His body just needed longer to heal than the doctors anticipated. The Rays have done a very good job of scoring runs without Rasmus in the lineup. This has been a surprise because the Rays did not have a good offense last year. Rasmus hit 25 home runs in 2015 for the Houston Astros. That was the most home runs he had ever hit in a single season. He will he a solid power threat for the Rays if he is able to stay healthy.


Health has been a major concern for Rasmus throughout his entire career. He has only played more than 150 games once in his career. Manager Kevin Cash said they will be easing Rasmus into the lineup and giving him a light workload. Cash hopes that this will allow Rasmus to get acclimated to the grind of playing baseball every day. Rasmus will be given a couple of days off each week until Cash feels that Rasmus is strong enough to play in the outfield every day. Cash said that Rasmus will also be seeing some time at designated hitter during the next few weeks.


New Clinical Trials Show Positive Treatment Results

Results of a new clinical trial provides evidence that in high doses of immunosuppressive therapy followed by transplantation of a person’s own blood stem cells can induce sustained remission for multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that attacks a patient’s nervous system.After a five-year study 69% of trial patients survive without a relapse or any new brain lesions. During the trial period the participants did not take any MS medications because the MS drugs was causing a lower success rate during the trial.The trial, called HALT-MS, was sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. In December 2014, three years worth of trial research was published and in the following month of February it was placed online at the medical Journal of American Academy of Neurology.

Through extended findings the trial was able to conclude that 1 treatments could be more effective than long term treatment from some of the best medications for MS.MS has a wide variety of symptoms that may include speech difficulties, weakness, fatigue and chronic pain. The most common form of MS is relapsing-remitting. This is characterized by periods of mild symptoms that flare up every so often.The treatment aims to prevent the disability by removing the cells that cause the immune system to reset and flare up. Five years after the trial participants was able to remain in remission and keep the MS stabilized enough to recover physically.

As we all know, neurologist play a very important part in the research and development to cure MS. A well-known neurologist named Shiva GopalVasishta plays a very vital part in all this. He practices in Voorhees and in 1979 he graduated from the government Medical College. Shiva GopalVasishta has been practicing for over 40 years and is very diverse in the field of Neurology. He is closely associated with the Kennedy University Hospital. Dr. Shiva GopalVasishta accepts a wide variety of insurance plans such as Aetna and Horizon Blue Cross Shield. He is a certified neurologist that speaks two languages: English and Spanish. He is among one of the champions fighting against MS and encourages positive results of MS Treatment.

E-governe, Service at your Finger Tips

Technology has come as a major blessing to many countries across the globe. Towns and municipalities all over the world have taken note of the need for technology so as to improve revenue collection and service delivery. As a result, the Municipality of Teresina has integrated the use of technology in health so as to facilitate efficiency in the existing government systems on To date, the Municipality of Teresina boasts of an online portal where residents of this great locality can access medical care at their convenience. Although the system is relatively new, plans are underway to make e-governe more accommodating to users as well as efficient in use.

By using the e-governe tool, the municipality will be able to manage its human resource better, so as to ensure an increase in employee productivity. In the same accord, City Hall will be able to gauge the performance of various government officials based on customer reviews. In so doing, cases of redundancy will undergo elimination. Through the portal, clients will be able to get in touch with people of higher authority so as to have issues regarding personal health and education solved. By you using the e-governe system, you will be in a position of scheduling medical appointments from the comfort of your home. As a result, cases of unforeseen queues will be a thing of the past. Hence, the introduction of e-governe is a step in the right direction. Because of improved Medicare, people will rarely die from diseases that can easily be controlled thus reducing the nation’s annual mortality rate.

By the help of e-governe, the municipal government of Teresina can now schedule vaccination days with great accuracy. Since people today are tech-savvy, they can keep up with changing information. In so doing, they can easily learn about current health programs through the government portal as well as actively participate in them. Besides, the portal will help in the distribution of medical resources in marginalized areas within the municipality. If you need an ambulance, you can always access one through e-governe. E-governe also allows you to gain quick access to hospitals and bed facilities thus helping save many lives in the process.

