Lend A Hand With Troy McQuagge and US Health

Troy McQuagge may not be well known to many but he is a hero for those who require his assistance in their lives. He is currently the President and CEO of USHEALTH, with the project HOPE which stands for Healing Other People Everyday. Although HOPE was founded in 2010, Troy most recently took over to make some truly impactful improvements.

HOPE has partnered with many organizations looking to make a change in the world including the Phoenix of New Orleans organization. With the help of Troy and his team after Hurricane Katrina, many homes were rebuilt in the most deviated areas of the city. In addition to helping clean up the area, his organization also donated many goodies to those in dire need of help. Supplies such as baby food, clothes and shoes were passed out in a beautiful way to give back.

One of Troy’s goals is to bring the HOPE project to many other areas all throughout the United States. The work that his organization does is oftentimes some of the only assistance that is provided to people in dire need and communities everywhere can benefit from his mission. When you truly care about making an impact, you consider it a personal responsibility to positively impact the world. Read more on prweb.com about Troy McQuagge US Health

USHEALTH Advisors Agents has moved into many local communities all over the country. Division leaders launched their mission of HOPE in Florida communities. The Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project were eager to partner with the group to work on community advancements. The team assisted with demolition projects, clean up and sodding in order to get a new residence ready to be donated to a hardworking Army Specialist and his beautiful family.

Troy McQuagge US Health believes that the soul of a company comes from what that company believes in and the people that run it. There must be a true desire to bring about beauty and change in the world in order to truly make an impact. If you or anyone you know would like to take part and volunteer with HOPE, be sure to check out their informative website. For more information, Visit:https://about.me/troymcquagge


Paul Mampilly on Millenial Retirements or Lack Thereof

In the interesting and modern world that we live in today where smartphones Rule and electronic skateboards are starting to make the world look a lot like a scene from The Jetsons, young people born today between the ages of 1981 and 1991 are classified as being a millennial, which is nothing more than a social term for someone in that age group. According to these years, it would put anyone born in those years between the ages of 27 and 37. There is a social stigma that exist today that Millennials and people born it around this time are not good with money. When it comes to money, apparently most millennials have had their backs against the walls and not to their own fault.

Because the value of a bachelor’s degree and four your education has been devalued to the point of otter worthlessness in some cases, saving for retirement is not something that some people are able to do or have you thought about when they are able to do. when Paul Mampilly, a former hedge fund manager and investor, dug into the issue he started with a small social media poll on his account where Paul Mampilly asked other Millennials his age to see if they were saving for retirement. According to his small poll, Paul Mampilly found that 45% of the respondents did save for retirement and 55% did not have anything saved up for retirement.

This is a staggering figure and something that he thought did not represent the entire population of the United States, so he dug a little further and look online to see how many people were actually saving for retirement. It turns out according to the study from the National Institute of Retirement Services that 67% of people do not have retirement for savings! So in an effort to figure a way to best save for retirement, Paul Mampilly asked his aunt what he should do for retirement. She recommended that he find an employer who does 401K matching so that he doubles his chances of having a good retirement.


Graeme Holm Leads Infinity Group Australia to Success through his Vision

The customers who rely on the credit services from the financial institutions were very pleased when Graeme Holm and his wife established Infinity Group Australia. This was because they had been under the oppression of the financial institutions in the country for a very long period in history. This had begun when the institutions noted that the customers had become so dependent on credit services that they could not survive without borrowing. As a result, they hiked the costs of acquiring credit and so lives for the average borrowers became quite difficult because they could not afford the cost of repaying the loans. Consequently, the rate of loan defaults among the customers of these institutions became very high. This came hand in hand with the rising rate of auction cases among the customers.


This was a horrible picture that was portrayed by the financial lenders because they never bothered to find the solutions to the problems of the everyday Australian borrower. Instead, they concentrated on the correction of the huge proceeds from the interest charged on the loans for the customers as well as those from the auctioneers. One of the companies that conducted all these manners of inhumane actions to its customers happened to be the employer of Graeme Holm at the moment. Holm felt the pinch although he stood no authority to question his employer.


This trend went on for a prolonged time until one day Holm challenged himself to figure out a solution that could heal the wounds of the clients in this sector. That was when he came up with the idea of forming Infinity Group Australia, a company which he founded together with his wife, Rebecca. The firm began on a high note despite having limited resources to start. Many people in public and some of the competitors were skeptical about the survival of Infinity Group Australia in the tremendous competition that was prevalent at the moment. However, the vision of Graeme Holm and his wife was more significant than the criticism of their haters.


