Owner Ken Goodrich of Goettl Air Conditions Helps Veteran Start His New Career


Goettl Air Conditioning in Phoenix, Arizona has an outstanding record in residential and commercial HVAC cooling systems. In recent news they have stood out for something even cooler…. They helped Nick Hughes, a U.S. Navy Veteran get the tools he needed to start his career. Nick Hughes went to the College of Southern Nevada and studied Air Conditioning Technology. He was chosen for the Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Awards which was worth $1000, as reported in the PR newswire, to choose any tools he needed to begin his career. This is one of two scholarships Goettle Air Conditioning offers.
Ken Goodrich purchased Goettl Air Conditioning in 2013 from the Goettl family, who had moved the company from Las Vegas Valley, Nevada to Arizona. Currently there is an office in Las Vegas again, since April 2016. His love for repairing air conditioners, which started as a kid with his father, has given him the necessary tools to keep this business running at full speed.

Goettle Air Conditioning covers air conditioning, heating, indoor air quality, energy efficiency and Commercial HVAC. Arizona heat can be overwhelming, and Goettle can repair the problem or get your house installed with a new AC unit. Winter months, Goettle Air Conditioning can service your furnace and heat pumps. If the quality of your air inside your home is less than perfect, they offer installation of humidifiers and UV germicidal lights and air cleaners. If duct service is needed, they do that too.

Everyone can appreciate energy efficiency. Duct testing services can help you determine if your cold or hot air is leaking out the ducts, and properly clean and seal when needed. The Commercial industry can benefit as well. Commercial HVAC Systems that affect your business needs can be a big job, but Goettle Air Conditioning can get you up and running 24/7.

Goettl Air Conditioning offers its customers a wide variety of options. If a customer needs a brand new AC unit, or a repair on an existing unit, Goettle will take pride in making its customers satisfied. Their customer service is like no other, with 24/7 support and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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