The Tampa Bay Rays are grinding to improve upon their offense

The Tampa Bay Rays struggled through a challenging season yet have many options available to improve upon their ball club. The 66 wins in 2016 were the fewest for the franchise since the 2006 and 2007 seasons. Immediate needs include upgrading the team’s offensive production which averaged only 4.15 runs per game or 24th of 30 teams. The stock pile of starting pitchers accrued may assist in gaining a bat or two in order to get the Rays back in line with league average.


Tampa Bay has started the offseason by adding catcher Wilson Ramos, formerly of the Washington Nationals, to a two year deal worth 12.5 million dollars. Ramos completed his best season in 2016 producing 22 home runs, 80 runs batted in, and batting .307. He earned a Silver Slugger award and participated in his first All-Star game. Ramos will improve upon the Ray’s offense as long as his health permits. He ended the 2016 regular season with a week left by tearing his ACL and meniscus. The Rays are hopeful that Ramos will be ready to take on the everyday catching duties by May 2017 Insurance was added for the start of the year when the Rays signed Michael McKenry to a minor league contract worth $900 thousand. McKenry, Luke Maile, and Curt Casali will serve as the Rays catchers until Ramos is ready for action.


There have been many relievers moving on to different teams as of late including Wade Davis, Aroldis Chapman, and Mark Melancon. Many teams are looking at Ray’s closer Alex Colome who turned in a career year performance. The 27 year old Colome secured 37 saves with a 1.91 earned run average, 11.3 strikeouts per nine innings, and logging 56 innings of work. The Rays are hopeful that they can secure a deal with the Washington Nationals who lost Mark Melancon to the San Francisco Giants. The Seattle Mariners and Cincinnati Reds are seeking starting pitching and all signs point to the Rays being willing to rid of any of their five starters at the right price. An interested team would have to give up quite a bit to obtain Chris Archer or Jake Odorizzi since their present contracts are team friendly for the next four years. Yet the Rays seem willing to deal Drew Smyly, Alex Cobb, and Erasmo Ramirez in order to continue to upgrade the offense.



Tampa Bay Defense Is On the Tear

Gerald McCoy and Tampa Bay Defense are on a Real Run


It’s wise to never underestimate the usefulness of a good defensive tackle in any level of football. Just ask the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Gerald McCoy.


Before becoming an NFL star, Gerald McCoy was voted as an All-Big 12 defensive tackle in 2009, as was another tackle, Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska. With both of them being well acclaimed defensive players primed for the 2010 NFL Draft, Suh was selected by Detroit as a second overall pick and McCoy ended up going to the Bucs in the very next selection. Suh notched ten quarterback sacks in his first season and ended up with the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award, while collecting another twelve in his next couple of seasons and even going to the Pro Bowl twice.


McCoy, on the other hand, was a bit of a slow starter in his first few years, notching only nine sacks in his first three years. However, things have a way of changing because in the last four years, McCoy has done better than Suh, notching a total of thirty-three and a half sacks in that time span and making four Pro Bowls. McCoy also still remains with the Bucs while Suh left to Lions and was signed by Miami in 2015.


McCoy and the Tampa Bay defense as a whole have been an incredibly solid force as of late, by holding other opponents to just under thirteen points per game in the last five weeks. A very notable example includes the last game where they hosted the New Orleans Saints and prevented Drew Brees from throwing any touchdowns in the game, ending with a 16-11 win for Tampa.


Because of this defense, the Bucs have been able to consider themselves a legitimate playoff contender for this year for the first time since 2010. They were in the bottom of their division for the last several years and now are running a defense that ranks 12th in the NFL in run defense and also rank 12th in the NFL for sacks, having a total of 30 for the year. McCoy has been a major factor in all of this and defensive coordinator Mike Smith can be thanked.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers Poised for Playoff Push

The holiday season is upon us, and as we inch closer to Christmas each day we are also inching closer to one of the most exciting times of year for sports, the NFL playoffs. As usual this year’s NFL season has been full of injuries, disappointments, and surprises, and as we enter week 15 with the playoff picture starting to take shape there are few teams in better position to give their fans a surprise Christmas gift than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


As a team that most NFL analysts overlooked as “in development”, the Buccaneers improved over the course of the first 14 weeks and currently sit at 8-5 and in position of the second wildcard playoff spot. The team is now heading into a showdown with the equally surprising Dallas Cowboys in prime-time this Sunday night, and does so with their playoff destiny in their own hands.


Tampa Bay’s surprising season got off to a rocky start, going 1-3 in the first four games and giving up more points per game, on average, than any other team in the league. While the offense was firing on all cylinders, led by second year quarterback Jameis Winston and star receiver Mike Evans, the defense was among the league’s worst. However that same defense has managed to turn things around over the last four weeks and allowed the Buccaneers to pull themselves back into the playoff picture.