E-governe has so far brought so many state health and private agencies together since for better service delivery; the two organs have to co-exist. Apart from health, e-governe also incorporates education into its operations at For a very long time, quality education has been the backbone of the success of many towns and cities across the globe. Hence, Teresina is no exception. E-governe has brought a lot of independence and accountability in systems that once faced a lot of corruption. Institutions under this system of governance presently boast of improved standards of service delivery as well as an increase in revenue generation. Also, cases of quack professionals have been discouraged thus reducing the risk of human endangerment especially when people sought the services of underqualified personnel without ever suspecting. Therefore, e-governe has created an environment where both civilians and the government can benefit.

Tampa Bay Gets Juices Flowing With O.J. Howard

It looks like the Buccaneers found some great refreshment with their 19th draft pick when they selected Alabama tight end O.J. Howard.


The 6’6″, 251-lb. Howard is described by as an “exceptionally gifted athlete” Howard can put a lot of pressure on a defense. He has speed and acceleration and can create separation. He can catch balls that are badly thrown or contested and can line up anywhere on the field. He’s a huge target and also proficient at blocking. Whew!


Because he’s a total package, Howard was expected to be the rare tight end who went in the first 10 picks. The Bucs were a little surprised that he lasted until number 19 and were considering a trade up to get him. But they decided to see how it went, and their patience paid off. GM Jason Licht said, “We’re beyond excited about him.” He added that, “it was a little bit of a pipe dream…I have a feeling a lot of teams were probably after him.”


In fact, the Bucs got pretty nervous between the 11th and 18th picks, expecting Howard to get plucked from their grasp any time. There was a collective sigh of relief after the Titans made the 18th pick. Licht explained how the Buccaneers determine which players to focus on. “We don’t set our boards based on the mocks,” he said. “Before the draft we have a lot of meetings where we say, ‘Which players have to be there you’re not even going to consider trading back? Which players would you consider moving up for?’…He was obviously one guy that we weren’t going to trade back for”


Howard was a big playmaker at Alabama, especially in 2015, where he caught 38 passes for 602 yards. In the 2016 national championship game, he was named Offensive MVP, with 208 receiving yards and two touchdowns on five catches. Even so, Bucs coach Dirk Koetter thinks he was underused by the Tide.


But not now, since, along with Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson and Cameron Brate, the Bucs have some O.J. to pour on the yardage.


Greg Finch, The Top Orthopedic Surgery, And Two Major Orthopedic Surgeries

Orthopedic surgery is a type of surgery that involves the muscle and skeletal systems of human being. The doctors specialized in orthopedic surgery use both nonsurgical procedure and surgical to treat skeletal and muscle problems. The form of surgery performed will significantly depend on the extent of the injury.


Various procedures are most commonly done in orthopedic surgery. In most of the cases, related joints are most often caused by accident injuries. Also, other individuals undergo this same kind of procedures are athletes. But of course, anyone can suffer and be in need of orthopedic surgery to heal the injury. In this era, there are two orthopedic surgeries which are of great importance.


Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction


This is a form of surgery carried out to reconstruct and mend the ligament when it dismantles or raptures. Anterior Cruciate Ligament is the foremost ligament that makes the knee stable. It’s very hard for a knee to rapture, so for one’s ligament to rupture h/she must have put his/her knee to shear force on the joint which can obviously make the knee to turn the opposite way.

The procedure is technical but quite simple in the eye; the surgeon removes the ruptured ligament and uses tissue from you or your donor to develop a new Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). The surgeon can opt to use a screw to hold the new ACL for him to attach it to the bone.




Is another orthopedic procedure that is mainly used to minimize the size of the thyroid cartilage. This is the most suitable procedure to carry to people who wish to remove the laryngeal prominence or Adam’s apple.


