Goullet helps Make Diversant a IT Staffing Leader

The nation’s largest African-American owned information and technology staffing and solutions company already has cultivated and developed a great reputation among Fortune 500 companies. Recently, DiversityBusiness.com named it as a Top 2015 Business.

With the goal of connecting businesses and employees in the IT industry, Diversant aims to help by providing strong training, good mentoring, and plenty of career options for those in the field. The company helps prospective workers find good professional connections designed to help develop their careers.

Among the key members on Diversant’s board is its principal John Goullet. An entrepreneur who has had great success in the IT field, he started as a consultant in the industry before moving on to the staffing branch. He founded Info Technologies as a solutions and staffing company to help businesses navigate the information tech sector.

Goullet eventually joined forces with Gene Waddy of Diversant in 2010 to form what has become of the leading companies in IT staffing and solutions.

The combination has made Diversant a destination for many IT job seekers. The company uses its own methodology in vetting prospective candidates to make sure it can provide a strong list of qualified personnel to clients. Their candidates are particularly fluent in such areas as software development. Diversant continues to monitor the industry and adjusts their personnel list according to the ever-changing methods within in the field.

Goullet brings plenty of experience in his role with Diversant and how the company can continue to be ahead of the curve in terms of IT staffing. He has spent parts of his career as a computer consultant as well as a staffing executive. He tends to focus on a corporation’s climate and matches personalities to a particular line of work. Given his experience on both sides of the hiring process, Goullet is uniquely qualified to aid both job seekers and IT corporations in finding the right match.

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