Month: June 2016

Steven Stamkos, Tampa Bay Lightning Still Apart in Contract Talks as Free Agency Approaches

Tampa Bay Lightning captain Steven Stamkos and his current employers, the Tampa Bay Lightning are reportedly still not close in contract negotiations. Stamkos, 26, has appeared in 569 games for the team that drafted him with the first overall pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft. He has twice won the “Rocket” Richard Trophy as the leagues leading goal scorer in his time in Tampa. The Lightning have been trying their best to sign the five time all-star,but there is an important deadline coming up that could potentially stand in their way.

On June 25, unrestricted free agents like Stamkos can listen to offers from teams other than the ones that hold their negotiating rights. This could throw a real wrench in the works of the Tampa Bay Lightning, who have been reported to have offered Stamkos a contract worth $84 Million that would average about $8.5 Million per year. it is believed, however, that Stamkos could make sense for a lot of teams to sign. USA Today made out a list of the six teams that would make the most sense for him to end up on. Though, it is believed that the Detroit Red Wings are the most probable location for Stamkos to end up, that is, if he doesn’t already re-sign with Tampa Bay. Stamkos has already voiced that he wants to stay in Tampa because of “unfinished business”.

Still only speculation at this point, but for Lightning fans, the suspense won’t end until their captain is back in Tampa for the forseeable future.


Recently, NexBank did its fair share in the community by acting as the sponsors and presenters of the Lemonade Day Greater Dallas. The event involved the youth setting up lemonade stands across the Metroplex. The goal of the event was to educate young individuals on the aspects of beginning, owning and running a company through a basic classic business model. The company expressed glad in sponsoring the event it had played a part in nurturing future minds of the financial industry.

Formerly known as Heritage Bank, NexBank thrives in the provision of banking and financial products and services. It branches its main principle into three core businesses, which are commercial banking, investment banking, and mortgage banking. The company renders its services primarily to corporations, financial institutions, institutional clients and individuals in the entire of United States of America.

NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

The company strives to deliver through the incorporation of industrial leadership and unprecedented commitment to its clients. John Holt, the current President and Chief Executive Officer of NexBank Capital Inc., employs teamwork which combines various insights and ideas from the various creative minds. In doing so, the bank is simply undisputed in offering quality services that ensure the clients feel valued.

The Lemonade Day expressed on qualities of entrepreneurs and leadership. The event was to make the youth realize their true potential, and develop skills that would shape the future financial industry. In the words of NexBank’s Executive Vice President, “supporting these young entrepreneurs will help train the next generation of Dallas business leaders.”

NexBank also made a huge stride after acquiring College Savings Bank of Princeton, New Jersey. Having concentrated on college savings since 1987, the College Savings Bank was allowed to operate as a division of NexBank, while keeping its name and brand.

From making huge strides by offering financial advice to major institutions, to making lesser ones by motivating the youth, NexBank has simply done more than its fair share in the societies. This, nonetheless, doesn’t seem to be the peak of excellence for this ever growing company.

Tim Brown Set to Establish a Professional Football Career after Signing with Tampa Bay

Tim Brown’s dream of playing in the NFL turned into a reality after signing with Tampa Bay Buccaneers on April 30, 2016. Brown graduated from Upper Darby High School and Joined West Chester University. When Brown transferred from Delaware County Community College to West Chester in 2012, his American football career started thriving. He executed moves that surprised defenders of opponent teams as well as his fellow teammates at West Chester University. The Upper Darby product joins the Buccaneers as a free agent. Upon transferring from DCCC in 2012, no one in the whole of West Chester University knew Brown could play American football. In fact, he missed his first match under veteran coach, Bill Zwaan.

Tim Brown views

According to Brown, he received the call from Buccaneers as the seventh round was about to end. He will be playing either at the tight end or fullback position. However, he can play some bit of the two positions. Fourteen teams intended to sign Brown, but his goal was to play for Buccaneers. When the call came in, he accepted the offer and completed the transfer process without giving any other NFL team a chance.

Brown has struggled to make it to the NFL. Having a learning disability throughout high school and still making it to the West Chester University, was a huge stride for Brown. In a single season at West Chester, Brown broke several record and set new records especially for yards. Towards the end of his college career, Brown broke his leg. Although his collegiate career ended due to the broken leg, his love for the game and willingness to establish a professional football career never ended. After few months, he was back on the field practicing so hard.

