Lovers of Haters

It’s hard trying to click with someone when they love everything you hate. Social media dating apps like Bumble and Tinder only pair you to people you find physically attractive, but what about those people who are hot but love that one politician you can’t stand? Good news everyone, now there’s an app for that! tells us about a new app called Haters, that pairs you with people who have the same dislikes as you, instead of weirdos who are simply attractive. Let’s face it, looks aren’t everything! Haters evaluates your personal likes, loves, dislikes, and hates and uses that as you “profile” which is used to pair you to other people with similar profiles. But don’t fret, you can still swipe like we all know you love to do on Tinder. On Haters, swipe up to love, swipe right to like, swipe down to hate, and swipe left to dislike. Do you absolutely hate Trump? Swipe down! Do you love Gossip Girl more than anything? Swipe up!

Are you anti-online dating? No worries, in a few months time Haters won’t be just for online dating anymore! You’ll be able to use it as a way to make friends in your area that have the same views or likes/dislikes that you do. That also takes off some of the pressure for those who are looking for relationships, as it won’t be as awkward anymore. Ready to find a lover who’s a hater of the same things you are! Get Haters today!


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