In the last four weeks Tampa Bay has found a way to improve the amount of points per game that they allowed from 29 down to 12.8 which, if they continue on this track, will be a record for defensive improvement over the course of the season. The team has also scaled back the defensive playbook allowing their players to focus more on the fundamentals of the game and resulting in 25 takeaways this season, which is a tie for the league lead, and a +6 turnover differential after starting -9 in their first 4 games.


Such a quick turnaround is impressive for any team, but the Buccaneers newfound success becomes even greater when you consider the fact that just two years ago the team drafted Winston in the first round, following a season of having the worst record in the league. In that short time they have laid the groundwork for a winning franchise and put themselves in position to be a real playoff threat.

Troy McQuagge’s Excellent Professional Leadership

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of the USHEALTH. He has achieved great success throughout his career. In 2016 McQuagge was announced as one of the winners of the prestigious One Planet℠ Awards for the CEO of the year. The prestigious One Planet℠ Awards that are held annually comprises the world’s best in leadership, organizational performance, innovation, new products and services, innovation, corporate social responsibility, CEO case studies as well as milestones from every major industry in the world. The organizations from all over in the world are free to submit their nominations including both nonprofit and profit, smallest to largest and even startups.

Troy McQuagge has over 33 years of experience from the insurance industry, prior to becoming the CEO of the USHEALTH he served as President and CEO of Health Markets Agency Marketing Group. Under his leadership, the company was able to achieve more than $1 Billion total volume sales. Mr. McQuagge was named the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. in 2011. Since then the company has had highest sale growth path and record profits in four consecutive years. Currently, the USHEALTH Group is 10 times larger and its share price has increased by 1,093% since 2010. McQuagge has been a dedicated CEO for his company who have built a competitive strategy to achieve this level of success.

Troy McQuagge said that it was an honor to be named the CEO of the year by CEO World Awards for in his respectable industry and for recognition by the industry players. He acknowledged that the CEO of the year award was as the result of the efforts of every individual from USHEALTH Group. He pointed out that the award was as an illustration of the company’s dedication and continuous commitment to provide the health industry with solutions that are affordable to their customers as well providing customer with the innovative coverage that meets their ever-changing health care needs.

McQuagge captive/career insurance agency of the USHEALTH in July of 2010, USHEALTH Advisors as its President and CEO. Mr. McQuagge was elected as USHEALTH Group Inc. Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President. He was elected and promoted to serve as Chief Executive Office and President of the USHEALTH Group. He has held that position since that time and has also served in similar capacity with other companies such as Freedom Life Insurance of America as well as other USHEALTH subsidiaries.

He started his career in 1983 with the insurance company known as the Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995 he joined Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. commonly abbreviated as UICI. Consequently, he was promoted to the position of the President for UICI Insurance Agency. He joined UGA in 1997 where under his leadership the company set several single year sales records. One factor that could be a contributor to McQuagge is his B.A degree which he earned in 1983 from the Central Florida University.

Jeffry Schneider at Ascendant Capital LLC

Jeffry Schneider is the founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, a financial advisory firm based in Austin, Texas. Through Jeffry Schneider’s excellent skills in the innovative approach to financial structuring, marketing, and sales, Ascendant Capital has been able to raise alternative investment funds for the emerging and established investors. Working with a network of investment banks, broker-dealers, and family offices, Ascendant Capital distributes its alternative investment funds throughout the world.

Under Jeffry’s reign, Ascendant Capital has grown rapidly, having expanded the workforce from two to over thirty employees. Within five years, Jeffry had raised nearly $ 1 billion on behalf of Ascendant’s managers. Today, Ascendant has over fifty broker-dealers, many family offices, and 250 investment advisors. Additionally, the firm has an interest in technology companies, auto dealership, and real estate ventures. With this incredible growth, Jeffry and his team set their eyes for a brighter future. By the end of 2016, Ascendant expects to raise $ 50 million monthly.

Considering the current market trends, Jeffry Schneider believes that alternative investments enhance diversification while reducing volatility. Over the recent past, Ascendant Capital has experienced incredible growth. They expect acceleration in the future. If you consider other financing methods, alternative investment is far much greater than RIA.

Culture of Ascendant Capital LLC

Jeffry Schneider attributes the company’s success to its impeccable culture. The firm relies upon its environment to build a deep relationship with its team members. While Ascendant Capital has its alignment of interests, it gives priority to investors interests.

Background of Jeffry Schneider

A native of Manhattan, Jeffry Schneider started his career in financial services industry upon graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. While working for several well-established financial advisory firms, Jeffry honed his skills in alternative investment strategies and relating with his clients. In 2002, he worked at Paradigm Global Advisors before leaving for Ascendant Capital LLC. Jeffry Schneider brought with him a valuable layer of expertise to his repertoire. While at Ascendant Capital, he initiated the development of mechanisms to analyze managers’ performance. Having honed his skills in alternative investment, Jeffry founded his financial advisory firm, Ascendant Capital to provide unbiased and objective financial services without a conflict of interest. Ascendant Capital LLC distribute its services through family offices, investment banks, broker-dealers, and international markets.

