USHEALTH Advisors: Taking the American Insurance Industry to Greater Heights

When planning on matters related to your health, you can’t be too careful. In our day to day lives, we are continuously exposed to many different health and safety risks. Getting an insurance cover for you and your loved ones against the health and safety risks is very important. You will find many different insurance companies offering different types of insurance covers to cater for the various risks different people are exposed to. The USHEALTH Group is one of the most renowned and oldest insurance companies in Texas. USHEALTH Group created a subsidiary called USHEALTH Advisors in 2010 whose aim was to use agents spread all over different areas to sell insurance covers to small businesses, individuals, and self-employed people.

USHEALTH Advisors Insurance

The primary purpose of the formation of USHEALTH Advisors was to reach the millions of people who still do not have insurance. There are still many individuals and small businesses without insurance. USHEALTH Advisors agents’ job is to reach such people and provide them with insurance options to cater for their specific needs. The USHEALTH Advisors agents sell insurance products underwritten by the National Foundation and Freedom life insurance companies, both of which are wholly owned by USHEALTH Group. There are many types of insurance policies offered by USHEALTH Advisors including Term Life Insurance, Individual Health Insurance, Accident Insurance, Critical Health Insurance and Dental Insurance.

USHEALTH Advisors Salary

USHEALTH Advisors has an ever-growing group of captive agents underemployment. They give opportunities to many people living in different areas to join their team. The agents are taken through a comprehensive training program to equip them with the skills needed to start their career and bring it to great heights. USHEALTH Advisors has a comprehensive compensation plan which enables the agents to control the amount they earn over a specified period. The agents are provided with all the tools they require to tap into new customer bases and get new business quicker.

USHEALTH Advisors Location

The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. However, the agents are spread all over Texas and the surrounding states. Red more:



The Right Kind of Life Insurance is Important to You and Your Family

Life insurance plays an important role in your financial planning because if you should die prematurely your family will miss out on the funds you would have earned should you have lived. For a fraction of what the death benefit is, you can ink a binding and legal contract that will pay whether you live or die.

The Freedom Life Insurance Company is just such a life insurance company who offers policies like that. You can be assured that the Freedom Life Insurance Company has a track record that offers the finest financial backup that will allow families to accomplish their life insurance objectives.

Life insurance comes in two distinct types of policies which you need to be cognizant of how they work. Term life coverage gives you the most bang for your buck as it will provide the most coverage for what you will spend in premiums. This can be very attractive for a young family with children as you can buy lots of life insurance coverage for the price.

For a few the amount of money that most of us spend for coffee and donuts each day at the coffee shop, a family can cover a mortgage, college education for the kids, and a solid income until the children are grown should the breadwinner or breadwinner die. Term insurance lasts for 10, 15, 20, or 30 years and then expires, so it is temporary in that sense, but it provides coverage until the children grow up.

Permanent life insurance is also called whole life because it lasts until a person is age 100, or for the “whole” of life. It has a level premium as opposed to term life which can have an increasing premium as a person ages. Whole life has an inside buildup of cash, called the “cash value.” The cash value is really a reserve that offsets the annual increasing mortality risk as we age, thus it keeps the price of the policy level all throughout the years.

The cash value can be borrowed at any time by the policy owner, and of course paid back. The Freedom Life Insurance Company has expert agents who can assist you in your life insurance planning so it will do the best job for you and your family.



Nick Vertucci – A Story (and a plan) That You Can Follow

Nick Vertucci is a name that may not be familiar to you. His story, however, is likely to be one that you have experienced, heard of, or know someone who has. He came from a modest childhood where his mother worked long hours to take care of a family that had lost their father. Living out of his van at age 18, Nick found a measure of success by starting his own computer parts company. Personal freedom was a lesson and a love that he took from business ownership.

Success in retailing computer parts allowed him to get married, start a family of three daughters, purchase a home, and begin to earnestly pursue the American Dream. Unfortunately, that success was short lived as the Dot Com Bubble burst in 2000, quickly erasing his business and finances, while clearly teaching him the need for better planning and investment for the future.