The vision was what drove Infinity Group to the success that it is today. With the right strategies in place, the duo began the company with only a few desks and employees on board. Today, Infinity Group Australia serves more than 100,000 clients in more than 33 locations in the whole of Australia. The company is also one of the financial institutions that have employed a lot of people and especially the youths in Australia.


By helping individuals allocate their resources to different expenses, even on a saving plan, Infinity Group Australia helps individuals to avoid wastage and propel an individual to a level where people never thought they would reach. Multiple Infinity Group Australia reviews highlight that the company does not only enable individuals to allocate their funds but also helps people evaluate how their allocations perform. It is evident that any person out there would like to understand how their money is working for them. Allocating resources is an important strategy that helps persons to understand which allocations are performing so that they can use alternative investment strategies. Learn more: https://www.mpamagazine.com.au/people/profiles/getting-financially-fit-at-infinity-group-australia-244676.aspx


Marc Beer and the Science of Healthcare

Marc Beer obtained his BS from the University of Miami (Ohio). He is currently the CEO and co-founder of the company Renovia, a start-up that’s primary focus is on women’s health and pelvic floor disorders. Beer has over 25 years of experience in commercialization and development in many industries including pharmaceuticals, devices, biotechnology, and diagnostics.


Prior to his position at Renovia, Marc Beer has held many other lucrative positions including the Vice President of Global Marketing for the company Genzyme. Later, he worked for Abbott Laboratories, performing well in various sales and marketing roles. Beer was also the founding CEO of ViaCell in April of 2000. While at ViaCell, Beer sat on the board of directors for the company Erytech Pharma. He has also been a member of the Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Beer has been a founding chairman at Good Start Genetics, Inc. and Minerva Neurosciences, Inc.

In April, Renovia had obtained their first FDA approval of the new product, Leva. Renovia has been researching and developing therapeutic and diagnostic solutions for pelvic floor disorders for women, such as urinary incontinence, which affects over 250 million women worldwide.


More recently, Renovia has received over $42 million in funds to further their research. They plan to use the funding to develop four more products, which will include an updated version of their first product, Leva. While $32 million of the funding came from a Series B round, $10 came from venture debt. The Longwood Fund, a firm that invests in healthcare companies and has been investing in Renovia since the beginning, jumped in the Series B round along with Perceptive Advisors, a New York-based firm, and Ascension Ventures, a Missouri-based firm. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/


Marc Beer has stated that he is excited to begin this project with their new investors. Renovia’s passion to help patients by using innovative technologies and the digital healthcare platform will greatly influence how much they are able to help their customers who treat patients. The funding and research will enable Renovia to develop products that will yield more knowledge about pelvic floor disorders. This information will help to lower healthcare costs for every aspect of treatment.


Graeme Holm Of Infinity Group Australia Recognized With AFR Award

Infinity Group Australia founder Graeme Holm realized early on in life that there was nothing so tiring as trying to deal with finances. While people get coached up in a number of different ways throughout their life, far too often it felt like they were left alone when dealing with their larger financial decisions. This line of thought brought Graeme and Rebecca Walker to create Infinity Group Australia, what he calls a ‘personal trainer’ for your financial decisions, particularly in the loan market of Australia. With years of hard work at his back, Holm was finally recognized alongside Walker for their work at Infinity Group Australia, landing on the coveted AFR list.


The Australian Financial Review is one of the most prestigious financial publications in all of Australia and New Zealand. Landing on that list would mean a great deal to just about any company, much less one that has come as far as Infinity Group Australia. Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker were ecstatic, to say the least when it was unveiled that their company scored the #58 spot on the AFR’s Most Innovative Companies list. The position wasn’t just handed to them, however, as Holm’s team had to prove time and again that Infinity Group Australia was here to change lives in Australia by really helping people to get a hand in on their finances.


More than 1,000 companies were in contention for the small list and Infinity Group Australia was proud to land the spot over the lot of them. Considering their spot, Infinity Group Australia could easily say that they are in the top 6% of innovative companies in the entire country. Graeme Holm and his team were proud, though that would be putting it lightly. Holm was quick to pass along the honors to the team behind the doors at Infinity Group Australia and he wasn’t shy about making sure that all of the members of the company were involved in getting their due recognition. Considering the impact that a spot on this list can have, Infinity Group Australia has an infinitely brighter future if you can forgive the pun.


Graeme Holm has been working in the financial sector for just over 17 years and Infinity Group Australia is by far his greatest success. Holm has worked in every area of the financial field from finance and real estate to the step-by-step world of financial planning. While most of his career’s experience has existed within the confines of the banking institutions, Holm’s latest and most decorated work has come from outside of those confines. Infinity Group Australia was a dream startup for Holm that sought to give him the kind of direction and freedom that he needed in order to make a direct impact on people across the country.


