Tampa’s South Florida Bulls Are About To Make USF History

There is the “company line” practiced by USF’s coaches and even players, which is that every game is important to the team. Privately, some have admitted that the upcoming week for Florida State, which is now ranked only 13th. This is in spite of the reality that the upcoming games could well improve the future of the Bulls.

Keeping the team on a steady weekly routine is probably the best approach for a team in their position. It is true that the conference title is still within the Bulls’ reach, regardless of whether the coming game is won or not. The reality is that the Bulls are about to enter prominence with such prestige that the Power Five could well be in reach. The upcoming game is 230th in the history of the USF, and promises to be the most important game the team has ever won. This will be much bigger for the team and their fans than the big win in 2007 against West Virginia or the triumph in 2009.

The reasons to believe this are simple: game attendance is way up, the team has been greatly expanded, and Florida’s stature in sports has been gaining steadily. Recent games have had more than 36,550 people in attendance. The upcoming FSU game sold over 57,000 tickets. This is expected to be the biggest game in USF history. As long as the FSU game is entertaining, it does not matter if the Bulls actually lose. The win will be in the income for the team from the great, and not traditional, attendance. These days, getting increased attendance is paramount. Who knows how far it could go. The Bulls might even end up in the Big 12.

For the Bulls and all their fans, all games in these trying times are proof of viability of the USF’s Big 12. The team’s past performance, especially in their thrilling win against Notre Dame in the first game of 2011. Nothing will set a bright future so well as the Bulls winning in an upset that might well lead to the Power Five. Read more about this story on Tampa Bay Sports.

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