Nick Vertucci was in a hard place and lost nearly all of his assets – except for his home. Eighteen months passed and he was eventually asked by a close friend to attend a real estate training seminar. Nick was apprehensive about the course and giving up a weekend to explore real estate. He decided to go and the information and opportunity he saw flipped uncertainty into the best decision of his life.

He came away from that weekend seminar with a spark, inspiration, and knowledge that he had found his path out of financial hardship and on to a bright, secure future. The belief in what real estate held lead to a decade of detailed experience, personal learning, and the development of a comprehensive real estate and investing program.

Based on his knowledge, experience, and passion for helping others, Nick Vertucci has proven and refined the program, leveraged it into millionaire status, created the Fortunes in Flipping System, and started the NV Real Estate Academy.

Through his vast experience, Nick also developed areas of expertise that include: contract wholesaling and flipping, rehabbing and flipping properties, commercial investments, creating long-term cash flow by purchasing and holding properties, funding investments through IRA and 401k accounts, and creating protection for those assets.

Traveling throughout the United States, Nick Vertucci is excited to provide the know-how and community that people need to get out of debt, create massive amounts of cash, and build a financial legacy using his experience and passion.

Troy McQuagge Recognized and Honored by One Planet Award Program

One-planet award programs is a premier program that is aimed at identifying and honoring businesses, originations and individual professional excellence at any given level and industry. It is not limited to a specific area but recognizes anyone at any level and situated anywhere across the globe. Startup businesses, small businesses to the largest, nonprofit organizations as well as profitable organizations are all eligible for this program.

For an individual or company to be recognized by one-planet awards programs, means that the impact of their work or professional excellence is of impeccable quality and standard. However, the honors are subdivided into various sections and categories, such as corporate communications, public relations, teams, marketing, executives and much more. 2016‘s one planet Gold award was awarded to Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHEALTH Group.

USHEALTH Group is an insurance holding company in Fort Worth, Texas, that is aimed at improving and giving insurance products and services that are of superior quality to small business owners and self-employed individuals. Their drive and goal aim at combining the talents of its employees with those of their agents and empowering them to be in a position to offer profitable and competitive insurance products. This is done while still delivering high-quality services at every aspect of the company’s operations.

Improvements and changes made by Troy at the company have made the company’s growth recognizable by many and embraced by their clients. When he stepped in USHEALTH Company in 2010, he changed the company’s advisory structure by rebuilding its distribution agency. He also retooled advisers, a move that led to his election into the office of the company president and becomes the CEO in 2014.

His determination has led to the exponential growth of the company, bringing in high profits at the same time. The success of the company and growth led to him being recognized and honored by one planet award program in 2016. He recognizes that the success of USHEALTH Group and recognition of their professional excellence at USHEALTH Group is attributed to the company’s teamwork and sheer hard work of every individual working in the company. Check more:

The Many Advantages of USHealth Group

Having great health coverage is something that most people would love to obtain. Unfortunately, life can be a bit unfair, which leaves hundreds of millions of people without any type of healthcare. There are basically a ton of healthcare providers in the country, but one of the very best is known as USHealth Group. This organization is actually a conglomerate of health service providers, and it has 50 years of experience. Some of the most innovative insurance solution can be found here. There has been up to 15 million customers who have benefited from its individually tailored plans. That’s right! If you’re a single person who is employed, you can receive tailor-made health insurance coverage.

The company is based in Fort Worth, Texas, and it has been dedicated to serving the masses with life, disability, sickness and accident insurance solutions. This includes families, employees, business owners and self-employed individuals. The amount of services are astounding, and they’re catered to the customers every need. Thanks to the wide array of options to choose from, each and every person will surely find a coverage that best fits their need. The insurance solutions here are affordable, flexible and reliable. What other health coverage provider will actually take things this far? Some of its specialties include:

  • Critical Illness Coverage
  • Dental Coverage
  • Health Coverage
  • Health Insurance Agent Recruiting
  • Innovative Fixed Indemnity
  • And many more

It seems like every base is being covered here. USHealth Group has redefined this exclusive field by making it more efficient in every way. For those who may be on a budget, high annual deductibles are often a challenge. USHealth Group takes it a step further by introducing “first dollar benefits” through its network. These are actual discounts that are provided by a broad spectrum of health providers. This company has your best interest at heart, and its long list of satisfied customers are a true testament to its success. Customers will also receive an exceptional buying experience that is anchored by USHealth Advisors.