One of the best-known orthopedic surgeons is Greg Finch. Currently, Greg is operating as an orthopedic surgeon in Australia at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Greg obtained his undergraduate degrees at the University of Auckland have a Bachelor of Surgery and Bachelor of Medicine. Therefore Finch is an approved orthopedic surgeon who his primary focus is on spinal surgery.


The Ubuntu Model and Andre Rolfe

Succeeding in the business world is tough. You have to fight competition, yourself, and the ever changing marketplace. Now imagine how hard it is to succeed as a non profit. All of those problems we mentioned above are magnified by the fact that you rely on generous benefactors to keep your company afloat. Jacob Lief, the founder and chief executive of the Ubuntu Fund, knows firsthand how all of these problems can compound into one big issue. Lief fortunately came up with something most people haven’t gotten to yet: a game changing solution — the Ubuntu Model.


Jacob Lief was speaking at the World Economic Forum when he came to a sudden and swift realization: “It was nonsense. The money was flowing in but we weren’t changing people’s lives.” Lief was speaking, of course, about his work with the Ubuntu Education Fund — a charity that focuses on improving the lives of impoverished children in South Africa. Lief knew that something needed to change and so he approached Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the team on the board. Andrew Rolfe and co were receptive of Lief’s decision to change gears. The Ubuntu Model was growing.


So what exactly IS the Ubuntu Model? Well, Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the group at the Ubuntu Education Fund would put it like this. The Ubuntu Model focuses on streamlining donations by only accepting those from high net worth individuals and well established family foundations. Now, why was this decision made? The Ubuntu Education Fund was running into red tape issues with their benefactors. Donations would come in but they would be tagged to a specific cause that the Ubuntu Fund couldn’t accomplish or didn’t need the money for. As a result the Ubuntu Fund was struggling to keep themselves going despite a surplus of income.


Now Andrew Rolfe would be the first to admit that the Ubuntu Model slows down donations. After all, they are being much more particular about who they accept from. Still, the donations that are coming in can make it exactly where they need o go. This is a profound difference and one that is changing lives.


Buccaneers Look to Get Playmakers in Draft

Tampa Bay finish the 2017 Draft with a bevy of big strong selections, hoping that they have the keys to get back to the playoffs. The team sought out game changers that will take them to the top of the NFC South.


When Cameron Brate went down with a back injury against the Saints, the Bucs’ playoff hopes limped off the field with him. While Brate was productive last year as a pass catcher, his size will limit his ability to become an elite tight end in the NFL. Though tight end was not seen as a position of need for the Bucs, O. J. Howard was too good to pass up when he was still on the board at the 19th selection of the First Round. At 6-6, running a 4.5 40, Howard will be key in both Tampa Bay’s run and pass games, especially when teamed with Brate in a double tight-end set.


On the second day of the draft, the Bucs picked Justin Evans of Texas with the 50th pick. Evans may have gone earlier in the draft in another year. However, 2017 turned out to offer a deep class of defensive backs allowing Evans to still be around in the Second Round. Tampa Bay continued to improve the middle of the defense by trading the 125th and the 205th pick to get Kendall Beckwith of LSU in the Third Round. Beckwith, while talented, is seen as future addition to the rotation as he is presently recovering from a torn ACL he suffered late last season.


In between the two defensive picks on the second day, Tampa Bay took Chris Goodwin from Penn State with the 84th pick. Goodwin was a standout wide receiver who fueled the Nittany Lions resurgence last year and is known being able to go and get the ball. His addition to the receiving corps gives Bucs’ quarterback, Winston, added choices and gives Tampa Bay insurance at the wide out.


Tampa Bay used their pick in the Fifth Round to take a running back, Jeremy McNichols from Boise State. McNichols was college football’s most prolific touchdown scorer over the last two season and gives the Bucs another receiver coming out of the backfield. Rounding out the draft, Tampa Bay took Stevie Tu’kolovatu from USC, a 6-1, 310 pound tank who was named the Rose Bowl’s defensive player of the game.



