USHEALTH Group Inc. Leads in Availing Customer Specific Products

Working from Fort Worth, Texas, the USHEALTH Group Inc. has served more than fifteen million individuals for a period of 50 years now. USHEALTH Group Inc.’s products are tailored to fit the needs of specific individuals rather than being of a general nature. That ability to meet unique needs of every individual is perhaps the greatest factor that has seen the company maintain its market leader position over the last five decades. Their focus is on the large group normally ignored by many other players in the industry. The group consists of self-employed individuals, families of all classes, and small businesses together with their workers. The strategy of focusing on the market segment has seen USHEALTH Group Inc. sustain high growth rates just as their clients grow too.

Through a series of its subsidiaries, USHEALTH Group Inc. has managed to widen its market to cover the whole country. Subsidiaries like National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America have worked harder to deliver excellent customer service. In a competitive industry like healthcare, the distinguishing factor is always customer service and response. That USHEALTH Group Inc. is aware of its customer service requirements came to the core in 2013 when the company was named a Top 50 North American Call Center of the year. The ranking was definitely expected by the clients who were always attended by USHEALTH Group Inc. customer service.

The company avails quite an array of products that suit all segments of society. The needs of individual clients dictate the kind of insurance product one gets. There are products for clients who are operating on a limited budget. The products enable them access to a series of benefits including discounts with a substantial network of healthcare providers. For clients who can afford a higher level of cost sharing, there exists a portfolio of insurance products that avail affordability, flexibility, and reliability to the customers.

What is core, however, is that whichever the plan you choose, USHEALTH Group Inc. avails you enhanced coverage with products such as Specified Disease/Sickness, Short Term Accident Disability Income, Dental and Vision Plans, and Critical Illness. This list is by no means exhaustive. Read more:


Importance of USHEALTH Advisors in the Community

USHEALTH Advisors is part of the marketing division of USHEALTH Group and deals in marketing a collection of adamant health coverage ideas endorsed and protected by USHEALTH Group’s family of insurance organizations. USHEALTH Advisors trust that their success starts with their client’s success hence they offer effective field support.

USHEALTH Advisors fund the making of targeted that hints the tips from verified marketing stations these enable the career agents of the organization to always accomplish more. The organization has tactical business partnerships in order for their professional career agents can access extra products and services that improve the worth of the modified defense collection. These improve the relationship between clients and their agents hence they make more profit.

USHEALTH Advisors also provides inclusive training chances to assist their career agents and field leaders so they can attain their objectives. They are able to achieve these by using online webinars which is a program that is intended to offer them total understanding and develop their career. Also in their training programs, they are able to offer exceptional equipment’s, resources and backing to assist them to start up their sales and be successful.

USHEALTH Advisors have essentials values that say “When the agent wins, we all win”, so they offer their agents with an e-commerce podium that enable their business to be anywhere the organization operation takes place. Also, the e-commerce also enables the organization to process ones new business quickly hence payment is made quickly and kindly for one’s sales effort. Also, some services that the organization provide is helping American self-employed, small corporate owners and people to get entry to creativity and cheap health coverage solutions that meet their exceptional wants.

USHEALTH Advisors also have inventive return strategies that enable an individual to manage the amount of cash that they will able to get each year, next year and this year these is because they do not have restrictions on individual earning ability. Also, the organization ensures that the career agents also have the chances to create major wealth for themselves through taking part in the inclusive stock ownership program. According to the organization is vital for their agents to have ownership in the company because they are the ones who help them to develop the company.

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Troy McQuagge receives his Gold Award from One Planet Awards

Do not make a mistake of assuming that Troy McQuagge won the award because he has worked at USHEALTH Group for ages, he has not even finished a decade at the company, but his efforts have been evident and recognized worldwide. Troy McQuagge joined the insurance provider back in 2010. He immediately put this tools to work and restructure one of the company’s most important part, the advisors. He restructures the USHEALTH Advisors making the subsidiaries more profitable and more reliable by the intended consumers.

