TFor Tim Duncan, the C.E.O And President Of Talos Energy, A crisis Is An Opportunity

There is only a small breed of people who naturally talented such that they can negotiate the biggest deal of their lives amidst a crisis. When such a list is made, be sure that the name of Talos Energy Chief Executive Officer and President, Tim Duncan will appear at the top.

Tim Duncan was at home with his wife and his 6-year-old son when hurricane Harvey wrecked havoc in Kingwood Texas. As usual, the power went out, and word started spreading six feet floodwaters were sweeping across the streets destroying property and taking away lives. The 45-year-old executive took his family plus their two dogs into a rescue boat and then called for a private plane that took them his parents’ home in Alabama.

A few months before hurricane Harvey, Tim Duncan was beside himself. He had been planning one of the biggest deals of his life where the privately Talos Energy was set to merge with the publicly traded Stone Energy Company. The deal would cost Talos Energy a whopping $2.5 billion. Tim realized that the risk was too big for Talos Energy, but if everything went on as planned, it would be the best thing that ever happened to Talos Energy.

Hurricane Harvey was not subsiding, and it is at that point that Duncan realized that he had to carry on with his plans. For the next few weeks, Tim converted his mother’s dining room into an office where he would work until late into the night. He managed to close the entire merger deal from his mother’s dining room.

Details of the merger with Stone Energy

The merger allowed Talos Energy to take over the operations of an oil company which was making more than $900 million before the acquisition. Talos Energy has taken the bold move of taking most of their assets to the Gulf of Mexico where there is an enormous operating risk. A drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico costs hundreds of millions of dollars without considering the catastrophic occurrences such as Hurricane Rita destroyed drilling equipment worth millions of dollar in 2005. With the merger, Talos will now manage to produce more than 48,000 barrels per day.

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Sheldon Lavin is a high profile person that has been at the forefront of turning around the business industry with his influence. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI group, which is a multi-national meat processing company located in Illinois and has been in operation for decades. He is attributed for the success of the company for his ingenious managerial abilities that have stood out over the years making him a source of inspiration to the millennial of entrepreneurs in the world.

Following a successful career in the banking sector, Sheldon Lavin joined OSI as a financial consultant and later became a partner of the company in the efforts to expand operations into Asia, South America and Europe. His determination to take over the company prompted him to purchase a controlling stake at OSI in the early 1980s. He is hailed for promoting a distinctive culture of integrating all the staff members as a global family. This has occasioned a routine of having a lower employee turnover as they work for the company for many years.

Presently, OSI Group has more than 20000 staffs globally working at estimated 65 facilities in 17 countries. The company was ranked on Forbes list as the 58th biggest company with a staggering net worth of $6.1 billion. Sheldon Lavin has ensured sustainability of this remarkable growth by embracing new strategies and the current technology in the food sector with minimum environmental risks. He is highly specialized in trailing the dynamics in technologies and consumer preferences. Also, he is identified with his tendency to work with a team of like-minded and foresighted people in maintaining the OSI Group at the top of the game.

Sheldon Lavin has bagged numerous awards over the years of presiding over OSI Group. Among the awards are for his initiatives in managing environmental and health risks as the 2016 Globe of Honor award which was granted to UK-based OSI Food Solutions. He has also been recognized for providing job opportunities across the globe as well as partaking in philanthropic works. Particularly, he takes part in the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Rush University Medical Center and the Sheba Foundation among many others.

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Dr. Saad Saad: Advanced Catheter Location Device and Endoscope Will Change the Surgical Department

One of the worst experiences that individuals undergo is having medical surgeries while still experiencing pain. For a long time, anesthesia has been used to induce the death of nerves to the area under operation such that patients don’t suffer further pain. However, there reaches a point where other individuals take or are induced by anesthesia for a more extended period or so many times to the extent that the drug no longer works for them. This leads to a situation where advanced methods must be used to help the patient not to experience further pain while receiving operations.