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Organo Gold is a Coffee Lover’s Dream

The science of coffee just got more interesting with two published studies from the Annals of Internal Medicine that highlight the potential positive effects that regular consumption appears to be having on those who indulge. The research found a significant reduction in the risk of death from many diseases including stroke and heart disease. The effects of coffee consumption have been observed for decades and this furthers the positive results that have been noted in prior studies. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

One study involved over 185,000 Americans and it found that regular coffee drinkers were faced with a lower risk of death due to the most serious diseases plaguing modern populations. Heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes are just some of the greatest threats to health in the current age and coffee appears to help a great deal. The results were widespread among many different ethnic groups which seem to suggest a universally positive effect.

One researcher detailed that consistent good results among a variety of people groups give a stronger biological backing to the idea that coffee is good for you. Those who consumed two or three cups of coffee per day enjoyed an 18% reduction in the odds of death as compared to those who drank none. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Another study followed the coffee habits of Europeans and they surveyed more than 520,000 people from ten countries. The study produced similar results with those who drank several cups a day having a lower risk of death as opposed to those who refrained altogether. The only caveat in all this good news is that researchers were unable to identify a causal link as to why coffee drinkers achieved better results.

Organo Gold is a purveyor of high-quality coffees and teas which help bring about a balanced life. Their premium products also include Ganoderma Lucidum which is better known as the Red Reishi mushroom. This adds to the unique flavors and brings with it additional health benefits.

Another way that Organo Gold is changing lives for the better is with their unique business opportunities. They are an internationally renowned network marketing company that operates in more than 50 countries using over 400,000 independent distributors.

Buy now:…/dp/B003CGJAIM

Leverage The Markets To Grow Your Wealth With Agora Financial

Agora Financial is a private financial publisher based in Baltimore, Maryland. The company publishes numerous investment advisory journals. It specializes in providing successful retirement planning and wealth management strategies. The firm undertakes comprehensive research to come up with transformative financial advisory. It is part of the Agora network of financial publishing companies. The information is distributed through various platforms including workshops, journals, online newsletters, and books.

Over a million investors are tuned in to articulate and insightful research and analysis. Average guys with savings and a retirement kitty turn to Agora Financial for actionable strategies to build wealth and manage their money. The company publishes over twenty journals each targeting a particular niche in the market. Some of the topical issues covered in the publications include recognizing firms set to grow rapidly, secrets of creating income, and wealth protection strategies.

The company conducts independently-funded research. It is not biased to promote particular products on the market. Experts from the firm tour the world checking out and verifying reported assets to determine their real value. The firm spends over a million dollars on research and related costs such as travel each year. This enables the firm to discover trends that are still lucrative before peaking out.

You only hear big names when they have already topped out on the mainstream markets. Agora Financial empowers investors to buy cheap and watch their assets grow. The team of experts is like a who’s who in the elite financial industry including a best-selling author, a graduate geologist, an award-winning journalist and filmmaker and billionaires among others.

They have received extensive media coverage on favorite business shows on CNBC, Fox News and Bloomberg among others. Some of the popular publications include Options Hotline, Capital & Crisis, Penny Stock Fortunes and Total Income Alert among numerous others. Agora Financial advocates for independent thought leaders committed to improving their health and wealth.

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Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Join Forces With NantHealth And Allscripts To Upgrade Cancer Treatment Protocols

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is teaming up with the companies NantHealth and Allscripts to develop solutions that will enable Eviti, a support solution manned by NantHealth electronic records from Allscripts. This Clinical Pathways program will aid in keeping patients informed of their own treatment process while allowing the physician’s workflow to be uninterrupted. The platform that will power this program is known as the NantOS and was designed with input from oncologist numbering in the hundreds.

The Clinical Pathways system will make available all feasible options in regards to treatment and eliminate any need for guesswork on the part of the physician. Patients, who will now be better informed of their own treatment options will also be afforded the opportunity to be more active in making decisions pertaining to treatment options.