In 2014, Troy was appointed to serve as the company’s CEO and president. His leadership skills were solid. He made the Texas-based insurance provider very profitable. The company grew in size as well as the number of covers it offered. It is his effort in redefining USHEALTH Group that made Troy stand out as the CEO of the year.

When receiving the award, Troy was kind enough to state that the award belonged to all the people working at USHEALTH Group. According to him, the competitiveness and success of the company are as a result of combined efforts and determination from all. The One Planet Award is given to all business people and other professionals who are exceptional in their specific industry. The award is not limited to Health Insurance companies; it is open for people in all sectors, large or small, for-profit or nonprofits. Troy won a Gold award as the CEO of the year 2016 in the very competitive yet coveted award that is open to all people across the globe.

Troy got his bachelors of Arts in Legal studies from the University of Central Florida. He is an innovative leader who revolutionized USHEALTH Group to become one of the leading Health insurance companies covering health needs of self-employed US citizens as well as those who own small businesses.

Troy started his career in sales promotion back in 1983 when he began working at Allstate Insurance. He later moved to UICI/ Health Markets in 1995 where he worked until 2010 when he left the company to Join USHEALTH Group. Know more:


Originality, Ingenuity & Reliability: USHEALTH Group

Do you have affordable healthcare coverage? Have you ever heard of USHEALTH Group? This organization is an actual conglomerate of premier insurance companies. Every person is unique in some form or fashion. USHEALTH Group brings some of the best tailored-solutions to the market thanks to its extensive portfolio of healthcare solutions. Whether you’re a small business owner, you’re part of a family, or you’re self-employed, any and everyone is included with these advanced healthcare solutions. The customers here are truly valued and USHEALTH Group defines itself by creating long-term relationships with its clients and customers.

Having the money to take care of your healthcare needs can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, most people can’t afford to pay for high-quality insurance coverage. This is the downside to the medical/healthcare, but all of this is about to change for the better. USHEALTH Group’s mission is to serve everyone, and it offers some of the most affordable plans on the market today. On top of being affordable, the company is very flexible and will work with the customer to find the beast coverage. It’s a win-win situation for everyone who’s involved in the process. USHEALTH Group is very confident in its ability to where it will offer a free quote. That’s right! This is modern-day healthcare service at its finest and no other organization does it better.

What does the organization cover? The answer is very simple. USHEALTH Group is on another level because it provides coverage for term-life, for specified diseases and for supplemental products. On top of that, the organization provides short-term coverage, short-term accident disability income, vision plans and income protector coverage. The entire gambit is being taken cared for to the highest degree. All in all, USHEALTH Group is in a class of its own, and it’s leading by example in the most progressive way possible.

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Igor Cornelsen – Advice For Investing In A Foreign Market

When investing in a foreign country, there are things you need to know, understand and expect. The economy in Brazil is starting to see positive gains and the economic upheaval they’ve been experiencing is ending. Igor Cornelsen is one who has waited for this day, and he is starting to reap the benefits. He wants you to know that there are unique issues to learn about before spending money and avoiding pitfalls, as well as helpful strategies to gain the most personally, without a lot of risk.

The following are some tips he wants you to know:

  1. Get Familiar With Currency Restrictions – The currency controls are very strict, and there are numerous exchange rates that could be to your advantage. If you are not a resident or local business, you need an authorized bank to exchange. This is why researching the currency laws is very crucial.
  2. Connect With the Brazilian People – Igor Cornelsen says that it should be quite easy to network and connect with natives, because there are many entrepreneurs and business-oriented people who live in Brazil. The self-starters in business make up twenty-five percent of Brazilians between the ages of eighteen and sixty-four. They welcome and love to talk to people from other countries, so new ideas can be presented.
  3. Prepare for Red Tape – The markets are getting bigger, but the regulations in Brazil are overwhelming, so the red tape you may have to go through may make it difficult to start a business. To be able to deal with unavoidable regulations and avoid the ones you may be able to, it is important to know the regulations ahead of time.

