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Todd Lubar A Devoted And Successful Mortgage Expert. Newly Updated!

Updated February 24, 2017

Todd Luabr breaks into Angel Investing:

Todd Lubar is an established businessman who focuses on making himself a better person in the future than he is today. He has vast experience in the real estate industry and knows how to run a venture and make it successful. The father of two attended Peddie Schools in New Jersey and Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC. Lubar graduated in 1995 with a B.A in Speech Communication from Syracuse University. He ventured into the real estate industry as a loan obligator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. The committed entrepreneur learned about conventional mortgage banking and developed relationships with financial planners, real estate agents, CPA’s, and insurance agents.

Lubar joined Legacy Financial Group having acquired some equity which expanded his lending capabilities. He could broker loans to investors and also lend as a Mortgage Bank. He took a bold move in 2002 and founded Legendary Properties LLC which was a residential development company. The company was able to facilitate selling, rehabilitating, purchasing and profiting for single family dwellings and multi-family units. The risk taker opened a subsidiary of First Magnus Corporation, Charter Funding. The move expanded his business as he was able to access several products and programs. Lubar also formed an affiliate of Legendary Financial Properties LLC, Legendary Financial LLC. The company is a commercial lending source for enterprises and individuals.

The successful enterpriser has been ranked in the top 25 mortgage originators in the US for several years. Lubar through his businesses and works has helped many borrowers who would have likely been overlooked by other lending sources. Due to changes in the real estate industry, he ventured into other businesses such as owning a night club and automotive scrap metal recycling. He has also been involved in commercial demolition, a business that enabled him to get contracts from the largest general contractors in the country.

Todd Lubar, the experienced mortgage expert has worked as a senior vice president in Priority Financial Services LLC. The company known for its excellent customer services deals with homeowners and buyers with mortgages. Todd Lubar, who loves traveling and adding value to what he gets into contact with, is currently the president of TDL Global Ventures LLC.

Nobilis: Your Healthcare Solution Partner.

Nobilis is a health care development and management company. It operates and owns surgical hospitals distributed throughout the United States. The company utilizes the direct-to-patient marketing that focuses procedures that are carried out in their centers. Some of the ambulatory surgery centers are in Huston, Dallas and in Arizona. They also boast of having 16 more surgical centers through marketing relationships across the US.

Towards the end of 2014, Nobilis acquired the Northstar Healthcare Inc. The incorporation partners with acute care facilities in the form of agreed ownership. The company soon received the name Nobilis so as to avoid confusion with firms that bear the name Northstar in the United States exchange.On April 2, 2015, Nobilis announced that they had repaid their $25 million debt with GE Capital. The facility acted as a support for the growth of the company in providing capital to repay outstanding debts which included the $12 million related to the purchase of Athas Health. The specialty of the company is to provide healthcare companies with capital agreements that will help them expand just like the Nobilis Health Corp. This ability is made possible by GE Capital as the managing director Al Aria explained.

According to research capitalists, Nobilis Health Corp is an upcoming good investment. Stanley, a top analyst at the Mackie Research Capital, points out that the company will soon improve its share value. This increase in value is due to the rise in aging population and obesity, and Nobilis offers surgical procedures. With time, the demand will be high and according to the analyst, one who has invested in their shares will get a return of about 72% within a year.




One Industry Copying Another: The Premium Dog Food Industry

The dog food industry is going through a few changes. The Daily Herald covered these changes in a recent article. The article explained that dog food companies have started to emulate the trends in the human food industry. The dog food made by companies like Freshpet, smell like something you would find in your refrigerator rather than the unique sent of dog food. It is also a lot more expensive, a little more than double the price of lower quality food. However, even with the price, the sales of Freshpet’s premium pet food have risen by 37 percent or 103 million dollars since last year. Freshpet’s sales in the premium pet food market still only account to slightly over 1 percent.

These type of numbers still are not enough. Analysts expect the company to post losses this year, as it has done for the previous four years. The experts say that the ingredients are just too expensive for many premium pet food companies to succeed. However, Richard Thompson from Freshpet believes that 2016 will be a much more profitable year because the trend of feeding your dog well because it is family is speeding up.

Beneful is a much larger dog food brand that is owned by Nestle Purinastore  Petcare. The company has grown quickly and by 2012, the company was bringing in 1.5 billion dollars in revenue annually. The company has grown due to a combination of its creativity in marketing and excellence in food quality.

In 2012, Beneful created an ad campaign in New York City subway stations. The Beneful campaign allowed people to play virtual fetch while they waited for their train to arrive. The ads were so successful that they were then installed in several more cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis and Atlanta.

Beneful by Purina is also well known for the lengths it goes to ensure excellent food quality. They track the raw ingredients from the moment they arrive at the manufacturing plant to when they are put on store shelves inside a final product.


SKOUT’s Success and 2015 Survey

February 3rd is International Online Friendship Day. SKOUT, an online friendship site that connects people internationally recently did their own survey and released their highlights to the public. Their survey population was over 23,000 people. From what their CEO, Christian Wiklund stated, in 2015 alone, the site facilitated over 600 million connections through their platform alone.