Jeffry Schneider is a holder of a degree in Finance from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Upon graduating, Jeffry worked at Paradigm Global Advisors. Having participated in numerous marathon and Ironman, Jeffry enjoys eating healthy and staying fit. Jeffry Schneider loves to explore the nature. He has traveled extensively across America, Asia, and Europe. Furthermore, as a strong believer of one’s fellow man, Jeffry Schneider supports several philanthropies through humanitarian organizations such as Cherokee Home for Children, Wonders and Worries, and the Gazelle Foundation.

Tampa’s Jack Sock Is An Emerging Tennis Star

Nick Kyrgios, the Australian bad boy of tennis, recently lost what little control he has over being a human being in a poor display of sportsmanship and commitment to the game of tennis at the Shanghai Masters. Read about it here: Your text to link…

Kyrgios reminds tennis fans of the mercurial French player, Gael Monfils whose temperament has improved and helped him win over many tennis fans with his brilliance on the courts. But Australia has been waiting for another tennis champion in the form of a John Newcombe, Ken Rosewall, or Rod Laver. Australia was once the dominant country in the world of tennis. It had the best players and coaches but lost the title to a series of American bad boys, notably Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe. Now great players come from every conceivable country in the world; even Britain has a champion at Wimbledon in Andy Murray.

But lately, there has been a paucity of great tennis players coming from the states, the two physical giants, Sam Querrey and John Isner, are good but not dominant, and both lack the charisma of a Connors or McEnroe. But in Tampa a new promising candidate is emerging, Jack Sock. He has a great all court game and a positive temperament, and Sock has charm and physical good looks that compliment his great name.

Sock is the type of tennis player needed in the United States of America. He is a winner holding a gold and a bronze medal from the Rio Olympics and is also a great sportsman, something Connors and McEnroe were not. In a match against Lleyton Hewitt, he corrected a call in Hewitt’s favor, a small step for a player, a great leap for the world of tennis.

Sock is climbing up the ATP standings, and hopefully, he’ll continue into the top ten by next year and even qualify for the year-ending ATP World Tour Finals. That event takes place in London and pits the top eight players in the ATP against one another. This event has become as important as one of the Grand Slam events.


Aloft South Beach, Miami Is the Place to Be After Jason Halpern Announces Topping

Taking a summer break is the best thing that will ever happen to you. Taking the vacation to Miami makes it even better due to the various luxurious options that come with it. To start with, if you are looking to have more sun for your turn, visiting Miami will work magic. It has the best luxurious Hotels for your choosing.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

As an astute investor, Jason Halpern has joined the bandwagon offering hotel services in Miami. The news was broken by JMH development principal Mr. Jason Halpern. The 235-room hotel will provide you with more spacious and luxurious rooms compared to the one’s offered by its competitors.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen
Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

What Makes Aloft South Beach Hotel Unique?

The hotel has a rich history considering it will involve the re-use of the historic Motel Ankara. The project is a joint venture by architectural giants JMH and Madden Real Estate Ventures and will also include a new story building with eight floors. The hotel will contain spacious rooms with an average of 360 feet. This will give the new hotel an upper hand over its competition.


The hotel has a renowned figure who is famous for converting historical buildings to famous buildings in the name of Jason Halpern. He is known for his excellent work when it comes to restoring the historic building to their former glory.


As a client, you will have the luxury of enjoying an outdoor pool, and a roof deck lounge. Other amenities differentiating it from other hotels in the neighborhood include having a 24-hour gym and fitness center complete with modern state of the art equipment as well as experienced gym trainers.


If you love partying, this is the best joint to be. Local artists will be offered an opportunity to showcase their talents through live music concerts. Emerging bands and artist will be allowed to perform free of charge as part of promoting the WXYZ bars.


What Do You Need To Know About Aloft Hotels?

The group of hotels is currently operating in more than 14 countries worldwide. Apart from offering a fresh approach to traditional hotel landscape, it also provides its clientele a modern tech-savvy lifestyle due to the many facilities it has. Like all the Starwood’s brands, Aloft Hotels will offer the Preferred Guest(R) program. It happens to be the richest loyalty program by the group.


All Credits Goes To…..

Jason Halpern is the head of JMH development. As the overseer of the whole project, he was instrumental in ensuring that all the strategies remained in place. His talent of transforming a historical building to marvelous masterpiece shows how whatever he touches turns to gold. A case in question is Aloft South Beach Hotel.