Dr. Saad Saad is an experienced doctor who has worked in the medical department for more than forty years. He clearly understands what the patients experience when they are experiencing pain. Given that he wanted to make the medical environment and especially the surgical department to work for people professionally, he came up with two advanced technologies that were geared towards helping individuals to have a better life. As you know, individuals undergoing surgical operations are fitted with tubes that either help in removal of waste while others support the physician to see the place being operated on so that they can offer specialized treatment.


Dr. Saad Saad decided to improve the status of the catheter, which is one of the primary tubes inserted in the bodies of patients as they wait to undergo surgical operations. Initially, the doctor used wires to detect the position of the catheter while others used X-rays and MRI to identify the location of the tool. However, the X-rays used could cause severe damages to the life of a human being by leading to harsh health conditions such as cancer and other radioactive led illnesses. The catheter developed by Dr. Saad Saad can easily be located by the use of electromagnetic devices which eradicated the aspect of exposing patients to dangers.


Another medical innovation that Dr. Saad Saad brought into the field of medicine is an endoscope, which is medical equipment that plays a critical role during the surgical process. This equipment is used in viewing the parts of the body, especially those inside the body before surgery has been conducted. Some of them are mostly blocked fluids inside the body making it difficult for the doctor to see inside. The endoscope developed by doctor Saad can wipe itself all the fluids that are blocking the lenses. The doctor can perfectly look inside of the body quickly without having to readjust now and then.


Through the innovations that this guru has brought into the industry, both the medical practitioners and the patients have all the reasons to celebrate because, for the patients, the pain of health complications have been eliminated. On the other hand, the doctors can now perform their operations more efficiently. Learn more :


Neurocore- The Company Working On Brain Training

Neurocore is a company based out of Florida in a city called Boca Raton. They specialize in brain-training and brain mapping. These give the scientists neurofeedback through the use of advanced EEG Technology. This technology has come a long way in recent years and is giving specialists the ability to learn more about how the brain works and what can be done in order to make it more efficient. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

If you ask most people, they could not tell you how grand our brains actually are. They are one of the more amazing organs from any living being in the world. They can be extremely resilient and adaptable. Within the brain are billions of microscopic neurons that are responsible for the way it functions. The way we think and perceive things are a result of these neurons transmitting small electrical impulses. Those impulses then get relayed to the rest of our body.

All of the chemical signals of our brains are what keep us alive and functioning. One specialty in Neurocore is finding ways to treat patients who suffer from a wide variety of mental illnesses. They have developed many therapies to help those afflicted by depression, anxiety, ADHD and ASD. Most of these therapies are new to the public but have been in practice for more than 70 years now. Thus far, the therapies used have been very promising for future use.


EEG Technology History

Electroencephalograms are types of tests that physicians use to detect certain signals released from the brain. The tests are performed by placing small discs made of metal on the head and scalp of the patient. They are electrodes and non-invasive discs that can read electrical impulses that come from the brain. Once these are picked up and recorded, a specialist will be able to use them to diagnose certain disorders and issues.

Many years ago, the main use of EEG machines were to help in detecting epilepsy in patients. These days, it is effective in detecting things such as brain tumors, brain injuries and inflammation, strokes and sleep issues. Many of these issues can be caught early on and treated appropriately because of the EEG technology. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

James Dondero: Helping the City Of Dallas

James Dondero loves the city of Dallas. This is where he lives and works. Giving back to his beloved city is everything to him. Dondero has come to know many people and for him, it is not all about just having a business for profit. It is about taking some of that profit and helping others.

Dondero did help his community when he decided to donate to the Dallas Zoo. The problem was that after the last hippo died, the enclosure where they were was closed for about 20 years. People began to complain that it should be opened again. The zoo officials believed that the people who supported the zoo were right. However, they did not have the money to pull it off. That is when James Dondero stepped up to the plate and decided to help out. He gave a hefty donation that helped get a new enclosure for the hippos. It was called Simmons Hippo Outpost and it was a success. The zoo was packed with people wanting to see the new hippos in their environment. Visit to know more about James.