Securus rolls out a mobile visitation app

Incarceration is a frustrating process for the state, the prisoner, and the family. No one is happy to see people go to prison, but when crimes are committed justice must be served. Prison is meant to help rehabilitate the individual, and a critical aspect of this rehabilitation is to stay in contact with family and friends. Prisoners have the right to stay in touch with their family, and they need to remember that they have a life on the outside to go home to. Getting adequate visitation used to be difficult for family members that lived far away from the prison, but technology is changing the nature of visitation. Watch campaign here:
Securus technologies is one the breaking edge of prison technology. They are constantly looking for solutions to the prison industries technological issues. One problem they have remained focused on for several years is visitation. Securus wants to make it easy for family members to visit with their loved ones. After years of development, Securus recently unveiled their new mobile visitation app.

The mobile visitation app is a major break through in visitation, says PR In the past, family members would have to visit their incarcerated love one in prison or wait on a phone call. This new app allows friends and family to visit with just the touch of a button. The app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems. The app will forever change the way that prisons and people think about visitation.

Using the app is simple. First, the family member must download the app. Then, they visit the Securus Online scheduling site, Users log in with their Securus e-mail address, and then they simply pick a time for their visit. When it’s time for the visit, the visitor makes sure they have a great connection and then they enjoy a wonderful visit with their loved one.

The Securus mobile visitation app is great for families and the incarcerated, but prisons are giving it rave reviews as well. The app reduces the need for extensive computer hardware, which allows prisons everywhere to reduce their costs. All prisons need is a tablet and a great wi-fi hotspot. Prisons also enjoy the decreased need for visitation space. Securus America is extremely optimistic about the future for their mobile visitation app.

Securus has a rich history in the prison communication industry, and they hope to be an industry leader for years to come.



Tampa Bay Lightning Hire Assistant Coach Todd Richards

After a disappointing Stanley Cup bid this season by losing to the red hot Pittsburgh Penguins in seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Tampa Bay Lightning front office is slowly making some changes in order to get back to playoffs and return to the Cup finals in 2017 and do something they haven’t done since 2004: win it all!

According to, the Lightning have decided to hire 49 year-old Todd Richards as an assistant coach, thus replacing Steve Thomas, who spent the previous two seasons under Tampa Bay’s head coach John Cooper. Richards is capable of bringing the type of leadership that comes with extensive experience, having most recently coached the Columbus Blue Jackets and previously being an assistant coach for the Minnesota Wild. With over 400 games of NHL coaching experience under his belt, Richards has also been involved with San Jose, Pittsburgh, and Nashville as well.

With such a young and talented group of players such as Stamkos, Johnson, Hedman, Kucherov, and net-minder Ben Bishop, Richards should have no problem connecting with the team’s young core and seasoned veterans as well. Although Richards was a front-runner as an assistant coach for a handful of other NHL teams, he may have made the wisest decision of all by heading to Tampa. When asked about his new gig, Richards had this to say: “The people that I respect in the NHL, the people that I lean on – GMs and coaches – all had great things to say about the organization.”

Duda Melter: A Man of Innovation and Change

Duda Melzer is the President of a Brazilian multimedia, communication conglomerate known as Grupo RBS. Group RBS was founded by Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho and produces multimedia content for digital, radio, television and newspaper platforms. Duda, known by his birth name Eduardo, now leads his family’s enterprise. He has a strong presence in the world of business, and is a dynamic, innovative individual who is keenly aware of the many challenges that face businesses today. His knowledge and experience of media development is an asset. His vision, as well as the vision for his company, is achieving corporate objectives without compromising the values they identify and distinguish. Their values guide their actions, their decisions, and their relationships with others.

Duda Melzer understands that successful companies must adapt and change. He is committed to the continuous growth of his family’s company. To ensure its expansion into the future, he has transformed and consolidated both the leadership and the operations at Grupo RBS, and has shown the corporate landscape that in order to evolve, firms must be ready and willing to adapt. One of the ways in which RBS Grupo will transform the face of communication industry is through digital entertainment. Their digital business e.Bricks focuses on the future of digital media, e-commerce and mobile apps.
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Rays Beat Diamondbacks by 6-4

Rays Take Advantage of Diamondbacks Robbie Ray

Being in any sport is a learning process and if you’re young it takes time. Arizona Diamondbacks starting pitcher Robbie Ray is learning this courtesy of the Tampa Bay Rays.

On Monday night the Tampa Bay Rays traveled across the country to Phoenix to play a series against the Diamondbacks, and came away with a win as the Rays beat the Diamondbacks in a 6-4 win. Much of the controversy surrounding the loss was on Robbie Ray, whose struggles seem to flare up particularly the fifth innings in games.

