Gun Violence Action Demands in the Capitol of Florida

Florida’s capital became the center of the historic gun violence debate this week as a growing movement famously known as “Never Again” grabbed attention at the national platform. The demonstrators were demanding for action just seven days after the mass shooting in Parkland. Thousands of people assembled for a two-hour rally outside the state capital of Florida. Most of the demonstrators were students who forcibly agitated demands to American legislators to take action on gun violence. The students warned that if the lawmakers took no action at Capitol Hill, they would be risking losing their seats in the forthcoming mid-term elections scheduled for November this year.

The demonstrators were in deep grief morning their fellow students who were brutally killed at the Stoneman Douglas High School. One of the students at the demo, Sheryl Acquaroli said that the coaches, teachers, and students in Stoneman High School died because the people who had been entrusted to make laws that protected Americans had failed terribly. Acquaroli added that the students who had passed on will be remembered fondly and that they are bigger heroes than any of the member of Congress would ever be. Many of the demonstrators at the rally were not of legal age to cast a vote. However, they chanted slogans that told the Trump administration that enough is enough and urged the legislators to pass laws and regulations that would keep firearms out of the hands of criminals.

These demonstrations come at a time while legislators in the Halls of Washington pass a law that will require American learning institutions to display the motto ‘In God We Trust’. In just a few days, the largest demonstration had been staged in Tampa which broke the record that had remained for two decades. Just seven days after the horrific attack that left 17 people dead, survivors have made demands to Congress to pass measures of gun violence control. The proposed gun control measures include banning automatic assault rifles in the United States. Such a change has in the past faced opposition from members of Congress hailing from the Republican Party. Just a day before Valentine’s Day attack, the House of Representatives had blocked a motion that was presented to the House on the regulation of assault rifles by Democratic lawmakers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Look Forward to Draft

During the 2016 NFL season most experts agreed that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were one of the most surprising teams in the league and that they also showed a lot of signs of promise. While the Buccaneers had a great 2016 and were expected to take a big step forward, the team did not perform very well in 2017. This resulted in a final record of 5 wins and 11 losses, which placed them into last place in the division. To make matters worse, the team looks like they will continue to have their hands full as the other three teams in the division made the playoffs and will come back just as strong next year.

There are many reasons why the Buccaneers had a hard time continuing their positive momentum last year. One of the main reasons was due to injuries. During the season, several key players suffered injuries and missed a lot of time. This included injuries to Mike Evans and Doug Martin, two of the key pieces to the offense. This made it hard for young quarterback Jameis Winston to develop cohesion and the whole team suffered.

Now that the season is over and the team is moving into the offseason, Tampa Bay will look for ways to improve their team for the future. One of the biggest days of the year will be the NFL Draft in which the team will have a very high pick in the first round. Most experts agree that the team needs to focus on improving its defense ( While the team did not do greatly offensively, the return of some key players and further development at quarterback will help.

Some of the top targets for the team during the draft will be Minkah Fitzpatrick and Derwin James. Fitzpatrick is a DS from Alabama and was a clearly dominating player all year. James was a safety at Florida State and can be a huge run and pass stopper.

While they are focused on rebuilding through the draft, they also recently cleared some cap space. This included releasing running back Doug Martin. Martin just finished his 6th year in the league and is a former All-Pro player. However, he has been injured a lot recently and had an expensive contract.

Lightning Win Big Game

Through the first 60 games of the 2017-18 NHL season several teams have take a step forward and look like clear favorites to advance towards the Stanley Cup. While the NHL playoffs are very competitive and hard to predict, one team that could easily win it all this year is the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Lighting, which have been one of the best teams in the league for years, currently have the most points in the NFL with 85, which is one ahead of the Boston Bruins.

Due to the importance of having home ice advantage in the playoffs, the Lightning are aware that every game is very important. Earlier this week the team faced the Ottawa Senators in a game that could go to decide whether the Lightning would be able to hold on to the number one overall seed. It was also very important for Ottawa as the team looked to make a late season push for the playoffs.

While it was a very competitive game, the Lightning ended up winning by a score of 4 goals to 3 ( For awhile it looked like the Lightning would win the game easily. The team was winning by a score of 4 goals to 1, but the Senators came roaring back in the final period and tightened the lead to just one goal with a few mintus to go. However, the Lightning were able to hold on and held the one goal lead through the end of the game.