Mr. Cornelsen has a lot of knowledge about investing in the Brazilian market and loves the excitement in Brazil, that is a part of their lives. His investment firm helps foreign investors invest in Brazilian markets by using his strategies, that work! By connecting with the Brazilians, they know when the market changes and ways for you to make you investment profitable. To avoid investments that could become a nightmare, you need to be informed about high taxes, unreasonable regulations, a restrictive labor market and the foreign currency restrictions. Having an authorized bank that deals with foreign exchange and currency restrictions is necessary. There are rules about exchange rates; therefore, not knowing about exchange rates or receiving the wrong one could be detrimental to your investments.

Igor Cornelsen says “there is no such thing as free money in Brazil”, but you have the potential to make money on your investments. He stresses the importance of doing research and following his advice to reap the benefits of your investments.

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Jason Hope On The Quest For Immortality

Jason Hope is an avid futurist, entrepreneur, mentor, and a genuine altruist. Jason is one of the largest donors of the rejuvenation medicine institute, SENS. SANS or Strategies for Engineering Negligible Senescence has conducted extensive anti-aging related research over the decades. The institute researcher’s study’s organisms and species that exhibit the longevity trait, for instance, hydra and tortoises. The answers to the age-old issue of immortality lie hidden in the cells and DNAs of these creatures.

Aging Issues

The problem with aging is that it usually compromises our immune system responses. The older one gets, the more vulnerable to a myriad of adverse medical conditions that will most probably end up taking their lives. SENs prefers to develop drugs that will deter the onset and eventual progression of all aging-related diseases as opposed to finding cures once the conditions become manifest.

Advanced Glycation Products (AGEs)

Thanks to the benevolent contributions by Jason Hope and others, the scientists at SENs laboratories has developed the AGE-breakers treatments. AGE-breakers treatments are designed to target and kill all traces of the harmful advanced glycation end products (AGEs). Studies show that if the AGEs are left to accumulate as the cell ages, they eventually cause the skin and the blood vessels to lose their elasticity and strength.

Breakthrough Found!

After spending countless research hours and several millions of dollars, scientists at the SENS Foundation have finally found a possible clue to figuring out the immortality quagmire. Researchers believe that by eliminating the chemical substance, glucosepane, aging will be solved, once and for all.

Google Brothers

Jason Hope isn’t the only famous contributor at SENS Foundation. Jason’s joined by the Peter Thiel who’s the co-founder of the online merchant behemoth company, PayPal. Thiel’s 2006 donations of $3.5 million got the rejuvenation medicine research institute off to an excellent start. The rejuvenation biotechnology industry has also attracted the Google brothers. Larry Page and Sergey Brin ventured into the anti-aging treatments realm in 2013. The innovative duo doled out a $100M to start a biotech firm called Calico.

Jason Hope’s Bio

These entrepreneurs have many things in common asides being filthy rich. Philanthropy and an almost instinctual drive to better the condition of humanity are some of the aspects that unite these philanthropists. Be sure to check out Jason Hope’s official webpage and learn all about his charitable activities, career and his wisdom on how to invest like the big boys! For more info about us: click here.

Jason resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with his family. Hope holds a finance degree attained at the prestigious Arizona State Uni. Later, Jason joined W.P Carey School of Business to pursue an Executive MBA.

Logan Stout: Entrepreneur in Leadership and Empowerment

From the beginning, Logan Stout has always had a winning mentality. Whether it’s baseball, business or community leadership, Logan Stout instilled in himself the mindset and passion to succeed in whatever he does, including motivating others around him to do the exact same thing.

Born and raised in Richardson, Texas, Logan Stout focused his achievements on excelling in high school, where he served on the Student Athletic Council, and as a junior and senior earned the title of MVP of his high school basketball team. As it would turn out, basketball would be the star student’s second sport, as Mr. Stout would find even greater success with his passion for baseball. Mr. Stout would go on to attend Panola College, winning many prestigious awards in college baseball and eventually earning a career playing professional baseball. Mr. Stout played for the Forth Worth Cats and appeared in 17 World Series events, either as a player or coach. With all of his success surrounding baseball, Mr. Stout would give back to the sport, coaching at Dallas Baptist University, while also serving in the university’s youth ministry.

