Andrew Rolfe And His Role With Ubuntu Fund (UPDATED)

UPDATED June 9th 2017– Andrew Rolfe raises money with Ubuntu Fund, full story here:


Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the board of directors of Ubuntu Fund, and he is part of a much larger mission that ensures all donations to the children of South Africa are given without restrictions. This article explains how he has become one of the finest men in all of education in the country, and it shows what a commitment he has made to helping these children learn. Andrew Rolfe is giving much of his life’s work to ensuring underprivileged kids are given the education they deserve.


#1: What Is Ubuntu Fund?

Ubuntu Fund is an education foundation that Andrew Rolfe helps to run, and it gives money to schools and programs across South Africa that serve children. Each child is in a position where they would not receive an education otherwise, and Andrew ensures that all the children are given what they need to survive in the real world. The money that is raised for the group comes with no strings attached, and that is a part of the mission.


#2: The Funding For Better Schools

Andrew Rolfe and his compatriots at the Ubuntu Fund do not allow their large donors to put any restrictions on the money they give. They want to have freedom to give to the children of the nation of South Africa, and Andrew believes that the children benefit more when they are allowed to learn without worrying about how their learning will be funded.

The career and mission of Andrew Rolfe is to help people, and he serves that purpose quite well as the leader of the Ubuntu Fund. He is giving back every day to kids in South Africa who need an education, and he is showing them that there is a way to get on in the world give the proper education.


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