In honor of the donation the Dallas Zoo received from Dondero, Highland Capital received a lodge. This place was created right near the hippo habitat and people come here to hosted events or coordinate an event of their own. Of course, some people believe that it’s the lodge that is bringing the people in and they could be right. It is generating a lot of money for the zoo and that is very important. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

Dondero did a good thing here. By helping the Dallas Zoo get out of a slump of not having money for the enclosure, he ensured people that somebody cares about what goes on in their community. Dondero is always looking out for Dallas. He is their hero.


Dick Devos and the FAA

Most people don’t realize that Betsy Devos is actually the wife of Dick Devos, the former president and CEO of Amway. The company is one of the largest in the world when it comes to international sales. However, it’s his new focus on aviation that have people talking about the political aspirations of the husband and wife duo now. The pair have rarely been apart in their marriage. They even have campaigned together for 10 years. Devos ran for governor in Michigan in 2006, and his wife recently became the US Education Secretary.


Devos is now working with the FAA on the Management Advisory Council. The new council is made up of 13 members who hail from all different type of aviation and transportation backgrounds. Some are former airline executives while a few transportation authorities are also in the mix. However, the real difference is that Devos is one of the members who has more business acumen in other areas, as well as a passion for aviation. He is an avid pilot after all and has founded his own pilot training school.


Devos started working with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in the 1990s. He wanted the airport to grow in size as it was in his hometown and he saw great opportunity for more jobs and economy at scale. This meant working with the CEO as well as the airlines to come up ideas for expansion, new business, sales, and growth. These are some of the same topics that he will be advising on with the FAA as well.


The transformation of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport can be seen over the past decade. It went from a small, old airport to a much larger, multi-faceted international air travel destination with its own business traveler center. In fact, $45 million in renovations was spent to bring the airport up to par and included a new business traveler center with all kinds of technology upgrades for those travelers who are the go.


It’s been a great transformation to watch as Grand Rapids has also become one of the fastest growing cities in America. Part of this is due to Devos’ business acumen, while another part of it is his willingness to collaborate and work with other business leaders to build something greater for a common good.


Devos will be meeting with the FAA each quarter to discuss new plans for business growth in the aviation industry.


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Nick Vertucci Discusses His Life And His New Book About Real Estate Investing

A man who went from rags to riches and then back to rags and back to riches yet again has recently released his first book. Real estate investing professional Nick Vertucci published his first personal memoir, “Seven Figure Decisions: Having The Balls To Succeed.” This work is a personal account detailed by Nick Vertucci about how he initially made his fortune in the tech industry in the late 90’s and then lost it all after the tech bubble burst in 2000. Things got so dire for Mr. Vertucci that he actually lost his home. Even though he could have spent the rest of his life moping, he rebounded and did it in a grand style.

In this book, Vertucci this causes how he tried real estate after his tech business failed and how he had even more tough breaks there. However, this is where his rebound came in. Nick Vertucci found a mentor, learned how to alter his mindset, and found an excellent financial vehicle with his current real estate business. He has published this book in the hopes that he can give others the drive to succeed and turn around their failing businesses as well. “Seven Figure Decisions” was released by Lioncrest publishing, and it details some of the fundamental steps Nick Vertucci took to turn his entrepreneurial fortunes around.

Some of these steps included a real estate training course in 2004. At this point, Nick walked away from a tech business that was crippling him with millions of dollars in debt. However, he began investing in real estate “door to door” as they call it in the field, and he soon regained all of his prior wealth. He detailed his entire re-transformation in his new book, and all of these experiences shape the kind of person he is today. There is no question that a lot of individuals have been inspired by his story and a lot more will be encouraged in the future!

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Michael Burwell’s Newest Job Position


Michael Burwell is a well-respected individual in the financial industry. The first step of his career was obtaining his degree from the University of Michigan. His experience started with 11 years as a business adviser, then moving into the transaction business. He was soon named Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, and by 2012 his impact on the business grew with a promotion to Vice Chairman.