Although, Logan Stout was blessed with the gifts to exceed in every level of baseball, his education wouldn’t play a backseat to his athletic accomplishments. At Panola College, Mr. Stout received a degree in business, and later he would earn a degree in psychology from the University of Dallas.

Success in sports and education is a powerful combination. After his professional career in baseball, Mr. Stout would use his previous success to embark on a new challenge, becoming an entrepreneur. Mr. Stout always exhibited leadership qualities throughout his college and professional tenure, so transitioning into the field of business
with his skill set, proved to be more than a worthy match. Mr. Stout has always understood that having physical, mental and spiritual health is the key to achieving anything, and he wanted to invest in a business that would turn this vision into a tangible asset. From his vision, he would develop a line of healthcare products called ID Life. Founded in 2014, ID Life is a health wellness company that manages health and dietary supplements, pills, and shakes.

Mr. Stout utilized his unique leadership qualities to form a marketing strategy tailored made for ID Life. The company innovated a new system that would combine free personalized assessments, then according to the assessment results, would match customers with the proper set of ID health products, effectively targeting the customer’s specific needs. ID Life has revolutionized the health and fitness industry, generating billions of dollars in revenue, and in 2016 being named one of top 100 MLM Companies in the world.

Logan Stout’s entrepreneurial endeavors don’t stop with ID Life, it just opened up more opportunities to empower others to succeed like him. Mr. Stout wrote a book called “Stout Advice”, based on his winning strategies and formulas, that have helped him succeed throughout his life. “Experience is not the great teacher”, Mr. Stout advises, “evaluated experience is the great teacher.”

In addition to publishing “Stout Advice”, Mr. Stout also founded and is the CEO of the Dallas Patriots, a baseball organization, that develops and mentors kids ages 6-18. The Dallas Patriots is all about giving the youth the training, guidance and opportunities needed to achieve their goals. The organization has done just that, as many of the participants of the Dallas Patriots go on to play collegiate baseball or get drafted into the MLB.

These days, you can still find Logan Stout in Texas with his loving wife and 2 children, coaching, mentoring, ministering, and empowering the community. Whether it’s through speaking engagements or social media, Mr. Stout is passionate about providing valuable and powerful advice for anyone seeking self improvement. Available for sign up to everyone of all ages, Mr. Stout offers a weekly newsletter, called “Stout Advice” where he gives free helpful tips and encouragement. His empowering efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, as Mr. Stout can be seen on television regularly, and was named “Man of the Year” in the Philadelphia Life Magazine. When asked about the one habit that makes him productive and successful as an entrepreneur, Mr. Logan stated, “I start my day the same way every day and that’s feeding my mind. I believe thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to habits, and habits lead to results. It’s the foundation of my mentoring business at Logan”

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Tampa’s Own Chuck Owen Receives 4 2017 Grammy Nominations

Tampa, Florida jazz artist and USF Jazz professor Chuck Owen has received 4 Grammy nominations for his 2017 piece of art album titled “Whispers On The Wind” This is not Owen’s first nomination for the prestigious music award, he also received 2 nominations in 2014.


The cutoff for 2017 nominations was September 30, 2017 so Owen must have produced something really special with “Whispers On The Wind” because it was just released in late September of 2017. Getting a single nomination for that late of a release would be a big enough challenge but to receive 4 tells us that Tampa has a very talented artist and teacher in Chuck Owen. Certainly one the entire Bay area can all be proud of.


In a recent interview with Creative Loaf, Owen stated that he knew “There was something from the beginning about Whispers that just felt ‘right” and that he is hoping to be able to attend the award ceremonies in person on January 28, 2018 at New York City’s famous Madison Square Garden. Certainly many Tampa Bay area Jazz and music lovers will tune in to cheer on the local artist and teacher.


