College Football Playoff National Championship in Tampa

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, January 6 through 8, 2017, will be the dates; and Tampa, Florida, will be the place for this exciting family-friendly multi-day fan festival. Thousands of fans will enjoy the many varied special activities, some of which are outlined below, as well as mini pep rallies for each participating team, appearances and performances from institutions’ bands and mascots, special celebrity appearances and exhibits, youth sports clinics, interactive activities, entertainment, and more.


AT&T Playoff Playlist Live!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, January 6 – 8, 2017

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park


FREE outdoor concert series featuring a variety of national recording artists including Usher, Gavin DeGraw and Jamie N Commons on Sunday.


Extra Yard 5K and Family Fun Run

Sunday, January 8, 2017 in Downtown Tampa’s Championship Campus


This official Extra Yard 5K road race at 8:00 AM is 3.1 miles down a scenic route of a portion of Bayshore Boulevard. A One-Mile Family Fun Run at 9:00 AM will also be held along a portion of the course.


There will also be a post-race awards ceremony, live entertainment, activities with race sponsors, and many benefits along with the registration fees. Proceeds will benefit Extra Yard for Teachers that goes the “extra yard” by celebrating, honoring, empowering, and inspiring teachers.


Championship Tailgate

Monday, January 9, 2017, at Raymond James Stadium


FREE for all championship game ticket holders.


This ultimate game day tailgate will feature ESPN broadcast sets, interactive games, concessions, sponsor activities, and more. Dierks Bentley will headline the Capital One Quicksilver Music Stage.


Media Day

Saturday, January 7, 2017, at Amalie Arena – 9:00 AM

FREE event


Attendees will see their favorite players and coaching staffs and listen to interviews as over 1,000 media members preview the national championship game.


Taste of the Championship

Sunday, January 8, 2017 at the Florida Aquarium

7:00 to 10:00 PM


Attendees will get to sample gourmet food and beverages from different geographic regions throughout the country presented by a variety of Tampa-area restaurants. Proceeds from the $250 general admission support the College Football Playoff Foundation..


An Amended Complaint Filed Against Laidlaw and its Principals by Relamda Therapeutics

Relmada Therapeutics confirmed that it had filed a motion seeking to make amendments to its protest against Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd at the District of Nevada’s U.S. District Court. This motion forms part of the previous lawsuit it had filed at the Nevada District Court. The amendments seek to include another legal claim on the fiduciary duty breach as Laidlaw owed Relmada an obligation not to disclose confidential information it had acquired when it acted as the investment banker. Relmada Therapeutics is also seeking damages (monetary) from the costs and fees it incurred when responding to the misleading and false proxy materials given by Laidlaw in December 2015.



Relmada’s Reasons for the Lawsuit



Relmada filed a lawsuit against Laidlaw and James Ahern and Matthew Eitner (Laidlaw principals) due to the dissemination of misleading and false proxy materials. Relmada noted that there was in fact a previous temporary restraining order and injunction (associated) against the two principals from the Nevada Court. The board of Relmada believes that the lawsuit will ensure that Laidlaw compensates them for the damages caused and to prevent it from hurting the company going forward. Relamda has sent a letter to its stakeholders to explain in detail of the action it has taken in an attempt to protect their interests.



About Laidlaw & Company



Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd. offers wealth management and investment banking services to both individuals and institutions in the US and UK. It offers a number of services under investment banking like capital raising via equity placement with institutions and retail investors with a high net worth, placement of mezzanine capital and debt with the institutional-based investors and acquisition financing. I have read about various scandals involving this investment banker and its principals Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. The two have been accused by Relmada Therapeutics of giving false proxy materials that are misleading to the investors.

Wessex Careers

Wessex Careers at the most prestigious educational institutes are possible for any talented individual with the right background. Wessex Institute of Technology is located in a very picturesque setting, New Forrest National Park in England. The highly regarded learning facility is a very significant part of the scientific community too. They are involved with the exchange of information between academics and professionals. This exchange of information is instrumental in their operation and they have links to various organizations across the world. Starting a career with the Institution is achievable today because they actively recruit new people to join their staff through the year.

Wessex Careers
Wessex Careers begin with, you acknowledging that you would like to start a career with the higher learning institute. Next, it is important to make sure that you have the necessary background and education to join their staff. The last step is to apply for a job at the institute that matches your career objective. Graduates are likely to get employed based on BusinessInsider

Check here for more info.