Holm’s success with Infinity Group Australia isn’t something that comes lightly, despite the accolades. His days will typically start at 5:30 AM and they typically won’t end until late at night. With this kind of work ethic, it is no surprise that Infinity Group Australia continues to excel. Learn more: https://au.linkedin.com/in/graeme-holm-b99b94ab

TFor Tim Duncan, the C.E.O And President Of Talos Energy, A crisis Is An Opportunity

There is only a small breed of people who naturally talented such that they can negotiate the biggest deal of their lives amidst a crisis. When such a list is made, be sure that the name of Talos Energy Chief Executive Officer and President, Tim Duncan will appear at the top.

Tim Duncan was at home with his wife and his 6-year-old son when hurricane Harvey wrecked havoc in Kingwood Texas. As usual, the power went out, and word started spreading six feet floodwaters were sweeping across the streets destroying property and taking away lives. The 45-year-old executive took his family plus their two dogs into a rescue boat and then called for a private plane that took them his parents’ home in Alabama.

A few months before hurricane Harvey, Tim Duncan was beside himself. He had been planning one of the biggest deals of his life where the privately Talos Energy was set to merge with the publicly traded Stone Energy Company. The deal would cost Talos Energy a whopping $2.5 billion. Tim realized that the risk was too big for Talos Energy, but if everything went on as planned, it would be the best thing that ever happened to Talos Energy.

Hurricane Harvey was not subsiding, and it is at that point that Duncan realized that he had to carry on with his plans. For the next few weeks, Tim converted his mother’s dining room into an office where he would work until late into the night. He managed to close the entire merger deal from his mother’s dining room.

Details of the merger with Stone Energy

The merger allowed Talos Energy to take over the operations of an oil company which was making more than $900 million before the acquisition. Talos Energy has taken the bold move of taking most of their assets to the Gulf of Mexico where there is an enormous operating risk. A drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico costs hundreds of millions of dollars without considering the catastrophic occurrences such as Hurricane Rita destroyed drilling equipment worth millions of dollar in 2005. With the merger, Talos will now manage to produce more than 48,000 barrels per day.

Visit More : www.indeed.com/cmp/Talos-Energy


Sheldon Lavin is a high profile person that has been at the forefront of turning around the business industry with his influence. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI group, which is a multi-national meat processing company located in Illinois and has been in operation for decades. He is attributed for the success of the company for his ingenious managerial abilities that have stood out over the years making him a source of inspiration to the millennial of entrepreneurs in the world.

Following a successful career in the banking sector, Sheldon Lavin joined OSI as a financial consultant and later became a partner of the company in the efforts to expand operations into Asia, South America and Europe. His determination to take over the company prompted him to purchase a controlling stake at OSI in the early 1980s. He is hailed for promoting a distinctive culture of integrating all the staff members as a global family. This has occasioned a routine of having a lower employee turnover as they work for the company for many years.

Presently, OSI Group has more than 20000 staffs globally working at estimated 65 facilities in 17 countries. The company was ranked on Forbes list as the 58th biggest company with a staggering net worth of $6.1 billion. Sheldon Lavin has ensured sustainability of this remarkable growth by embracing new strategies and the current technology in the food sector with minimum environmental risks. He is highly specialized in trailing the dynamics in technologies and consumer preferences. Also, he is identified with his tendency to work with a team of like-minded and foresighted people in maintaining the OSI Group at the top of the game.

Sheldon Lavin has bagged numerous awards over the years of presiding over OSI Group. Among the awards are for his initiatives in managing environmental and health risks as the 2016 Globe of Honor award which was granted to UK-based OSI Food Solutions. He has also been recognized for providing job opportunities across the globe as well as partaking in philanthropic works. Particularly, he takes part in the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Rush University Medical Center and the Sheba Foundation among many others.

To learn more:https://www.wattagnet.com/articles/26154-osis-sheldon-lavin-receives-global-visionary-award

Dr. Saad Saad: Advanced Catheter Location Device and Endoscope Will Change the Surgical Department

One of the worst experiences that individuals undergo is having medical surgeries while still experiencing pain. For a long time, anesthesia has been used to induce the death of nerves to the area under operation such that patients don’t suffer further pain. However, there reaches a point where other individuals take or are induced by anesthesia for a more extended period or so many times to the extent that the drug no longer works for them. This leads to a situation where advanced methods must be used to help the patient not to experience further pain while receiving operations.


Dr. Saad Saad is an experienced doctor who has worked in the medical department for more than forty years. He clearly understands what the patients experience when they are experiencing pain. Given that he wanted to make the medical environment and especially the surgical department to work for people professionally, he came up with two advanced technologies that were geared towards helping individuals to have a better life. As you know, individuals undergoing surgical operations are fitted with tubes that either help in removal of waste while others support the physician to see the place being operated on so that they can offer specialized treatment.


