Shaygan Kheradpir Biography

Shaygan Kheradpir attained his bachelors, masters as well as Ph.D from Cornell University in electrical engineering majoring in control systems.

All through his profession Shaygan has established mission-driven groups to steer change, which matters-to consumers, staff, investors, plus the society. He has linked, straddled, and revolutionized at the edges of customary disciplines across numerous business segments worldwide.

Shaygan was lately pronounced as the Chief Executive Officer of Juniper Networks, a ground-breaking corporation in networking business in Silicon Valley.

Before the recent pronouncement Shaygan Kheradpir of ececornell served as chief operations as well as technology officer for Barclays Group. In 2011 Shaygan moved to Barclays bank HQ in London as COO (Chief Operating Officer) for the international retail bank, plus afterwards became chief operations plus technology officer working for the whole bank worldwide in retail, business, corporate, cards, investment banking and wealth. While in Barclays Shaygan has spearheaded cultural transformation needed for change of the financial institution alongside the guidelines and requirements of 21st century systems of industrialization. This includes; front-to-back digitization using industrialized controls and product innovation, which concerns people’s lives, like Pingit alongside Cloudit.

He began his profession at GTE Labs in Boston where he did networking routing, control and management. He finally upgraded to manager of software systems lab. While working here, Shaygan recruited plus set up a sophisticated organization that facilitated the development of country’s initial nationwide network control platform for GTE, which incorporated infrastructure, transmission as well as switching; known as TONICS (Telephone Operations Network Integrated Control System). These systems advances allowed GTE to amalgamate its network firm into top efficient plus united network setups for the firm.

Shaygan then relocated to GTE HQ in Dallas where he steered systems development for every GTE’s units of cable, wireless, internetworking (previously BBN), as well as information.

When GTE plus Bell Atlantic fused in 2000 to create Verizon, Shaygan relocated to New York City and was made the president of eBusiness Unit as well as consequently assumed the roles of Chief Information Officer for Verizon. During this time he set up same methodologies for attaining breakthrough outcomes for the firm through employing and bringing world class talents that knew the prospective of collaboration as well as hastening of introducing market-leading goods and services.

Whilst at Verizon, they began transforming the proceeds outline of the company with new plus innovative IP alongside multi-media merchandises for the marketplace, fusing old-fashioned networking with web-based software, causing a sequence of award winning innovative products such as FiOS interactive TV plus internet streaming, really super-fast data, as well as carrier-grade VoIP (voice over IP). Through the consolidation of the 2 execution tentacles of product creation alongside process operationalization within the same place, they were capable of building plus scaling to mass market-leading resourcefulness like FiOS (fiber optics to homesteads), arguably among the biggest infrastructure platforms ever made in US. After few years FiOS turned into a $12B company with at least 35% penetration in the market.

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  1. During that time, they nationalized plus reconstructed GTE’s main systems founded on contemporary computer science, steering operational brilliance with significantly enhanced cost arrangement for the corporation. It is very cool for to have gotten all of these things in check and to make sure it works really well with it.

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