Alan Thicke’s role in the birth of the Tampa Bay Lightning

It was a shock to everyone when Alan Thicke died at age 69 right after enjoying a hockey game with his son, Carter, age 19.


Alan is remembered for playing the dad on the sitcom “Growing Pains“. He also hosted “Thicke of the Night,” a late-night talk show and was a very talented song writer writing the themes for “Diff’rent Strokes” and “The Facts of Life.”


In Tampa, Florida, Alan is also remembered by fans of the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team because he was the on-ice pre-game host and the master of ceremonies for the inaugural game of the Lightning at Expo Hall against the Blackhawks on October 7, 1992. He also helped to promote the 1999 All-Star Game in Tampa.


With his life-long love of hockey and being an enthusiastic hockey fan, in addition to being a close friend of hockey great Wayne Gretzky, Alan had become friends with Lightning founder Phil Esposito when Esposito was a Rangers player. Thicke wrote the cult-classic song “Hockey Sock Rock” that Esposito sang and which was turned into a charity video. From that friendship came Alan‘s invitation to that first Lightning game.


It was hoped that the Tampa Bay Lightning found what was needed to pull themselves out of their recent rut with their recent 6-3 victory over the Calgary Flames, when the Flames were considered to be the best Western team as December progressed and up in the standings to be in a playoff spot. However, the Lightning fell 4-2 to the Vancouver Canucks in the season finale on December 17.


Back in September 2015, the Tampa Bay Lightning along with the National Hockey League Players’ Association and the National Hockey League announced that they were investing over $6 million over the coming five years in an extensive program, Build the Thunder. The mission is to grow the game of hockey and its fans and teach life skills lessons by players and alumni as role models and teachers to approximately 100,000 local young people who will learn critical educational and life skills.


Jameis Winston Is Bucs Air Apparent

If it seems like Jameis Winston’s throws are in the air a long time, the numbers bear that out. The Tampa Bay qb has thrown for 3,364 yards this season, and 66.1 percent of these yards have been airborne.


Sometimes passing yard stats can be confusing, because a one-yard pass that’s carried for 20 yards will be considered a 21-yard pass. But there is also a stat called air yards. Air yards are calculated by subtracting yards after catch from a quarterback’s total yards Sixty-six point one percent of Winston’s total yardage has been air yards. This is the highest percentage of any starting quarterback in the NFL this year.


In total air yards this season, Washington’s Kirk Cousins leads with 2,418 to Winston’s 2,225. However, Winston’s air yard percentage is still higher than Cousins.’ Cousins’ percentage is only 59.1 percent of his 4,045-yard total.


Among NFL quarterbacks this season, after Cousins and Winston, Drew Brees comes in with 2,216 air yards and Matt Ryan has totaled 2,105. Next are Andy Dalton at 2,053, Carson Palmer at 2,029 and Andrew Luck with 1,999


Key to Winston’s performance has been wide receiver Mike Evans, his favorite target. Going into Week 15, Evans led all NFL receivers in yards at the time of the catch, snagging 957 of his 1,100 receiving yards out of the air. Evans has caught 80 passes averaging 13.8 yards per reception and has also scored 10 touchdowns, the most of any Tampa Bay receiver.


Next after Evans is tight end Cameron Brate, who’s had 51 receptions for 575 yards and a very respectable 11.3 yards per reception. Brate, who’s been with the Bucs since 2014, has scored 6 touchdowns


The Bucs offense is humming right along with Winston, Evans, Brate and more great offensive stats. The Bucs have 283 total first downs to their opponents’ 259. They have 79 of 178 third down conversions to their opponents’ 53 of 155. In time of possession, they average 2 minutes more than all their opponents


Could the Bucs make it to the Superbowl this year? It might be in the air!