Ray’s Odorizzi Set to Return to the Starting Rotation on May 1st

The Tampa Bay Rays will welcome Jake Odorizzi back to the rotation on May 1st. Odorizzi left his last start on April 15th in Boston, with tightness in his right hamstring. It was a disappointing turn of events for Odorizzi and the Rays as he had just come off an impressive two-hit six-inning performance against the Toronto Blue Jays.



Since the injury occurred to his lower body, the Ray’s training staff has been able to keep Odorizzi’s arm fresh during the two-week period he has been shelved with the hammy issue. One aspect of his last full start was the 9 ground ball outs that Odorizzi recorded against the Jay’s power-laden lineup. It was a profound improvement over the first start of the season against the Yankees.



Odorizzi was not only taken out of the park twice in that April 4th opener, but 17 times he his pitches were taken out of the infield. While Odorizzi has posted moderately encouraging strikeout numbers during his career – 524 K’s in a total of 575 innings at the Major League level – he has seen relative success when he can keep the ball down in the strike zone. In each of the first two full starts, he also managed to finish 6 full innings using just over 100 pitches each time.



Odorizzi’s most successful stints in his career have all come when he pitches efficiently. Without an imposing lineup of hitters to put up a lot of runs, it’s going to be crucial for Tampa Bay to pitch efficiently. When any of the Ray’s top 5 starters miss a beat, that will put a burden on a suspect bullpen. They will not only have to make spot starts in the event of injury, but also work more innings when the starters cannot efficiently navigate their way into the late innings.


Erasmo Ramirez filled in admirably in two spot starts, taking Odorizzi’s turn in the rotation, but Ramirez is usually only good for 50 to 60 pitches, so without Odorizzi the middle relievers in the Ray’s bullpen have to carry an extra load. On Monday, the Rays will optimistically hope for the type of strong performance from Odorizzi, which was the reason why they traded him away from the Kansas City Royals in 2012. If the Ray’s pitching staff doesn’t overachieve in 2017, it could make for a long season at The Trop.


Bucs Beef Up Offense in 2017 Draft:

Jameis Winston certainly performed better in his sophomore season, connecting for 28 touchdown passes, 12 of them to Mike Evans. That helped Tampa Bay to a 9-7 record, its first season above .500 since 2010. However, they still missed out on the playoffs, as they have every year since 2007.


Despite the success of Winston and Evans, the Buccaneers offense overall was lackluster. Their 354 points scored was the fewest in the NFC South Division. Only five other teams in the entire conference put up fewer points in 2016.


But Tampa Bay coaches and staff believe this year’s draft helped them bring in the players needed to give their offense a much needed boost. It all starts with the team’s first selection (19th pick overall) in O.J. Howard. While Alabama came up short in the national title game against Clemson, Howard did all he could for the Tide cause with 106 receiving yards and a touchdown. Considered the top tight end in this year’s draft, he is not only an excellent receiver, but a top notch blocker.


Another target Tampa Bay got for Winston is Penn State receiver Chris Goodwin in the Third Round (84th overall). Some might wonder how other teams passed over him as he garnered over 2,400 receiving yards in three seasons with the Nittany Lions along with 18 touchdowns, 11 of them last season. Bucs coaches like Goodwin’s maturity and the way he can adjust on the fly. He also shined in every bowl game he played in for Penn State, with more than 130 yards in the 2014 Pinstriple Bowl, the 2015 TaxSlayer Bowl, and last season’s Rose Bowl, where he recorded 187 receiving yards and two touchdowns against USC.


With their Fifth Round pick, the Bucs got a running back, they hope, can compliment Doug Martin. Jeremy McNichols of Boise State scored 43 rushing touchdowns over the past two seasons. Along with a great ground game, McNichols also has great hands, reeling in ten touchdown catches and recording 934 receiving yards in two seasons for Boise State.


Should all these picks pan out, coupled with quality returners in the backfield, the Bucs could have one of the top offenses in the league.