Linemen Get the Knack, Questions Get on Track, Will Jacquizz Be Back?

At Bucs GM Jason Licht’s press conference, questions came up about young offensive linemen learning the spread offense. Can prospects really develop in a pro-style offense? Can coaches tell if they’re developing? Some people say no. Licht said, “That theory has been going around for a while now.”


But, although it may be difficult to evaluate young players in a spread offense, he said it can be done. “It makes it a little more challenging to look for an offensive lineman or see him in positions that we ask for in our offense,” Licht commented, “but it still boils down to: you want an athletic guy, you want a guy that has strength and power, is smart, has good movement.” If you have these things, Licht added, you may have to see players develop a little at a time, but you can still see it.


The Bucs have been hard at work scouting players at the combine, and Licht was asked what kind of questions are posed to prospects there. Licht said they’re all tailored to the individual. Scouts can conduct 15-minute interviews with all 60 combine players, and probably no two sets of questions will match; the questions are based on careful research done on each prospect. “Our scouts spend a lot of time and do an amazing job gathering information on every player,” Licht said.


Finally, is Doug Martin’s talented fill-in Jacquizz Rodgers coming back? Last year, Rodgers led the team in rushing with 560 yards. He averaged 4.3 yards per carry and scored 2 touchdowns. He also totaled 98 yards in receptions “We really like Jacquizz,” Licht said. “In an ideal situation, we’d love to have Jacquizz back.”


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