White Shark Media: A Study In How To Use Complaints To Improve Service


Every company, in all sectors, will receive a complaint or a bad review at some point, nevertheless, how the company handles the complaint shows how much they care about providing exceptional customer service. White Shark Media, a Google AdWords management firm, is the ideal example of a firm that utilizes poor reviews to improve, instead of blaming their customers or circumstances for service failures.


When White Shark Media’s customers felt that they could not reach their contact person easily, the company started giving out employee’s direct lines instead of routing all calls through a receptionist. In addition, the AdWords management firm gives their customers the direct line for their contact person’s supervisor as well, to offer seamless communication with no hassles.


In the past, White Shark Media’s clients felt out of touch; they did not understand the proprietary report that they received. Now, each client is thoroughly briefed on their campaign and how to find information in the report they receive each month. Additionally, White Shark Media uses Go To Meeting to set up monthly meetings with clients so that they can ask their SEM Strategist questions. Clients are pleased with this new tool, as now they feel included. Call tracking is also included, which enables local business owners to determine how their AdWords campaign is helping them generate new leads from phone calls.


Only a year after opening their doors, White Shark Media began creating a new AdWords account for each client, although they would keep the elements that were performing well. Now clients can keep their existing campaign or start a new one, whichever they prefer.


Priding themselves on providing cost-effective SEM campaigns, White Shark Media also focuses on offering excellent customer service as well. After their growing pains, as the PPC management company grew rapidly, they have found methods for addressing every complaint, proving to clients that they care about the level of personal service that they furnish.

Tandy Was Handy for the Bucs

A great outing against the Saints in Week 14 has led to safety Keith Tandy being nominated for the Castrol Edge Clutch Performer of the Week Award. This Buccaneer meant business as he snagged a late-game interception, deflected three passes, one of which resulted in an interception, and recorded nine tackles.


Tandy is a fifth-year player from West Virginia, and his late-game heroics have led to call him the football equivalent of a “closer.” On Sunday, with 57 seconds left to play, he jumped in front of Saints receiver Willie Snead and grabbed Drew Brees’s pass. The result was a 16-11 win for the Bucs, preserving their first-place tie with Atlanta in the NFC South.


Not only that, but two weeks ago, Tandy picked off Philip Rivers with three minutes left in the 4th quarter to ensure a 28-21 win over the Chargers


Tandy has played for Tampa Bay since he was drafted in the 6th round in 2012. Before that, he had an impressive career at West Virginia, starting all 13 games for the Mountaineers in both 2010 and 2011. In 2011, he notched 64 tackles, 50 of them solo, and four interceptions, the third most interceptions in the Big East. He was also a three-time Big East academic All-Star.


With the Buccaneers, Tandy has had a career total of 90 tackles, 70 solo and 23 assisted. He’s also had 4 interceptions, some of them very timely


Three other Bucs have been nominated for the Clutch Performer Award this year. Quarterback Jameis Winston was nominated twice, including in Week 14, and kicker Roberto Aguayo won the award in Week 5.


Also up for the Week 14 award are Washington running back Chris Thompson, Jets running back Bilal Powell, Detroit qb Matthew Stafford and Miami kicker Andrew Franks. The winner of the award is determined by fan vote. Tampa Bay fans can vote for Tandy at


With players like Keith Tandy coming through for them, the Bucs’ prospects for the post-season are looking dandy as candy.



Dr. Avi Weisfogel – Supporting sleep through dentistry

Dr. Avi Weisfogel started his business, Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999. Under his supervision for 15 years, he received many honors from the community, including the title of Best Dentist for several years. As he continued his work as a dental practitioner, he started doing research concerning sleep disorders and how dentist and physician could unite to patients suffering from this malady.This subject became his life’s work as he has created many sleep-related projects that delve deeper into this issue.

Sleep Apnea

With an extensive background in sleep ailments, Avi launched Healthy Heart Sleep in 2010. This company instructs doctors from various parts of the world on how to set up and manage sleep laboratories. In 2014, Dental Sleep Masters was established. An advance program for dentist, it shows them how to enter into the area of sleep disorders, utilizing oral devices on their affected patients.

Operation Smile

Dr. Weisfogel has started a GoFundMe campaign in collaboration with Operation Smile. This worldwide organization performs free surgical operation on children as well as assisting young adults with facial deformities. Founded in 1982, this charity is involved in doing medical missionary work.He is proud to be a part of the team and spend time and energy raising funds for the cause.Avi Weisfogel obtained his BA in physiology and biology from Rutgers University. He also studied at New York University College of Dentistry, where he received a DDS. In his spare time, he loves taking in a New York Ranger hockey game and listening to classic rock music.

Overall, Dr Weisfogel has been able to inform other dentists and doctors on the dangers of how having sleep disturbances and other health problems such as stroke, heart disease and diabetes are connected. He is the pioneer of helping fellow dentists detect potential problems with their patients and his work continues.