During the game, Ray held the Rays to only two hits over the course of the first three innings. Although he started hot, the Rays eventually put up a run in the fourth inning with three straight singles to help them out. By the time the fifth inning came around, Tampa Bay’s second basemen Tim Beckham knocked out a home run, with Ray walking out two hitters afterwards. What ended his night was surrendering an RBI to Desmond Jennings.

On the other side of the ball, the Rays managed to snag a 5-2 lead by the sixth inning, and Rays left fielder Jennings hit a home run in the seventh inning and by this point the Rays were up with a 6-2 lead. Rays starting pitcher Chris Archer managed twelve strikeouts, but allowed three runs and five hits over his six total innings in the game, suggesting afterwards that he wanted to do more.

Members of Tampa Bay’s Football Team Mourn Muhammad Ali’s Passing

The recent death of Muhammad Ali, a three-time world heavyweight boxing title holder, prompted many members of Tampa Bay sports teams to express public condolences. Born on January 17, 1942, Muhammad Ali became a professional boxer in 1960. He enjoyed a remarkable career as an athelete. He passed away on June 3rd, 2016.

Early in his career as a professional athlete, Muhammed Ali (then called “Cassius Clay”) won the world heavyweight title during a highly publicized match against Sonny Liston in Miami. He later lost his title in a punitive administrative action when he refused to submit to the military draft and serve in the Army during the Vietnam War. Later, while still in his early 30s, an advanced age for boxing, Muhammad Ali regained the world heavyweight title during a match against George Foreman. He briefly lost the title again to Leon Spinks, but regained it once more in 1978. Shortly afterwards he retired. A subsequent attempt to return from retirement proved unsuccessful. Although his actions sparked controversy on some occasions, he enjoyed widespread popularity. During his retirement, he often made public appearances on behalf of civic and charitable causes.

Football star and Tampa Buccaneer’s receiver Mike Evans recently posted comments online describing Muhammed Ali as one of the “greatest and most inspirational” sports athletes in history. Derrick Brooks, a former linebacker for the team, commemorated Muhammed Ali’s career, noting that while his “heart hurt” at his passing, Muhammad Ali accomplished significant changes in the world during his lifetime.

Goettl Purchases Moore AC In Big Growth Move


Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the biggest and fastest growing companies in the Las Vegas area. The company recently purchased Moore Air Conditioning, a company that was over 50 years old, and will be adding all that knowledge to the Goettl Team. This move is another step in becoming the primary residential air conditioning service provider in the Las Vegas area, and the company has plans to grow the business roughly 50% in 2017. They also intend to source technicians through the College of Southern Nevada where air conditioning classes are one of the programs offered. Goettl is also involved in an endowment that forms the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Program, created by the company’s owner, Ken Goodrich, in honor of his father. He also sponsors the Kenneth D. Goodrich CSN Post-9/11 Veteran HVAC Employment Program that helps create job opportunities in his industry for veterans.

Goettl Air Conditioning was created back in 1939by Adam and Gust Goettl. They came to Las Vegas in 1968 and stayed in business there until 2007 when the recession took its toll and the company moved to Arizona. Ken Goodrich purchased the company in 2013 and in April of 2016 was able to bring the company back to his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. The company currently operates in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, and Southern California. More information on Goettl can be found here.

Goettl Returns To Vegas

Thanks to the efforts of Ken Goodrich, Goettl Air Conditioning, has re-established itself as a provider of air conditioning maintenance, repair, and replacement in the greater Las Vegas area.

Goettl Brand Returns to Vegas

The company re-opened in Vegas,in in April, and plans to expand throughout 2016. Mr. Goodrich, the company’s CEO, stated they plan on adding 50 employees over the course of the year and expand to 250 over the next three years. He also stressed the focus the company has on building not just jobs, but long-term careers. He also stated the company had an ongoing commitment to hiring veterans.
A top priority for Goettl is the education of their employees, not just when hired, but throughout their career. Because of this commitment, each of their technicians undergoes daily training.
Due to the inspiration of his father, Mr. Goodrich has also established The J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Program and the Kenneth D. Goodrich CSN Post-9/11 Veteran HVAC scholarship fund. these funds will provide the recipients with the skills necessary to begin a career in HVAC. These programs, once again, demonstrate his commitment to education.
Goettl was established in 1939. It was purchased in 2013, by Goodrich. After achieving success in Arizona, he felt it was only natural to return the company to Las Vegas.
My Goodrich stated that since he was raised in Las Vegas, and trained by his father on a Goettl machine, He could both honor his father and create careers in the field that has been his lifelong passion.