Why Omar Boraie Emerged To Be the Best in Real Estate Industry

Structural development is the key economic growth indicator across the world. Many governments have invested in key structural development initiatives with the aim of improving the living standards of its citizens. This has also necessitated the private sector to invest in structural development to improve their profit proceeds. As such, there are different companies that have invested in the commercial and residential building process. As a result, many people have also invested a lot of resources in the real estate industry to capitalize on income generation. Omar Boraie is one of the leading real estate developers in the United States of America. He was an Egyptian who travelled to the United States of America to acquire a doctorate degree in chemistry but later developed interest in real estate. He established Boraie Development Company over 40years ago and the company has been building residential and commercial buildings that have been liked by many people. The company is headquartered in Albany Street where the 72 year old Omar Boraie has built his exemplary office suit where he observes most of his buildings from. Back in 1980s, the estate of New Brunswick was very poor and dilapidated with few occupants in the city. But he continued to work hard and bought abandoned houses which he later refurbished and improved to be among the most sought after apartments. During this time, the streets were abandoned and people would not walk on the street at 4pm for fear of being robbed. His initiative to develop the city has later attracted many people who have come back to invest in the city.
His firm has attracted many big contracts from the entire population. He is responsible for building all houses of an American billionaire Donald Trump. He has heavy invested in the New Jersey state where he has contacted the professional services of Omar Boraie. His experience in the field of real estate has also attracted many investors who have developed interest in working with his firm closely. He has recently embarked on a multimillion building contract on the One Spring Street where they are building almost 120 square units of one, two and three bed roomed houses. These houses are aimed at improving the living standards of the common citizen in the state of New Jersey. The houses are affordable and can be bought ranging from 350, 00 to 500,000 dollars respectively. Through his leadership skills, he has continued to develop and offer affordable residential and commercial houses for the general public. He has also partnered with his two sons who are helping him to drive the company to greater heights.

Have you ever thought of digital marketing?

You cannot deny that the world is fast changing from analogue to digital. Individuals are increasingly taking in digital content each day on mobile phones, laptops and desktop at work, and much more. Institutions that have not yet picked this in their marketing strategies should adapt fast. They can seek help from companies such as white shark media that offer solutions for online marketing particularly for small-scale and medium businesses.

White Shark Media is a preeminent Digital Marketing company that was founded in the year 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs with an immense amount of knowledge and experience in both offline and online marketing. It has been spotted as one of the rapid growing digital agencies in the Northern America. White shark media’s growth is deduced from their reputation of engineering cost-efficient Search Marketing campaigns when rendering a world-beating customer experience. Their goal was to capture the arising SMB market in the United States and Latin America by offering great product and service that was unheard-of

White shark media’s once ‘boutique agency’ has assisted many companies all over the Americas to spring up their businesses by utilising their online marketing manoeuvres and the suite of proprietorship marketing tools.

Another main component of white shark media’s formula for success is trailing all their clients’ marketing attempts in great detail. Having keyword-level call tracking, Google Analytics integrating, competitive intelligence and proprietorship reporting software, they ensure that they are amply accountable to all their customers each month. Some of the white shark media’s services include the following

Pay per Click Management services

  • Ad Words Valuation Risk – Free evaluation
  • Local Website and Ad Words – An original site with cost-effective monthly price
  • Local Ad Words Management – on click-to-call and call trailing
  • E-business Ad Words Management – Google Analytics and Google Shopping campaigns
  • Bing Ads Management –The service helps in hitting 29% of individuals on US search engines
  • PPC Management –Bing Ads and Google AdWords
  • Display AdWords Management – It aims at the users on applicable websites

Search Engine Optimisation services

  • Local SEO Evaluation – It is used in literacy criticism for the leading SEO rating factors
  • Local SEO Management On-site SEO with an inclusion of a website

Web Development services

  • Local Business Website – It is responsively designed and conversion-optimized
  • Logo Design – The logo is drawn using the graphic designer’s hands
  • Webmaster Service – The service involves continuous security and sustenance

Most of the clients that have utilised white shark media services include E-commerce Store from the USA. They say that they have noticed an increase in new customers. Another company from Florida states that they have heightened their sales from their PPC attempts. E-commerce store also tells that their conversion volume has grown by 20% every month.


Pomegranate Raspberry EOS Unlocks The Flavor Of Red

Pomegranate Raspberry lip balm from EOS is the perfect blend of natural oils blended with extracts of luscious ripe fruits. Raspberry and Pomegranate extracts offer not only the taste of the juicy fruits but also antioxidants and vitamins. The natural oils offer essential fatty acids that are vital for healthy and nourished skin. Olive oil, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter and blended together in a perfect balance that hydrates the lips and keeps them smooth all day. The all natural formulation is perfect for application several times a day as a part of the beauty routine and to ward of chapping.