For Lightning fans, one of the best things to see was the amount of diversity that took place in the scoring effort. Four different players scored goals, which continued to show that the team is able to score at any time and from anywhere. This can make them a very tough team to stop as the season progresses. Overall, with 219 goals on the year so far, the Lightning are the top scoring team in the league.

Much of the success of the team this year is due to the production of forward Nikita Kucherov. Nikita Kucherov currently leads the NHL with 80 overall points and has been very hard for anyone to stop. When combined with Steve Stamkos, the team is nearly unstoppable for opponents.


Bad news for the Tampa Bay Rays as it was confirmed on Friday that top pitching prospect Brent Honeywell would have to undergo Tommy John surgery to fix a torn UCL incurred at a live batting practice session on Thursday.


Honeywell, 22, was only about ten pitches into his session when he threw a pitch and swore loudly before walking over to a trainer who accompanied him off the mound and into the clubhouse. The pitcher was reportedly aware of exactly what injury he had suffered before confirmation was given. In the aftermath of the incident, he was originally diagnosed with a right forearm strain.


The news comes on the heels of a series of trades and selloffs that have marked this off-season as a particularly difficult one for the Rays and potentially left the team severly shorthanded for the approaching season. Pitcher Jake Odorizzi was traded to Minnesota, outfielder Corey Dickerson to Pittsburgh, third baseman Evan Longoria to San Francisco and outfielder Steven Souza Jr. to Arizona. Souza is coming off the back of a breakout season that saw him set careers highs for runs, RBIs, stolen bases and home runs with 30. Longoria, a three-time All Star, had spent his entire career beforehand with the Rays, drafted with the third overall pick in the 2006 MLB Draft and winning the American League Rookie of the Year, three Gold Gloves and a Silver Slugger Award. He leaves with the franchise records for most careers RBIs and home runs.


One of the most promising pitching prospects in the country, Honeywell is expected to be on the shelf for more than a year following surgery in what is another huge blow to the Rays. The pitcher was drafted 72nd overall in the second round of the 2014 MLB Draft and was participating in his first spring training as a member of the 40-man roster en route to a Major League debut. His last season with the Triple-A Durham Bulls saw him post a 3.64 ERA and 152 strikeouts in 123.2 innings. He also played in the All-Star Futures Game and was ranked the number 12 prospect in all of professional baseball by

Ybor City Set to Welcome the Rays to Tampa – Finally

It took over 30 years and dozens of failed efforts to finally establish a Major League Baseball franchise in Southwest Florida. During spring training in 1995, Vince Naimoli’s ownership group was awarded a team, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

While Tampa Bay had their city name attached to the new team, the actual honor of hosting every home game went to the Florida Suncoast Dome, in St. Petersburg. Maybe this oddity was partly to blame for what turned out to be an air of ineptitude for the better part of their first decade.

During their first 10 years of play in the American League East, only once did “The Devil Rays” not finish in dead last. Along with what grew into an inherent sense of futility, the jokes about their stadium didn’t help.

Big business stepped up in an effort to fuel the failing stadium, and The Suncoast Dome, opened in February 1990, became known to locals as “The Trop”. Tropicana Field was now the home of a floundering professional baseball team, in reference to the beverage giant from right across the bay in Bradenton.

In between the time when the Rays became the primary resident, Tropicana Field played host to more NBA exhibition games and NHL hockey matches than it did baseball games. However, with the 1995 decision by MLB executives, Tampa finally had their baseball team. Well, sort of.

In all honesty, the Rays have sort of been the team without a true city, ever since they threw out their first pitch in St. Pete. Every year there seems to be a growing sentiment to move the team either out of Florida altogether, or at least to a more appealing venue. Some even advocated tearing down Tropicana Field and starting from scratch. Yes, it’s been that bad.

To prove patience truly can be a virtue, nearly 20 years after their first game, the Rays announced they are coming home, home to Tampa Bay. Owner Stuart Sternberg announced plans for a new complex, including an ultra-modern baseball stadium, planned for a 14-acre tract in Ybor City.