CTCA first began talks with NantHealth and Allscripts in 2016 to begin planning the Clinical Pathways project. The final product provides a host of features that are equally beneficial to both patient and physician:

About CTCA
• Treatment routines customized to fit the specific needs of patients.
• Direct comparison of factors vital to the choosing of treatment options
• Safe and efficient tap screen computer orders
• Access to drug reaction and toxicity reports
• Extensive support provided by way of clinical data
• Functions in real time

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America is a five-facility network of clinics throughout America that treat patients fighting cancer. CTCA makes effective use of traditional cancer treatment options while adding to the mix an assortment of therapy options to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with many of these traditional treatment options.

CTCA was first started in 1998 by Richard J. Stephenson and the operation is based in Boca Raton, Florida. The five cancer treating clinics maintained by the company are located in Zion, Illinois, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Goodyear, Arizona, and Newman, Georgia.

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Vasilevskiy Lifts Lightning at Amalie Arena

The Tampa Bay Lightning are off to one of the best starts in the NHL this season. Their dominance at home includes six straight wins. A big reason for the Lightning’s success has been the outstanding play of goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy.

Vasilevskiy has been a model of consistency, winning nine straight starts for the Lightning. This ties the young Russian for a franchise record with John Grahame, a Tampa Bay legend who accomplished the feat in 2005.

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise to sports fans that Tampa Bay is making a strong start. The team is deep at every position and has been knocking on the door of a second Stanley Cup for a couple of years now. With the play of Vasilevskiy and Steven Stamkos, the Bolts cannot be disputed as a contender. It is Vasilevskiy, however, who is getting a lot of cheers from the fans at Amalie Arena.

There were some concerns among fans when the Bolts traded goalie Ben Bishop to the Dallas Stars. Bishop is the tallest goaltender to ever play in the NHL and his presence in front of the Tampa Bay net was often key to the team’s success. Vasilevskiy was tasked with filling some big shoes when he assumed the starting role for the 2017-18 season.

The young man has thus far shown incredible poise. During his nine-game winning streak, Vasilevskiy has posted a save percentage of .946. It is still early in the season but the goalie is making a difference. His performance on the Lightning’s home ice is especially impressive. The Bolts recently fell to the Anaheim Ducks at home, snapping a six-game win streak in Amalie Arena. During that stretch, Vasilevskiy had games with 28 or more saves. These performances included outings against the Detroit Red Wings and other tough teams.

Will the Russian be able to continue his excellent play? Fans of the Tampa Bay Lightning hope so. At the moment it appears that staying healthy for the entire NHL season may be the biggest threat Vasilevskiy will face as the Bolts chase another chance at the Cup.

Imran Haque’s Contribution to the Community

People regard Imran Haque as a caring doctor given the fact that he offers one of a kind service to his clients. Imran has specialized in internal medicine. He is fully licensed medical personnel who is fully trained and has the necessary medical qualifications.

He received a Master’s degree from the University of Virginia and earned a degree in medicine from Universidad Iberoamericana that is based in Santo Domingo. Imran Haque is currently working in a hospital in Asheboro in North Carolina. He works in Horizon Internal Medicine. He has over 15 years’ experience in treating different types of illnesses. That has enabled him to be the professional that he is today.

Imran Haque decided to impact the people of Asheboro by giving them medical services which are not locally available within the community. His services were well received by members of the community which enable him to revive the forgotten principle of good bedside manners. He acknowledges that to bring any idea to life, it needs a lot of diligence, financial support, and hard work. It also requires working together with other professionals.

According to Imran Haque, he is excited by the fact that technology has now been integrated into the medical world which has helped to make remarkable improvements in the field of medicine. He attributes his success to the fact that he has learned over the years to multitask which makes him have a performance of above average. One thing that he has learned over the years is to be careful of other people’s motives and not to be too quick to trust others.

Imran Haque has acquired the respect of many people in the course of his medical career. He serves at Horizon Internal Medicine, which is a medical group that is dedicated to giving excellent medical care to the community in Asheboro, Ramseur, and the nearby areas. Other than working for this medical group, he works alongside many other hospitals such as Randolph Hospital.

Dr. Imran Haque extensive experience in internal medicine has made him gain the much-needed expertise that is required in the medical field. As a result, he can attend to many patients, and he gives them the right treatment.