Dr. Saad Saad decided to improve the status of the catheter, which is one of the primary tubes inserted in the bodies of patients as they wait to undergo surgical operations. Initially, the doctor used wires to detect the position of the catheter while others used X-rays and MRI to identify the location of the tool. However, the X-rays used could cause severe damages to the life of a human being by leading to harsh health conditions such as cancer and other radioactive led illnesses. The catheter developed by Dr. Saad Saad can easily be located by the use of electromagnetic devices which eradicated the aspect of exposing patients to dangers.


Another medical innovation that Dr. Saad Saad brought into the field of medicine is an endoscope, which is medical equipment that plays a critical role during the surgical process. This equipment is used in viewing the parts of the body, especially those inside the body before surgery has been conducted. Some of them are mostly blocked fluids inside the body making it difficult for the doctor to see inside. The endoscope developed by doctor Saad can wipe itself all the fluids that are blocking the lenses. The doctor can perfectly look inside of the body quickly without having to readjust now and then.


Through the innovations that this guru has brought into the industry, both the medical practitioners and the patients have all the reasons to celebrate because, for the patients, the pain of health complications have been eliminated. On the other hand, the doctors can now perform their operations more efficiently. Learn more : https://about.me/ssaad/getstarted


Neurocore- The Company Working On Brain Training

Neurocore is a company based out of Florida in a city called Boca Raton. They specialize in brain-training and brain mapping. These give the scientists neurofeedback through the use of advanced EEG Technology. This technology has come a long way in recent years and is giving specialists the ability to learn more about how the brain works and what can be done in order to make it more efficient. Visit manta.com to know more about Neurocore.

If you ask most people, they could not tell you how grand our brains actually are. They are one of the more amazing organs from any living being in the world. They can be extremely resilient and adaptable. Within the brain are billions of microscopic neurons that are responsible for the way it functions. The way we think and perceive things are a result of these neurons transmitting small electrical impulses. Those impulses then get relayed to the rest of our body.

All of the chemical signals of our brains are what keep us alive and functioning. One specialty in Neurocore is finding ways to treat patients who suffer from a wide variety of mental illnesses. They have developed many therapies to help those afflicted by depression, anxiety, ADHD and ASD. Most of these therapies are new to the public but have been in practice for more than 70 years now. Thus far, the therapies used have been very promising for future use.

Follow: https://twitter.com/neurocore

EEG Technology History

Electroencephalograms are types of tests that physicians use to detect certain signals released from the brain. The tests are performed by placing small discs made of metal on the head and scalp of the patient. They are electrodes and non-invasive discs that can read electrical impulses that come from the brain. Once these are picked up and recorded, a specialist will be able to use them to diagnose certain disorders and issues.

Many years ago, the main use of EEG machines were to help in detecting epilepsy in patients. These days, it is effective in detecting things such as brain tumors, brain injuries and inflammation, strokes and sleep issues. Many of these issues can be caught early on and treated appropriately because of the EEG technology. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Talkspace Providing A Solution With Talk Based Therapy

Talkspace is a new app that gives people the chance to get the help needed to overcome their biggest anxiety issues and depression. Nothing is worse than not being able to receive the help you need unless you have insurance. Talkspace makes it possible for anyone to receive the help they need whenever they need it. Since it is based off of text messaging, this makes it easy to hit up your therapist at any given moment of the day. Of course, they do have lives and other clients, but you can receive a response almost immediately. Talkspace is not just affordable but of good value because you can have someone for a week and continue onwards if you feel you need it.

Talkspace has brought on Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps into the company. He is now the main face of the brand because he himself has gone through his fair share of struggles in the world of mental health. Going through countless depressive episodes and other struggles, he has become somebody who has seen the dark episode despite his amazing success in his sport. Talkspace has helped him recently on getting him to the next level of his health. Talkspace continues to provide him and thousands of others the guidance and support they need on a daily basis. Phelps continues to share his knowledge and guidance as he still spreads the awareness of mental health.

Talkspace is honestly opening the door for people to get some amazing help from the comfort of their own home. A recent news article interviewed one of the therapists who works for Talkspace, and she talked about how much she loved doing it. With a strong and specific specialty on women going through deep hardships in life regarding family and divorce, this specific therapist has a strong understanding of women’s inner issues. Melissa Moreno, one of many who work as a therapist for the app, genuinely loves making people happier and being the source of guidance for when people need it the most. Talkspace wants to be there for you when you need them the most.