There are a many questions yet to be addressed, including money. However, even before the first shovel full of dirt is dug, there is a lot of enthusiasm for the move. While not geographically impressive to the uninformed, it will be a move that will bring a team, once without a true city, home where they belong.

The Many Advantage of Lime Crime Cosmetics

Since 2008, the beauty industry has been on fire. Of course, this exclusive industry has been one of the most popular industries for over a century, but it has suffered from blandness thanks to the lack of innovation. This is where LimeCrime comes into the picture, and it has set a new benchmark of success. This company was founded by a fashion designer named Doe Deere. Deere has helped to revolutionize makeup products thanks to her personal sense of style. LimeCrime offers the widest variety of colorful makeups and no other beauty company has been able to duplicate its actions.

One of the major things that helps this amazing brand standout amongst the crowd is that it lacks many of the dangerous fillers. Unlike MAC, Maybelline, Max Factor, Almay or L’Oréal, this exotic company is made from vegan ingredients. These vegan ingredients are simply outperforming the chemical fillers on a daily basis. This company is strict with its policies to where it has even removed beeswax from its products. Of course, beeswax comes from bees, but here’s the method to the madness. LimeCrime doesn’t partake in any animal testing. This dynamic brand of cosmetics is absolutely animal cruelty-free. This notion can not be said for other beauty brands. Deere has a strong passion for animals, and she supports numerous animal-related charities. This woman definitely practices what she preaches. To add a bit of insult to injury, the company is recognized and is certified by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The Leaping Bunny, which is a part of a coalition for animal protection, has also recognized the company with certification. Every base has been covered here. LimeCrime cosmetics is leading by positive-example, is producing wonderful products and is laying a blueprint for all others to follow.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have announced the release of running back Doug Martin. Martin, 29, was a first round draft pick in 2012 and has spent his entire NFL career with the Buccaneers, becoming a two-time Pro Bowler and a first-team All-Pro running back in 2015. Martin, who signed a five-year, $35.75 million deal in 2016, and was thus contracted to remain with the team till 2020, will now become a free agent, while the Buccaneers will clear nearly $7 million in salary cap space.

Martin has endured a streaky career, rushing for over 1,400 yards in both 2012 and 2015, while rushing for less than 500 in other years and a career low of 406 on 138 carries in 2017. He was benched in favor of sophomore Peyton Barber during the last three games of the season.

In addition to his inconsistent play, Martin tested positive in 2016 for Adderall, a violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. He served a four-game suspension as a result and subsequently checked himself into a rehabilitation facility. The violation also invalidated the $15 million guarantee in his contract, meaning the Buccaneers could release him without any financial obligations.

The handwriting has seemed, for a while, to be on the wall, with Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht blaming the team’s struggles running the ball on Martin’s underwhelming play post-suspension.

“Obviously Doug had a down season by his standards and by our standards,” Licht said. The team ranked 27th in the league last season in rushing yards.

Martin released a statement on Instagram thanking the owners, general manager, coaches, players and fans of the Buccaneers organization, while also revealing that he was unhappy about the decision, but respectful of it.

“I am in the best shape of my life physically and mentally and my best football is ahead of me,” he said.

He leaves the team as the franchise record-holder for most rushing yards in a single game, with 251 against the Oakland Raiders in his rookie season, while also ranking fourth in rushing yards in team history with 4,633.

Tampa Bay Lightning Player Receives 15 Stitches After Dirty Hit

In a recent battle between the NHL’s New Jersey Devils and Tampa Bay Lightning in Tampa Florida the Lightning defenseman Andrej Sustr came in to help a teammate that took a hard dirty hit and during the process of that broke his visor and jokingly after receiving 15 stitches stated that his modeling career may be over.

The fight occurred during the second. After a board check by Miles wood of New Jersey Sustr came over to assist and in the process of getting involved in the fight his visor broke smashing into his face and wounding it to the point of needing to 15 stitches as the article on pointed out he is a hockey player and in the third period did return to the game showing his true grit and toughness.

The incident happened pretty quickly one shot from behind and his visor hit the board and shattered resulting in the injury he immediately went into the locker room to receive stitches The television announcers at the hockey game stated it was clearly a dirty shot by Wood as he launched in the sister leaving his feet which is an illegal major 5 minute penalty in the Box in the NHL after assessment by the league wood was given 2 game suspension and should be because it was clearly a dirty hit and a suspension he is worthy of.