The 4 categories that “Whispers On The Wind” received nominations for Best Arrangement, Instrumental or A Capella, Best Large Jazz Ensemble Recording (the album was recorded with a 19 piece band), Best Instrumental Composition and Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album.


In addition to being a jazz artist, composer and album producer, Owen is also the University of South Florida’s Director of Center For Jazz Composition and the university’s Director of Jazz Ensemble. He has served the university in these capacities for 22 years. Prior to becoming a distinguished professor at USF, Owen received his Bachelor of Music at North Texas State University and then went on to earn a Masters in Orchestral Conducting from California State University-Northridge.


There were over 22,000 Grammy nominations submitted this year so Chuck Owen, The University of South Florida and all Tampa citizens can certainly be very proud of this accomplishment. Good luck Chuck.

Former Tampa Bay Player Attacked By A Shark

If you are familiar with the movie Jaws, then you probably know how dangerous sharks can be if they bite you in the water. One former Tampa Bay Buccaneers football player had an encounter with a shark that can be said to be taken out from the Jaws movie. In case you are wondering, he did survive to tell the tale.

Warren Sapps, who played as a defensive tackle for the Tampa Bay Bucanners, got bit by a shark while he was lobstering in the waters off Florida. Fortunately for Sapps, the bite was relatively minor. The incident occurred near the Florida Keys while Sapps was lobstering or catching lobsters.

Sapps is an NHL hall of famer who Tampa Bay Bucanners fans will remember and respect through time. Despite getting bit by a shark, the former NFL player did not let the incident bring him down or stop his lobster hunting adventure. Warren put gauze on the bite and even laughed it off. He even posted a photograph of the shark bite on twitter joking the shark got a piece of me. Sapps, who was in good spirits, then posted a photograph of himself catching lobster. The shark may have gotten a piece of him, but he had caught some delicious lobster for dinner he continued to joke!

I don’t think I would be able to continue diving after getting bit by a shark. It takes a lot of guts and grits to keep going after that. Then again, I am not a former NFL defensive tackle player. Warren Sapps showed that even when the going gets tough or you get bit by a shark, it pays off to have some humor and to make light of the situation.

So why did the shark bite former NFL player Warren Sapps? It seems the sharks also prey on the lobsters in that area. Another more hilarious theory is that the shark was coming in to tackle Warren Sapps but failed and managed to only bite him instead.

Popular Lime Crime Brand Introduces New Products

Lime Crime offers an extensive line of trendy cosmetics and the proof is in the color. They offer an assortment of lipstick and eye-shadow brands unique to the cosmetic industry. Each color helps you identity with your best features with cool shades. More importantly, their cosmetics meet the demands of most budgets reasonably priced at under $40 for their individual cosmetics. Get amazing coverage guaranteed up to 12 hours in a complete waterproof formula. Their founder, successful marketing analysis, female entrepreneur, and tech expert, Doe Deere, is constantly expanding her intricate colors with new products.

Get the satisfaction of helping the stray Los Angeles pet population with the purchase of PURR cosmetics branded under the Lime Crime name. A portion of the proceeds from the new 5 color palette collection goes towards socializing, housing, and litter training local stray cats. Their new PURR line has a buttery texture that goes on smooth and has a perfected finish for your eyes and lips. LC cosmetics is no doubt, designed to bring out your best features and hold throughout the day with hypoallergenic ingredients that protect your skin. Who doesn’t want a popular super-foil cosmetic blend that stays put as a part of your daily beauty regimen?

Another cool new product under the LC line is their Polly Pocket Candy Collection. It offers a unique 90’s inspired bright colored case. It takes users back to a time when putting their Barbie in their favorite jeans was a necessity. Enjoy an amazing new palette with cool new colors like Charmed or Diamond Crusher. You’re the beauty behind the make-up and their products are their to accent your look. Their products remain committed to helping you find your unique identity with bold new colors. They also offer a new Unicorn hair dye collection with one complete permanent application or two semi-permanent tints.

Become a part of the growing Lime Crime family by visiting their website for more promotional shipping offers on their new products. You can also find very affordable bundles with more color for professional make-up artist.