EOS lip balms are famous for their packaging design. The founders of this company designed the product with women in mind who wanted an easy application without getting their fingers covered in balm. The spherical shape allows for this style of application. It is easy to twist open, apply and twist shut and it is also easy to find in a purse. The deep rich red color of the sphere is reminiscent of a pomegranate or raspberry.

It is easy to find these balms by looking for the round pop of color in the lip care aisle at the drugstore and even easier because they are now found in many major stores like Racked, Walmart and Target. They are still sold in the first major store to carry the products which is Walgreens. For an even easier shopping experience, Pomegranate Raspberry can be found on the EOS or eBay site,,  and can be purchased directly from them for the small price of $3.29 per balm. At that price it is easy to stock up on balms to keep one in the purse, one in the bedside table, another in the car and one more in the bathroom.

Learn how EOS started, read this article by Fast Company.


Discover How To Get Alternative Medicine With Proven Results For The Effects Of Chemotherapy

As CEO of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall is responsible for pioneering alternative drugs for cancer and other debilitating genetic disorders. He has created several advanced antibodies that have caused his therapeutic practice to become a part of several medical trials. In fact, he is committed to commercializing and patenting his innovative medicine. The goal of Siegall’s medication ideas is to have a positive impact on the lives of people suffering from cancer. His team also has a positive impact on the success of his drug creations and they are committed to their patients and their recovery process. Their goal is to propel their customers into complete remission.


Their main focus at Seattle Genetics is monoclonal antibody therapies that are exclusively for cancer patients. They lead the forefront with antibody-drug conjugates, known as ADC’s in the medical field. They deliver high end cell killing agents that are the center of their research and medical trials. They are committed to individualized personal care for their patients. Seattle Genetics along with Clay Siegall are responsible for many medical breakthroughs. Siegall is well known for counteracting against the effects of chemotherapy. Their primary focus is enhancing antitumor activity associated with cancer. However, Siegall works with a large number of genetic disorders including Hopkins disease and Sickle cell.


The leading drug at Seattle Genetics is ACDETRIC’s in connection with Takeda and Clay Siegall ensures that they have the full commercial rights. This rights are extended to all countries. They will be the foundation of treatment for many genetic disorders including lymphoma, T-cell lymphoma and other serious genetic disorders. Siegall wants to meet the needs of all his patients suffering from cancer and other diseases that are least likely researched. Clay Siegall worked with Glaxo SmithKline for over 16+ years before he came to Seattle Genetics. They were founded in 1988 and focus solely on the improving the lives of patients going through chemotherapy. Siegall has also had many successful internal and preclinical trials devoted to their patients. You’re invited to learn more about Seattle Genetics by visiting their exclusive website today.

Much About Vinny Parascandola and AKA Advisors

AXA Advisors is a multinational insurance company that is headquarters in France. AXA Advisors serves as a global insurance company, and they work in financial services and investment management. The AXA insurance brand grows every year, and the company operates in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. AXA is an independently run business that follows the different laws and regulations that are stipulated in those different countries. AXA is known as the second most powerful corporation that operates internationally.

AXA is a company that was founded in 1816 in Paris, France. The company changed names many times. In 1985, the American Insurance Company took over the company and in 1991, The Equitable changed the company’s name to AXA-UAP. In 1999, the company decided to revert the name back to AXA. In June 2006, the AXA company acquired one of the largest Swiss insurance companies called Winterthur Group from Credit Suisse, and that company was purchased for about 9 billion Euros.

Currently, Vincent Parascandola is the senior executive vice president of AXA Advisors LLC. Parascandola is the individual who is in charge of recruiting, retention, sales, productivity, and management. Vincent Parascandola is an individual who has more than 25 years of experience in the financial advisory business, and he has been able to earn many different awards for his management skills. One of those awards was the GAMA Career Development and Master Agency Award.

Vincent Parascandola is an individual who earned his bachelor of science degree from Pace University in New York and he is an individual who is sought-after to be a guest speaker for many different companies and industry conferences. Vincent Parascandola was able to serve as chairman of the LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee. The dedication and experience of Vincent Parascandola helped to make him an excellent senior executive vice president.