Kenneth Goodgame Batters the Competition

The expertise and experience of Kenneth Goodgame’s have earned him the merchandising concept expert title. In his career, he strives to combine smart business energy, innovative marketing and merchandising in his specialization of million and billion-dollar OEM excellence creation. Goodgame capitalizes on his capacities to encourage quality improvements, growth through leadership, and the enhancements of productivity and composed negotiations.

Through his wealth of experience, Kenneth Goodgame has gained a veteran eye that enables him to study the market trends and avoid mistakes that could cost him significantly. His focus on delivering a balanced employee engagement, corporate alignments, quality assurance systems and corporate alignment has played a great role in his successful performance and profitability.

Mr. Kenneth Goodgame worked as the True Value Hardware Corporation’s SVP and Chief Merchandising Officer of since 2013 to 2015. There he raised he raised the cooperatives saving from 2% to over 10% per year. He is one of the most influential Operations Management leaders. From 2010 to 2013, Mr. Goodgame served as the General Merchandising manager of the Ace Hardware Corporation, Oak Brook.

On Wednesday, the 9th of November 2013 The True Value restructured its logistics, supply chain, and global distribution network. Also, the company improved productivity by adding three executives to its team of leadership. The move came up as new tactical goals to attract new operators of their retails to proliferate their new stores and raising the profits of their existing retailers. Mr. Tim Mills was appointed to be the vice president for the True Value’s growth who had a resourceful background in strategic development, hardware sales, and operations.

Ken Goodgame who previously served the Ace Hardware was hired to be the cooperation’s chief marketing officer to take over Mike Clark’s position after he retired. The cooperative also appointed Mr. Abhinsav Shukla as the cooperatives chief operating officer and the SVP of operations. Abhinsav Shukla has experienced in the financial development, operational performance and in the supply chain management globally as a former business consultant.

True Value Cooperative has its destination at the heart of its strategic goals. The cooperative has over 4000 independent retailers around the globe. To achieve the cooperative’s goals, the cooperative has assured the Destination True Value model expansion all support on finances. The President and the Chief Executive Officer of the True Value Mr. John Hartman is ensuring the viability of independent community hardware retailer through focusing the whole organizations on their future.

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