Hopefully Wood would will learn his lesson from the suspension and realize that as tough a game as hockey is he also needs to take the consideration of others safety and physical well-being.

Sustr’s teammates, the Tampa Bay Lightning fans and the announcers at the arena we’re not only amazed to see him get back up on his feet after the hit and the gashing bloody wound took place but even more amazed to see him return to the game after receiving the 15 stitches only to be frustrated with the fact that the culprit of the night, Miles Wood, after sitting for just a 2 minute penalty himself return to the game and score the winning goal as the New Jersey Devils defeated Tampa Bay Lightning.

Wood has been a great scoring force for the Devil’s this season and is currently the second leading scorer on the team but he must understand the need to reduce his time in the penalty box and increase his time on the ice for more scoring opportunities to help his team.

Nick Vertucci’s Manifestation of Success


Nick Vertucci is an entrepreneur and pioneer in real estate. He is the founder and owner of NVREA (Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy). NVREA teaches aspiring real-estate agents the ins and outs of the business. Skills such as flipping homes, networking with other agents, and maximizing success are tools the academy teaches attendees.

Nick Vertucci’s Story

Nick Vertucci grew up with financial struggle. At the age of 10, Nick’s father passed away. As a result, his mother worked vigorously to financially support the family.

Vertucci began selling computer parts to earn money. Business went well until an economic crash in 2000. Circumstances were getting tougher for Vertucci, until he stumbled upon a three-day training seminar in real estate. Vertucci refined his craft in real estate, and subsequently became very successful. However, his success did not come without hard work, dedication and patience.

Vertucci’s Creation

Nick Vertucci began purchasing foreclosures to remodel and retail for rent. Vertucci took this opportunity one step further, and marketed them to investors. “The Real Estate Investing Hour” is a radio show created by Vertucci. Through this outlet, he spoke publicly about his recent projects, in an effort to attract buyers and investors.

After years of practice, Nick began offering his wisdom and experience to the public. NVREA was initiated in January 2014.

Vertucci’s Philosophy on Achieving Success

Nick Vertucci’s has four key steps on achieving any goal. See it, believe it, map it, execute it. At some point, one must execute their plan or they will not advance. He advocates for taking calculated risks and believing in your inner self.

Vertucci has sustained self-confidence within his choices. These principals allow him to persevere, even in the presence of negativity and doubt. Vertucci says nothing last indefinitely, so it is vital to plan according. According to his philosophy, only those who truly believe in themselves are those who manifest success.

Bucs Make Big Roster Move

During the 2016 NFL season, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looked like they were well positioned to be one of the most promising teams of the future. That year, the team did very well under the guidance of quarterback Jameis Winston, wide receiver Mike Evans, and running back Dough Martin.

While 2017 was supposed to be a year in which the team would take another step forward, they had a surprisingly bad season and finished with a record of just 5 wins and 11 losses. Furthermore, they looked completely outmatched by the other three teams in their division, each of which made the NFL Playoffs. While the Buccaneers did not have a great year in 2017, the team is already making moves to help prepare the team for the future.

Earlier this week, the Buccaneers announced that they were parting ways with running back Dough Martin ( Doug Martin was originally drafted by the team with the second to last pick in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft after he excelled at Boise State University. During his time with the team, Martin amassed about 4,600 yards rushing and scored 28 touchdowns. He was also named first-team All Pro in 2015 and is a two-time Pro Bowl player.

While Martin has been very good when he has been on the field, he has struggled with injuries. He has missed at least five games in four of his six NFL seasons and looked far less effective on the field this past season. At this point it appears that Tampa Bay is more focused on going with a younger unit and this move will help to save the team over $6 million in cap space over the next year.

This will likely not be the only move that the team makes during the offseason. The team also released defensive tackle Chris Baker. Baker has been in the NFL for 9 years, but only spent one in Tampa Bay. The team is also looking forward to the upcoming NFL draft in which they hold a very high selection. The team is rumored to be considering going with a defensive star and have their eyes on a couple of different defensive backs that should be available at their pick.