In a recent press release from Willis Towers Watson, they announced Michael Burwell will become the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the company. He has accumulated over 30 years of experience with his previous work in a variety of sectors of the industry. The CEO commented about Michael Burwell’s extensive knowledge skill set, and how valuable that will be with the company’s global expansion. The company wishes the previous employee a successful retirement and thanks him for his service to the company.


During in interview with the website Inspirery, Michael Burwell goes into more detail about the approach to his career. He has learned over the years how to accomplish more with less time and resources. The presence of technology has helped him to foster this mindset. His ideas come from his own employees, and from there he gives each one deep thought to see if it’s worth pursuing. The power of developing connections with individuals will allow yourself and the company to forward like nothing else could. See This Page to learn more.


In the modern business landscape, Michael Burwell is an example of how hard work lets an individual climb the corporate leader. His experience in each field, only helped with the next job, and soon he found himself as CFO of a major corporation. The three decades of experience are just a company needs to increase his presence in the global market. Willis Towers Watson made a wise investment in utilizing Michael Burwell’s skills to mold their future.


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Tsunami VR Is A New Endeavor With Alex Hern

Technology is an amazing thing, and it has managed to change our lives in every possible way. The Silicon Valley is known for its bright and sometimes controversial tech stars who look to change the status quo as they make inroads into life changing technologies. This has contributed greatly financially as well as made the world a better and admittedly more entertaining place to live. One of the more little known tech startups is run by Alex Hern who has built his career on designing products that make the world a little different piece by piece. Learn more about Alex Hern at Bloomberg.

His latest endeavor is the Tsunami VR which is a device that will take the entire VR experience to the next level. As we all know there are countless VR units that are on the market right now, but the Tsunami VR looks to change the game and give a more realistic approach to the entire VR experience. Alex Hern has been working on making a VR unit that will connect all aspects of life into the VR world, and make meetings and productivity a whole new focus of the VR where it has traditionally just been gaming. What’s cool about Alex Hern is that he is not afraid to push the envelope, and this is where some of the best entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley have made their bones. Follow Alex Hern on

With this kind of technology at his disposal Alex Hern looks to be building a company that is more powerful then ever before. And with the innovative products to match there is no stopping him, or the great heights that the Tsunami VR company is going to reach. This is where the amazing tech community of the Silicon Valley has really blossomed, and Alex Hern is at the fore front of this new virtual reality wave.


Talkspace : Changing How Mental Health Services are Administered

Nowadays, people can get just about anything online. Ordering products and services on the web have become a staple of American culture. Why not get health care services on demand too? Talkspace is a state of the art system that is geared towards improving access to mental health professionals. They bring professional psychological health care providers right to customers’ fingertips. With online planning and appointments, customers never have to worry about keeping up with their care providers. Everything is streamlined with a sleek user portal.

Talkspace was developed in order to give patients better access to programs as well as services that may be traditionally found in a clinic or therapists’ office. By changing the way that people receive care and services it is possible to get more cooperation and consistent communication from patients. These outcomes demonstrate the radical importance of technology in improving mental wellness and health outcomes.

Therapists that have regular communication with patients are able to make a substantial difference. Michael Phelps was one example of a patient who was able to profoundly change his life based on the availability of mobile mental health services. Despite having a busy schedule he made time for therapy and was able to connect over chat and live messenger whenever he needed to. The ease of use, flexibility and innovative solutions that Talkspace provides are unparalleled.

There are substantial advantages to using Talkspace. For one, it offers customized packages that fit individual needs. Several international corporations have included Talkspace in their employee benefits programs, making it even more accessible to the masses. With convenient scheduling as well as payment options, Talkspace is an innovative system designed to help people succeed in all aspects of their treatment plans.

Because Talkspace has pioneered products and services relating to virtual counseling and therapy, it is likely that there will be advantageous results in the future too. Talkspace has always been ahead of the learning curve when it comes to administering the best services and most effective user interfaces. They are sure to propagate industry-wide changes as they are feasible in the future.