SKOUT’s recent survey highlights include:
-that 3 out of 4 people have an online friend who they have never met in real life and over 80 percent have stated that they would like to someday
-over 60 percent of U.S. citizens stated that they have at least five online friends; over 40 percent have stated that they have at least 10
-over 60 percent say that they at least one online friend who lives in a foreign country
-over 90 percent say that they communicate with them through their mobile phones and almost 60 percent say that they communicate with their online friends on a daily basis
The goal of a website such as SKOUT is to fulfill the need for social support, connectedness and to complement “real life” friendships. In 2015 alone, almost 17 million travels were taken through SKOUT’s Travel app. This app helps clients to search any location anywhere in the world and instantly start making connections.

SKOUT remains one of the largest international social platforms. Their community includes over 175 countries and it is available in over 10 languages. It is a way through which people can easily connect without having to worry about online predators. Their future remains a very bright one and the fact that meeting online has become so popular will probably only allow it to expand as time goes on. They have outlets on Facebook and Twitter or clients can just sign up online by visiting SKOUT’s website.

Securus Technologies’ Video Visit App Helps Inmates And Their Families

Securus Technologies has launched a new app called Video Visitation, that allows you to video chat with a loved one who is currently incarcerated and I think it is an overdue piece of inmate communication technology. The way it works is simple; you download the app to your Android or iOS device, create an account and then schedule a video visit with the inmate. Seems pretty straight forward.

This app really makes life easier for those friends and family of inmates because there is no longer a need to drive long distances or request whole days off of work to go see their loved ones who are locked up. I’m just surprised that someone has not thought of it sooner. How often do we video chat with friends or family with our smartphones or tablets? If we can have a video conversation with someone who is in another country we can certainly have that same conversation with a family member who is incarcerated a few hundred miles away.

Securus currently services over 3,400 correctional facilities, public safety and law enforcement facilities throughout the country. This covers over 1.2 million inmates throughout North America. They have recently expanded their leadership team to keep up with the demands of business.

They not only provide patented communications services for inmates but also emergency response, public information, monitoring products and investigation. It is a good thing that they are now producing more customer-facing product like Video Visit app.

I can tell you from experience that having a loved one locked up can put a lot of stress on the whole family. This app will benefit many people and make their lives just a little bit easier. If you have an questions about the software, please contact their customer service team here:

Yeonmi Park’s Unbelievable Story

Yeonmi Park has taken the world by storm with her story of the oppressive society that North Korea was and all of the trials she has undergone since her escape. Her story is filled with a lot of peril and heartbreak. Many people that listened to her story were in tears as she relived the incidents that she has went through. Living in North Korea has proven to be a dehumanizing experience for Yeonmi Park. It has so dehumanized her to the point that real freedom has turned out to be more than she could handle at first as she related in an interview published on As scary and heartwrenching as her story is, there are people that are doing the best they can to prove her wrong. There were certain elements to Yeonmi Park’s story that she has saved for interviews and her book. One part of her story that she was worried about revealing was the story about her mother taking protecting her from getting raped by getting raped in her place. This was what Yeonmi described as her introduction to sex. Yeonmi Park herself would undergo a lot of sexual abuse when she was being trafficked. However, it took a lot of courage for her to finally stand up to her traffickers. Yeonmi Park also shares that her father never knew that this type of freedom existed. He died without knowing about the free world. However, Yeonmi Park’s father was open about his distrust and disapproval of the ruler Kim Jong-il. Yeonmi’s mother often had toscold him for his remarks. Yeonmi Park herself has grown up with the belief that the ruler could read her thoughts. Therefore, she had to control even what she thought about her ruler. This is very similar to what George Orwell described in 1984. Yeonmi of casey and yeonmi show continues to discover freedom in her new life as she finds herself being really adjusting to her newly discovered rights as a human being. As she is learning about her rights, she is also working on the next step for her life. This step is helping people learn of their rights as well.

Brenda Wardle on Racist Tweets

Are you woke? In terms of online slang, being woke refers to being active, both socially and politically. It means that an individual is aware of issues that are happening today and that this person sees through the hype and is active in the search for the truth. This term first developed during the #BlackLivesMatter campaign started through Twitter.

Those who use the social networking platform Twitter are constantly developing memes, challenging offensive posts, and using this network to offer short, 140-character messages about issues happening in the real world. Twitter is a huge collective of individuals from every walk of life. From preteens to government officials to famous music stars, it is an extremely public and favorited way to voice an opinion and make a stance. “Woke Twitter” was responsible for shedding light on racist remarks that Penny Sparrow, Chris Hart and Justin van Vuuren had made in previous days. These remarks were not just noticed on the internet. These comments caused Hart to be suspended as an analyst by Standard Bank and all three individuals had charges pressed against them for their comments.

While the constitution protects the right of free speech, it also dictates that these freely-spoken statements can only be made providing they do not infringe on the rights of others. Legal analyst Brenda Wardle had this to say: “We must remember that free speech or even freedom of expression, unlike human dignity, is limited by specific clauses in the constitution. So what Penny Sparrow did was to prejudice the rights of all black South Africans by equating them to monkeys, apes and animals.

With such a large collection of individuals coming together using hashtags and re-tweeting, re-posting, and favoriting the tweets related to these incidents, the online community urges everyone to “stay woke” and diminish the ability for certain people to escape the law by passing under the radar using such hateful words and descriptions.

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Brenda Wardle on the Pistorius Trial: